IMUC-Chapter 112: The Hero Returns

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In the waning days of World War II in May 1944, the United States dropped two experimental nuclear bombs on Imperial Japan’s Tokyo region!

This was enough to change the global war landscape, as the world witnessed the appearance of a devastating weapon capable of deterring all nations. The carpet-bombing explosions and inhumane radiation far surpassed any previous natural disasters or viral plagues!

The world was shaken to its core!

Under the impact of the nuclear bombs, Imperial Japan, which was already on the brink of surrender due to Kyle’s relentless pressure, finally announced its unconditional surrender to the world within a day of the nuclear blast.

Imperial Japan withdrew from the Asian battlefield, effectively marking the end of World War II in the history of Marvel’s Earth.

People all over the world rejoiced for the long-awaited era of peace had finally arrived.

Every street and alley in American cities was adorned with lights and decorations, and fireworks lit up the sky. The celebrations were grander and more joyous than any previous Christmas, and the festivities went on for three days and nights without pause.

During this time, the people didn’t forget the hero who had played the most significant role in achieving world peace – the war hero Kyle!

After the end of World War II, the people eagerly waited for three days, but there was still no sign of Kyle returning from Imperial Japan. The American military in New York remained silent and refused to comment on his return.

Countless media outlets wanting to interview him were denied access to the White House and military bases, and they were strictly forbidden to inquire about this topic. The excitement and joy of the people were now accompanied by a growing sense that something was amiss.

“Why hasn’t General Kyle returned yet?”

“Even if the transport aircraft’s journey is delayed, he should have returned to America by now.”

“Oh my God, why hasn’t our Hero returned?”

“Where is General Chester? Why isn’t the military giving us an explanation?”

From young children to the elderly, the American Citizens eagerly awaited news of Kyle. The topic of peace after the end of World War II had been overshadowed in just a few days by the question of “Why Kyle hadn’t returned.”

The top Congressmen in the American Government felt they couldn’t hide the truth from the people any longer and were preparing to come up with a plausible explanation to cover up the situation. However, at this critical moment, a message of intelligence spread from an unknown source.

“When the American military dropped two nuclear bombs on Imperial Japan’s Tokyo, Major General Kyle was still on the battlefield there, and no one had dispatched a transport aircraft to contact him in advance!”

This message had just started circulating in New York when the American authorities tried to suppress it, but they underestimated how much the people in New York were interested in the topic of Kyle.

In less than half a day, the message exploded like a gigantic nuclear bomb across the United States, and countless people, half-believing, half-doubting, were stirred into a frenzy.

“My God, if that’s true, then Major General Kyle…”

“The war hero fought for us; how could he die at the hands of his own people!”

“His own people? I’m afraid the high-ranking officials don’t consider him one of their own!”

“The White House hasn’t made any statements. Could they be acknowledging it?”

“They must give us an explanation!”

On the second day after the message began to circulate, countless people flooded into large cities like New York and Washington, while local residents organized themselves into groups. They held up signs of all sizes, leading to citywide protests that paralyzed traffic, forming an ocean of people around the White House in Washington and the military base in New York.

The American authorities were in a panic and immediately mobilized city police and military personnel to maintain order and quell the commotion. However, they found many soldiers and police officers taking leave or even resigning. They donned colorful coats and held up signs of doubt, joining the ranks of the protesters.

Only then did the American authorities realize the magnitude of Kyle’s influence on their own population.

As the Hero who brought an end to World War II and initiated world peace, his prestige had undoubtedly reached a terrifying peak, which even the gods themselves would avoid challenging. Just at this time, when this major message of his supposed demise surfaced, how could it not provoke the wrath and fury of countless people?

At the top of Stark Industry Building, Howard, looking gentlemanly in his suit, leaned against the balcony railing, gazing at the densely packed crowd below as he silently lit a cigarette.

“Human strength, on par with gods – you really did it, but why, like Steve, did you disappear without a trace?”

“I was even thinking that one day when I have a child, I’d make you their godfather.”

“And what about our plans? After the war, we were going to celebrate, create artificial intelligence, develop new energy sources, and build a business empire with advanced weapons and technology. Are all those promises broken now?”

Howard muttered to himself as he sighed heavily while he brooded alone, lowering his head and smoking in silence. ‘Drip—’ Just then, his phone in the suit pocket rang.

“How bothersome,” Howard grumbled, extinguishing the cigarette, but in the next moment, he froze as if he remembered something. After all, who could be calling him now besides that person?

Howard felt a jolt, and with trembling fingers, he fumbled to take out the old-style cellphone from his pocket. After taking a deep breath to calm his emotions, he answered the call.

“Is that you, Howard?” Kyle’s usual cold voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Kyle, it really is you!” Howard laughed heartily, his eyes slightly moist as he fervently kissed the old cell phone.

“Ew, don’t be so gross; send those amorous messages to your Playboy bunnies,” Kyle said with a shiver as the old gentleman seemed to be losing his seriousness even more after just two weeks.

“I’m just excited, buddy!” Howard said with a mix of anger and sadness. “It’s been over a week since the war ended, and you still haven’t come back. I thought you really got hit by that nuclear bomb!”

Kyle: “Sorry, but I actually did get hit by it.”

Howard: “…”

He hesitated for a moment before asking tentatively, “Kyle, are you now a ghost?”

“Are you done speaking nonsense, you’re a scientific genius. How could you believe in ghosts? I’m now outside the center of New York. There are too many people here, and the traffic is paralyzed. Send that private plane of yours to pick me up.” Kyle said, not in a good mood.

The last time he and Howard briefly discussed the concept and structure of helicopters, before heading to Imperial Japan, he knew that Howard had started to modify the architecture of a small transport aircraft, creating the first compact and convenient semi-helicopter for personal use.

It had to be said that having a technologically savvy friend with a futuristic mind and a full set of hands-on skills had its perks, which were perfectly evident at this moment.

“The traffic in New York City is paralyzed because of the people coming out for you,” Howard quipped into the phone. He knew that with Kyle’s safe return, his previous melancholy and sadness had completely disappeared.

Howard chuckled, saying, “I heard that the new president, Congressmen, and top military officials are being pressured by an unprecedented demonstration of the masses. They’re gathering at the White House square in Washington for a public press conference to give an explanation.”

“That intelligence was…” Kyle had just started to ask when Howard knew what he wanted to know and smiled, saying, “Yes, it was deliberately spread by me and Fury, with the intention of using the power of the people to put pressure on the American high-ranking officials and get you the justice you deserve!”

Kyle’s heart warmed, and after a slight pause, he said coldly into the phone, “Bring the helicopter over here and take me directly to the White House square. It’s time to clean up some of the little mice who had been playing tricks behind the scenes.”

Since he had returned, what justice did he need? In this world or any other world for that matter, might always make right!

(End of Chapter)


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