IMUC-Chapter 110: Do You Desire Power

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The semi-transparent nutrient fluid flowed all over the floor as the mutant girl’s body, still connected to various instrument cables, curled up with closed eyes, rolling on the ground.

Kyle waved his hand, and a white Item Card was drawn out and transformed into a large-sized coat, which he draped over her exposed body.

“Who are you? Release the experiment subject!”

“Damn it, if she stays outside like this, she’ll die!”

Two researchers crowded at the door, not understanding the situation, and cursed at Kyle. Kye on the other hand, coldly pointed the Japanese firearm in his hand at them and pulled the trigger consecutively, causing the bullets to hit the medical staff’s foreheads, resulting in instant death. The chaos in the isolation room subsided once again.

“Thank you…”

A faint voice echoed in Kyle’s mind and he turned around to look at the unconscious mutant girl, and the electrocardiogram on the connected screen showed even weaker life signs, indicating her life was slipping away.

Kyle hesitated for a moment, but without further thought, he drew out a white Ability Card and used it on the mutant girl’s body.

In just half a second, the once-silent electrocardiogram displayed a dramatic change, with the flatline quickly bouncing back to a vigorous waveform.

In Kyle’s perception, the mutant girl, who had previously almost lost her life, now showed signs of vitality. Her fair face regained a healthy blush, and her breathing and heartbeat became evident.

“It actually worked. It seems your life shouldn’t end here.” Kyle sighed. The Ability Card he used was the Rare White Ability Card called 【Life Increase】, capable of granting a three-month lifespan buff.

This was the first time he had tried using it on someone on the verge of death, and he hadn’t expected it to work so effectively.

“Hmm?” The mutant girl’s eyelashes trembled, and then she opened her big eyes, looking surprised as she wrapped herself in the coat and sat up, gazing at Kyle beside her.

“Did you save me?” Her lips didn’t move; instead, she communicated through her mind.

“Of course,” Kyle replied nonchalantly as he squatted down, facing the girl some might call a “little loli.” and spoke, “Young lady, do you desire life and power?”

“???” Despite the mutant girl’s quick cognitive abilities, she didn’t fully understand the meaning behind Kyle’s words. Nevertheless, she nodded firmly and grabbed the leg of his Venom Battlesuit.

“Good. From now on, you must obey my orders,” Kyle said. This statement, at least, she understood and nodded in agreement.

“Someone has intruded into the lab!”

Behind Kyle, numerous footsteps approached the door and several guards in protective suits entered with their guns aimed straight at them, and started shooting as they entered. The bullets hit the Venom Battlesuit on Kyle’s back, but they simply bounced off.

“Use your abilities to kill them. Can you do it?” Kyle didn’t turn back to address the guards. He focused on the girl in front of him. His reasoning was simple: he had saved her, but it wouldn’t be for nothing. She had to prove her value here!

The mutant girl looked at the large instrument equipment near the water tank. As if being drawn by an invisible force, the equipment began to float weightlessly. However, when she attempted to move it toward the enemies at the door, it lost momentum and fell back to the ground.

“You are not fully adapted to your abilities yet. Try smaller objects,” Kyle suggested as he continued to be shot at on his back.

The mutant girl nodded before she took a deep breath, and once again looked at the broken glass on the ground. Several shards of glass levitated effortlessly and swiftly flew towards the door, transforming into lethal weapons that pierced the hearts of the guards.

“Not bad,” Kyle said with some satisfaction as he stood up. At the same time, all the guards behind him fell.

This was the power of quick cognition. Although it might have been her first time killing, her cognitive ability allowed her to quickly deduce: to kill with a few pieces of broken glass, she needed to aim for lethal areas, such as the brain or the heart.

“From now on, you will follow me,” Kyle said, pausing before asking, “Do you have a name?”

“K-208.” In response, the mutant girl replied through telepathy.

“That’s not a name.” Kyle shook his head, looking at the girl’s clear and bright eyes. He said, “From now on, I’ll call you ‘Raina·Carl.’ You can call me: Boss.”

“Boss,” Rain replied through telepathy, quickly making her choice.

“From now on, learn to speak with your voice, don’t rely on telepathy all the time,” Kyle said with a headache. The girl’s telepathic communication was similar to the mental bond he shared with Venom, and sometimes the two voices overlapped in his mind, buzzing incessantly.

“Yes, Boss,” Rain said, her voice sounding like that of a soft and tender child.

“I’ll teach you other things later. For now, let me teach you one thing – how to kill,” Kyle said with a smile as he walked towards a dozen guards gathering resistance outside the door, with Rain by his side.

Imperial Palace.

The Emperor knelt in the hall with a weary face while his subordinates quietly attended to him. He had just received the latest news: the devil, Kyle, was not dead. He had destroyed the research facility near Mount Fuji and left behind a familiar Devil Card.

“Is that man really a demon from hell? How can we kill someone who is called undying? The ninja organization, the armed forces, they were all…” The Emperor sighed heavily, mourning the deceased.

For the past few days, every night when he went to sleep, he dreamt of the cave in Shinagawa, feeling like a divine punishment, causing him to wake up in terror.

The Emperor remained silent for a long time and finally made a decision in his heart. He whispered, “Prepare to stop the war and withdraw the soldiers stationed outside Imperial Japan.”

“Your Majesty, this…” His subordinate hesitated, not knowing whether to advise against it.

The Emperor waved his hand resolutely, “Go. The situation no longer allows us to resist. Ever since that man arrived less than a week ago, Tokyo is on the verge of falling. If we let it continue, Imperial Japan will no longer be a country. I believe the military and the cabinet will agree with my decision.”

“Yes.” The subordinate nodded and withdrew. He knew that this was the prelude to the Emperor’s decision to surrender.

To be forced to surrender by an invader was shameful yet realistic. They realized how terrifying that man truly was after facing him.

Imperial Japan began to withdraw its Asian war front troops from outside the country, indicating an intention to stop fighting, though it didn’t explicitly announce a surrender. This scene shocked all participating and onlooking countries in the world.

Many high-ranking officials were puzzled. The once arrogant Imperial Japan had voluntarily withdrawn its troops. Why?

They sent spies and agents to investigate and soon found the underlying reason, receiving a definite answer.

Kyle! That Warmongering maniac! The devilish butcher!

For the past few days, Tokyo had cut off all external communications, and most people believed that Kyle, who had gone to Tokyo alone, was dead. Only a few people in the Americas and Europe were reluctant to believe it.

To their surprise, not only was he alive, but he was also wreaking havoc in Tokyo.

The entire Air Force base was completely wiped out, over half of the various schools of martial arts associated with Bushido were heavily damaged, and tens of thousands of army soldiers and members of the ninja organization were killed…

It was too violent! After this battle, Kyle gained another nickname, ‘Tyrant’.

And this was all before Imperial Japan officially declared its surrender.

Once Imperial Japan surrendered and withdrew its troops, Kyle would become the god of peace in the eyes of the civilian population who were living in fear during this war!

He would became an unrivaled Superhero!

(End of this chapter)

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