IMUC-Chapter 109: Mutant Girl

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Inside the cave tunnel: Similar to underground research guards, these people were armed with Japanese-style firearms and meticulously searched the area.

After Kyle made sure there were no other guards behind the person he was approaching, he stealthily deactivated his camouflage mode and swiftly moved to the researcher’s side, delivering a swift and fierce hand chop to the back of his neck.

The researcher’s eyes rolled back, and he collapsed unconscious to the ground.

Kyle didn’t take action to kill him because he had other uses for him.

“Venom, it’s your turn now.” Kyle patted his battlesuit, and Venom’s black tendrils popped out, whirling in the air before plunging into the back of the researcher’s head.

In less than ten seconds, Venom used its memory search to capture several fragments of information and indirectly fed them back to Kyle through their mental connection.

Kyle’s heart trembled as if he had heard something incredible and looked inquisitively toward a cave tunnel in the mountain.

There was a hidden underground research facility there, where almost all of Imperial Japan’s Biologists were gathered, working under the Emperor’s orders to create a special type of human called the “Holy Child.”

The specific details were not entirely clear even to Venom; the information it gathered was somewhat abstract through their mental exchange.

Kyle fell silent for a moment and had Venom disguise his battlesuit as a set of protective gear— gas masks, white coats, plastic gloves, and long boots. He also took firearms and identification documents from the now dead researcher before heading toward the underground research facility.

No matter what, the mention of these special human beings piqued his curiosity.

Following Venom’s directions, Kyle walked through several natural tunnels formed in the mountain and finally arrived at a man-made tunnel. At the end of it, there was a dead-end, but after showing his identification card that acted as a pass, a section of the wall opened, revealing an elevator.

Descending fifty meters in the elevator, Kyle reached his destination. As the doors opened, he was greeted by a dazzling light.

In the well-lit underground basement, advanced scientific equipment and glassware were neatly arranged and more than twenty researchers in white protective suits were busy with their work.

“Hurry up! Check which data is wrong. Two more Holy Child test subjects died just now…”

“Sigh, it must be K-268 and K-269.”

“We still have only one surviving Holy Child, K-208.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not perfect yet, but the radiation genes are currently closest to stability.”

Several Biologists of varying ages, ranging from thirty to eighty, were gathered together to discuss and debate. Kyle, disguised as another low level researcher, walked through the underground hall without anyone paying attention to him. Their focus was on data sheets and ongoing tests.

Without any obstacles, Kyle continued until he reached a series of individual rooms. He had a specific target in mind as he approached one of the rooms.

In front of the door to that isolated room, there was a guard assigned specifically to watch over it. When the guard saw Kyle approaching, he immediately became cautious and said, “What’s your identification number? Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to approach this area…”

Before the guard could finish speaking, Kyle swiftly extended his right hand, covering the guard’s mouth, and lifted him up, banging his head against the iron door. The guard immediately lost consciousness.

Kyle took the key from the guard and unlocked the door to the isolated room. As he opened it, a strong disinfectant odor hit him. He closed the door behind him and looked inside the room and everything inside came into view.

In the not-so-large room, advanced scientific equipment and medical instruments were in operation. In the middle of the room, there was a massive cylindrical glass tank filled with a translucent liquid, and several small tubes crisscrossed within, immersing a black-haired girl of about seven or eight years old.

The girl’s petite body was bare, seemingly in a state of hibernation, she was curled up like a kitten, giving her a porcelain doll-like appearance.

“So, this is the most perfect result of their research?” Kyle frowned and approached the glass tank. He placed his left hand on the glass wall. This distance was enough to detect the person’s Ability Card.

As expected, a single Ability Card hovered above the girl—

Yes, there were no other white or green Ability Cards, only one… a Deep Blue Card.

【Mental Manipulation】: An innate gift of gene mutation, it grants the ability to manipulate thoughts. A rare Blue Ability Card.

This ability provides mental energy exceeding ten times that of a normal human, along with rapid learning and cognitive abilities, and the talent to control physical objects in a limited area.

The effectiveness of Mental Manipulation depends on the distance and weight of the controlled object, as well as the intensity of the controlled lifeform’s will.

Current Status: Ability unstable, unable to extract (Rare Blue Prefix).

“Imperial Japan is actually creating ‘Mutants’,” Kyle said in disbelief as he stared at the Ability Card similar to Logan’s, acquired through innate gene mutation.

Kyle knew that he was currently in the Marvel Avengers Movie Universe or MCU universe. Unlike the vast array of Mutants in the X-Men universe, this world featured mutations, advanced technology, magic, and various mythologies, including those from extraterrestrial beings. Naturally-born Mutants were few and far between. Hulk and Spiderman were both later mutations (Black Panther inherited his abilities).

In the movies, only characters like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver appeared later representing pure Mutants and even they gained their power through the Mind Stone.

And here, there was actually one!

“Unfortunately, her life signs are too weak; she’s incomplete,” Kyle lamented as he observed the medical instruments connected to the glass tank, clearly displaying the mutant girl’s weak heartbeat, which was almost flatlining.

Given the limitations of lifeforms and technological advancements in the current era, while they were able to create Mutants, their life forces were extremely fragile. They could only survive in a vegetative state, sustained by nutrient fluids.

Once removed from the experimental tank, she probably wouldn’t last three minutes in the outside world.

“There’s no value to this.” Kyle shook his head and turned away. As he reached the door, a faint voice suddenly entered his mind.

“Save me…” Kyle froze in place, turned back, and stared gravely at the little girl floating motionlessly in the nutrient fluid within the glass tank.

An illusion? No. This is definitely not an illusion!

“Do you want to be freed? Then I’ll grant your wish!” Kyle smiled and once again approached the glass tank. His right hand, protected by the Vibranium Bracer, clenched into a fist and struck the glass wall with full force.


The impact caused cracks to appear on the reinforced bulletproof glass.

With an indifferent expression on his face, Kyle continued to swing his right fist. The cracks expanded and spread, but the loud noise attracted the attention of the underground researchers and guards.

“What the heck are you doing?”


Two individuals opened the door and saw Kyle punching the glass tank. They were so frightened that they sat on the ground.

Ignoring their words, Kyle gathered strength in his right hand once again and delivered another full-strength punch to the cracked glass wall!


Under the desperate gazes of the medical staff, the glass tank shattered into pieces, and the nutrient fluid gushed out, carrying the mutant girl’s body.

(End of this chapter)

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