IMUC-Chapter 108: Thrilling Escape

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It was an exceptionally spectacular and awe-inspiring scene. With pursuing ninjas behind him and thousands of armed Japanese soldiers forming a defensive line ahead, numerous hostile eyes and gun barrels were focused on one person.

“Well, this doesn’t look good,” Kyle sighed with a bitter smile. The original Murakumo and the energy pistols had already been returned to the Card Space as cards. His hands hung weakly by his side and it was as if he had lost the will to resist and escape.

“Demon Kyle, you have nowhere to run. Surrender!” A military officer shouted from the safe zone of the large military force outside.

The pursuing ninjas halted their steps, frowning as they coldly said, “Don’t listen to him! This demon’s methods are unpredictable. Shoot him on the spot!”

“But…” The officer hesitated, and Kyle couldn’t help but shrug. “Come on, do you really think that I am going to let you dispose of me?”

As he spoke, a Blue Item Card suddenly appeared in his hand and was held between two fingers. There are still some cards left unused in the Card Space. Buying a few more seconds should be enough to find an opportunity to escape. Now, it should be close…

Kyle silently repeated to himself. The area where he stood was now shrouded in clouds and shadows, and the surrounding soldiers seemed to have noticed something amiss. Some of them looked up to the sky in astonishment.

“What’s that? A monster?”

“A huge blue-feathered eagle!”

“It seems to be approaching this way…”

The officer also looked up and saw the enormous blue eagle diving toward the courtyard of the dojo. He seemed to realize something and exclaimed, “Not good! Open fire, all of you!”

“It’s too late.” Kyle shook his head gently, and an intense surge of energy propelled his body like a rocket, shooting him into the sky at incredible speed.

“Aerial Dash!”

“Boom-Da Da Da Da!”

The intensive gunfire followed just half a second too late, hitting the spot where he had been standing, creating a cloud of white dust, and turning numerous rocks and soil into powder.


The diving blue eagle reached a low altitude above the courtyard. With perfect coordination, Kyle sprinted to its highest point and grabbed onto its talons. The eagle flapped its wings, which were over ten meters long, creating a strong gust of wind that blew away several hurriedly fired rockets, causing them to explode in the air beside it.

With a resounding cry, the blue eagle used the force of its wings’ flapping to accelerate and rise higher, carrying Kyle towards the midday sky.

“Where are the fighter jets? Intercept that monster!” The officer watched helplessly as the blue eagle flew away and shouted at the communicator on his side.

Just then, a dark, small object dropped from the blue eagle, landing in the open space in front of the dojo’s entrance. It was a small black ball emitting a green light, rolling on the ground.

“What is that…” A group of armed soldiers in front instinctively backed away. No matter how you looked at it, it resembled a hand grenade, but which country’s grenade would take so long to explode after falling from such a height?

“A Dud?” The officer looked at the round object ten meters away. The green light seemed to be a countdown and it quickly turned red.

Then, nothing happened.


The round object exploded, revealing something similar to a black hole, devouring everything inside it.

In the blink of an eye, it rapidly expanded from the size of a fist to a massive sphere with a fifty-meter radius, swallowing everything in its cover: Ninjas, Armed Soldiers, buildings, streets, trees, rocks, even sound and light, everything was devoured by it.

In the area that was engulfed by the black hole, all was lost.

As the black hole gradually dissipated, the bright sunlight returned, and the scene in the Tokyo Kanagawa area reappeared. With the dojo building at its center, there was now a smooth, half-circle-shaped giant crater on the ground.

At an altitude of over a kilometer above the outskirts of Tokyo…

Kyle, who was in the clutches of the blue eagle, had no idea of the consequences caused by the alien bomb. He felt a bit disoriented and paralyzed in more than half of his body, making it difficult for him to move.

Kyle struggled to open his eyes, trying to find a safe place. However, he saw the clouds behind the blue eagle tear apart, and over a dozen single-person fighter jets buzzed toward them at full speed.

“When will it end…”

Kyle had no energy left to complain. His mind was muddled, and his willpower and strength were fading away— he felt like sleeping.

The blue eagle let out an anxious cry as it sped away, closely pursued by the fighter jets.

Ten minutes later…

Kyle lost the feeling of the eagle’s claws gripping him, and a cold wind blew from below.

He realized that he was now in a state of freefall.

What happened to the blue eagle?

Kyle squinted his eyes and, through the gaps, saw the scene of the blue eagle rushing into the distance, followed by the fighter jets.

His consciousness began to drift away again, losing control of his body, plummeting straight towards a massive snow-capped mountain.

Kyle didn’t know how long he had slept before gradually waking up.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a cave surrounded by karst tunnels, and there was a natural hot spring nearby emitting hot steam.

“Venom, what’s going on?” Kyle whispered as he was still wearing the Venom Battlesuit, and after falling from a high altitude, he suddenly appeared here— it must be Venom’s doing.

Felling proud of his achivment, Venom conveyed its thoughts to him. After falling from the snow mountain, Venom deployed gliding wings and then controlled Kyle’s body to take refuge in this cave beneath the mountain.

“Thank goodness you’re here,” Kyle sighed with relief. After three days of unconsciousness, not only had the paralysis from the nerve toxin vanished, but even the wound on his back had healed.

He took off the Venom Battlesuit and retrieved various fresh and hot food stored as Item Cards from the Card Space. While quickly eating to replenish his energy, he jumped into the nearby hot spring naked.

“Ahh, this feels great,” Kyle sighed with satisfaction. The temperature of the hot spring was just right, and it greatly eased the tension from the battle.

Oh, right, this place is comfortable and safe.

As if reminded of something, Kyle took out a Rare Blue Lifeform Card from the Card Space and summoned an egg-shaped creature, which promptly plopped into the hot spring.

【Unhatched Monster Egg】

Current Status: In the current environment, time until hatching: thirty-three years, September seventh.

Kyle: “…”

Wow, this little guy can sleep! Thirty-plus years, my unborn son might be grown up by then.

Kyle shook his head, finished his meal, cleaned himself up, and put on his underwear and the Venom Battlesuit in full Recovery mode.

Following Venom’s prompt, he intended to leave the cave the same way he came in. However, as he took a few steps, he unexpectedly heard subtle footsteps from a natural tunnel nearby.

There are people here.

Kyle reacted quickly as he used Nightwalker’s Camouflage skill to stick to the wall. As the footsteps approached, a strange Imperial Japan individual wearing a white coat and a gas mask appeared in his field of vision.

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