IMUC-Chapter 111: Annihilation

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United States, Congressman’s office.

A tall glass with over half-filled red wine was violently smashed onto the floor, and the female secretary retreated timidly to the corner. Congressman Ivan’s face was twisted with anger and ferocity as he roared, “What the hell is going on? Is it true that Imperial Japan is really preparing to surrender!?”

The female secretary answered, “Our people have indeed reported that. The Emperor is persuading the military and the cabinet, and once the army completely returns to the mainland, they will announce their surrender.”

“A bunch of useless idiots! With the power of an entire nation, they can’t even handle one man!” Ivan sat in his office chair, sweat pouring down his forehead as he pondered in a panic for a long time before concluding, “I can’t let him come back. If he returns, I’m afraid I’ll be finished.”

“Once Imperial Japan announces its surrender in a couple of days, that man will come back. Now we can’t stop this trend,” The female secretary said helplessly.

“That’s why we have to make sure he dies in Imperial Japan. If the military, ninjas, and fighter jets can’t kill him, then…” Ivan paused, his voice turning cold, “Didn’t the Strategic Research Department say that the two experimental nuclear warheads have been almost completed?”

“Yes,” The female secretary looked at him with fear, “But we only have two prototype nuclear warheads. Even if we drop them on Tokyo, they will probably only cover less than half of the area.”

Ivan scratched his head fiercely, veins bulging, muttering, “Half is enough! I don’t believe luck will always be on his side. His luck won’t protect him forever.”

The female secretary continued to persuade, “Forcing the war hero Kyle back to Tokyo, the top officials in America already feel like they made a mistake. They will never agree to use nuclear weapons again.”

“Once a mistake is made, we have to follow the wrong path all the way. We can test the nuclear bomb to deter other countries and accidentally get rid of our powerful competitor. They won’t agree to it, but they won’t actively veto it either.”

Ivan had made up his mind, squinting as he said, “Go, use the people we’ve placed near the top officials. I will guide this matter to fruition!”

“I understand,” the female secretary nodded.

One day later.

In the border region of Tokyo, Imperial Japan, two figures of vastly different sizes walked through the wilderness.

Kyle’s Venom Battlesuit was disguised as a hooded leather jacket, jeans, and leather boots, making him look mature and stable. Wearing the hood covered his conspicuous golden hair.

Raina, on the other hand, tied her waist-length black hair and wore a small-sized Imperial Japan kimono. Even in Kyle’s well-stocked Card Space, there were no children’s clothes, so she had to temporarily wear a child-sized kimono from the research institute.

She trotted along behind Kyle, her petite figure not even reaching his waist. Her fair skin made her look like an exquisite porcelain doll.

“By the way, this is for you.” Kyle thought for a moment, pulled out a Blue Card, and transformed it into a physical object before tossing it to her.

Raina gazed at it but made no attempt to catch it. The rectangular object floated in front of her, revealing itself as the Imperial Japan sword, Murakumo. Its blade glistened with a cold light under the sun.

“Your Mental Manipulation ability needs to adapt to the weight of Murakumo. When you can effortlessly control it to move ten meters away from you, your attack power will increase significantly,” Kyle explained.

The strength of the Mental Manipulation’s control depended on the weight and distance of the manipulated object, which greatly limited the ability’s effectiveness.

However, if she wielded a sword like Murakumo, the effects would be completely different, resulting in a qualitative improvement.

Raina nodded, seeming to have grasped the idea. As she exercised her Mental Manipulation, the sword’s tip gently stabbed toward Kyle’s back. Without turning around, Kyle lightly flicked his right hand wrapped in the Vibranium Bracer, and Murakumo buzzed as it flew back to her.

“Too slow, try again,” Kyle shook his head. In fact, the speed was already quite fast. Ordinary soldiers would be unable to dodge it without any defense. However, for him, it was still too ‘slow.’

Raina felt a little dissatisfied and continued to attack Kyle with her Mental Manipulation controlling Murakumo. The result was, of course, her complete defeat, but in the process, her Mental Manipulation ability became more proficient.

They continued on their journey, approaching the Imperial Japan Army’s main base in Tokyo.

“Alright, let’s take a break,” Kyle said, as Rain seemed exhausted, gasping for breath and struggling to carry Murakumo with both hands.

“This should be our final battle in Imperial Japan,” Kyle stood on a small hill, looking down at the large camp less than a hundred meters away.

Imperial Japan’s top officials were finally showing signs of weakness. If they accelerated their pace and delivered a final devastating blow, it would be enough to crush this weak camel under the last straw.


As Kyle was about to move forward, he heard a sound from behind. At the far end of the sky, he faintly saw a B29 bomber flying past.

Immediately after, an object was dropped.

“Wait, no way?” Kyle’s mouth hung open, and the worst thought crossed his mind. He stared in disbelief as the object landed about a kilometer away.


A bright and dazzling daylight illuminated everything in sight.

Kyle’s expression changed drastically, and he quickly reacted by grabbing Raina and rushing toward the Imperial Japan Army’s main base at full speed.

Behind him, a massive mushroom cloud emerged, rapidly expanding toward the sky and the ground, obliterating everything in its path with its scorching blast.

A nuclear bomb!

It was actually a nuclear bomb!!!

Kyle’s eyes were bloodshot as he carried Raina in a desperate race against death. The explosion’s shockwave was constantly closing in on them.

If they couldn’t find enough cover and were directly exposed to the full power of the nuclear bomb, he wouldn’t even have to wait for Thanos’s finger snap. He would be reduced to ashes right now!

“Aerial Dash— Let’s go!” Kyle stomped the air, and his already astounding speed increased to another level. He charged straight into the main base with a shockwave trailing behind him.

Inside the main base, chaos reigned as countless soldiers fled in desperation. Some officers had already committed seppuku, slicing their stomachs to take their own lives.

Kyle rushed into the base with Raina. He quickly scanned the area and spotted a sealed well. He dashed over and used Murakumo to cut open the locked chain. He then jumped into the well with Raina in his arms.

Almost the moment he jumped into the well, the explosion’s shockwave engulfed the base from above, and dust and debris carried the scorching blast, forcefully pouring into the well.


Venom was the first to scream as it rapidly detached itself from Kyle’s body under the searing heat of the nuclear blast. Kyle gritted his teeth, his hands gripping the well walls as he endured the scorching blast and radiation damage with his bare upper body.

His tough skin and muscles were burned and torn by the impact, but his Healing Factor quickly repaired the injuries. Damage and recovery became a grueling tug-of-war under the relentless nuclear aftermath.

Kyle endured with all his might, enduring the excruciating pain as if he were a monstrous figure standing tall amidst the nuclear aftermath, refusing to fall!

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