IMUC-Chapter 107: Cutting a Bloody Path

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【Murakumo, the Cursed Blade】: An Imperial Japan sword crafted with a mixture of Carbonadium and steel using ultra-high craftsmanship. Blue Item Card.

The Carbonadium contained in it exhibits special effects, providing both toughness and sharpness while suppressing the human body’s healing factor, causing permanent wounds. After being baptized in blood for a long time, the blade carries a faint dark red color and a bloody aura.

As Kyle looked at Murakumo held by Hojo Maru nearby, he immediately understood the implications of the Item Card displayed on it.

So, this so-called “Bloodthirsty Cursed Blade” is actually a handcrafted Imperial Japan sword with Carbonadium in it. No wonder the slash on his back, caused by this blade, couldn’t be healed by his Healing Factor.

Despite the wounds on his back, Kyle remained calm, standing in place, and keeping an eye on the remaining nine ninjas around him. Their Super Ninja physique and the treacherous hidden weapons made it disadvantageous for him to drag on the fight…

He could fight, but it wasn’t necessary.


Amidst the tense atmosphere in the hall, a loud eagle’s cry resounded from afar outside the dojo, its penetrating sound waves echoing clearly indoors. The ninja in the dojo thought it was just an ordinary eagle and didn’t pay much attention, continuing to focus their gaze on Kyle.

However, upon hearing the familiar eagle’s cry from outside, Kyle’s expression beneath the Venom Battlesuit’s headgear changed. It was a warning signal, and given its volume, it indicated the presence of an enemy aerial fleet or a large military force heading their way.

It seemed he couldn’t linger here any longer.

Kyle made a silent decision, and his ice-cold gaze scanned his surroundings. At this moment, Hojo Maru revealed a mysterious smile once more as he spoke. “Your physique is indeed comparable to that of a monster. You’ve managed to hold out for so long.”

“It’s just a mere slash…” Kyle frowned, but his words came to a sudden halt as he felt something invading his body’s nerves. His body uncontrollably trembled, and he almost collapsed, barely managing to support himself with his claws against the floor.

“Our weapon blades are coated with a paralyzing toxin. The dose you received should be enough to paralyze an adult elephant for three days and nights,” Hojo Maru confidently explained as he approached Kyle.

Kyle’s eyelids drooped, and his hands weakly fell to the ground as he lost consciousness.

“Is… is it successful?” The other eight ninjas saw the scene and breathed a sigh of relief. The pressure this man gave was too strong, far surpassing any enemy they had encountered. As long as he stood, no one dared to approach him directly.

“Considering the dosage of the paralysis toxin that invaded his body, it’s undoubtedly a success,” Hojo Maru said coldly, not letting his guard down. He then ordered, “Number One and Number Two, go and check.”

The two ninjas in the group glanced at each other and nodded. They carefully approached the unconscious Kyle.

Five meters, three meters, one meter…

The two of them cautiously approached within half a meter of Kyle and found that he still showed no signs of consciousness. As they were about to breathe a sigh of relief, Hojo Maru’s urgent warning suddenly resounded in their ears, “Be careful!”

“Huh?” Instinctively, the two ninjas attempted to retreat. However, Kyle, who was lying nearby, suddenly flipped over and raised both hands, and two energy pistols were aimed at their chests.

“Goodbye,” Kyle sneered and quickly pulled the trigger. At such close range, all they saw were two beams of blue light as they left the barrels.

Immediately after, in front of everyone’s eyes, the two agile ninjas were penetrated by the lasers, creating holes in their bodies. They fell to the ground in a pool of blood, with a lifeless look in their eyes.

“One and Two!” Hojo Maru shouted in shock and anger. He faced a blue laser that shot towards him and quickly swung Murakumo to intercept it, managing to deflect it with the blade, causing blue sparks to scatter in the surrounding.

However, immediately after, several more blue lasers followed one after another. It seemed they weren’t aimed at the remaining ninjas but focused on him alone.

“Bastard!” Even the normally calm Hojo Maru couldn’t help but curse. He rolled quickly to evade the laser shots, but since Kyle, as a marksman, had anticipated their trajectory in advance, even after rolling a few times, a laser shot still managed to head straight for Hojo Maru.

With a shout, Hojo Maru hastily raised Murakumo to block, but his grip was not concentrated enough, and the laser was deflected by the blade, causing Murakumo to slip from his hand and fly up, spinning in the air.

He tried to reach out and catch the airborne Murakumo, but a black figure quickly leaped and snatched the sword’s hilt, stealing his opportunity.

Seeing Kyle approaching the sword, Hojo Maru’s pupils contracted, and his eyes revealed a look of despair.

“Making me use the rare black technology consumable, interesting.” Kyle muttered as he descended from the air, and with a swift slash of Murakumo, he said, “Consider this a return gift!”

In the midst of Hojo Maru’s wailing, an arm flew high into the air, accompanied by a gush of blood— it was the consequence of a misguided attack.

Kyle tried to follow up with another strike, but a stumble nearly sent him tumbling to the ground. Ignoring the other remaining ninjas, he quickly rushed out of the dojo’s main hall.

“Boss!” The remaining six ninjas called out, hurrying over to Hojo Maru who was holding his injured arm.

Hojo Maru, pale-faced, collapsed to the ground and cold sweats began to drip from his forehead. He clenched his teeth, enduring the pain of his severed hand, and hoarsely said, “Don’t mind me. Go after that devil, Kyle. He’s already injured, and with the poison paralyzing his nerves, his body is at its limit! Hurry, do not let him escape!”

“We understand! We’ll complete the mission for sure!” The ninjas roared lowly in response, and they all followed the blood trail to chase after Kyle outside the main hall.

Kyle was gasping for breath as he held Murakumo in one hand while his other hand was clutching an energy pistol, he stumbled from the main hall into the courtyard, almost tripping into a small pond.

His situation was precarious now. The paralyzing neurotoxin that had entered his body was hindering the normal functioning of his muscles and nerves. Sensation and motor functions in some parts of his body had begun to fade.

Fortunately, his Healing Factor was still suppressing it, but if he exerted himself too much, the paralyzing neurotoxin would spread throughout his body along with his blood.

When he managed to get back on his feet after taking down the ninjas, he relied on sheer willpower to “Endure” and to remain awake.

“Venom, once I completely lose consciousness and fall into a coma, take control of my body and escape to a safe place,” Kyle whispered, knowing that he still had lifesaving skills and cards unused, but he was prepared for the worst in this battle.

“There he is! Don’t let him get away!”

The six ninjas rushed out from the main hall, and as they saw Kyle, they accelerated towards him.

Gritting his teeth, Kyle charged toward the main entrance of the dojo. However, just as he was about to step out, a dangerous presence loomed over him, prompting him to quickly retract his foot.

In the next moment, a projectile landed at the entrance of the dojo, right in front of Kyle, and a burst of fire exploded, sending debris and a shockwave scattering around the immediate vecinity.

Kyle tumbled several times on the ground, and as he struggled to get up, a series of rocket launcher shells bombarded the entrance, completely demolishing it and the surrounding walls.

Looking up, he could see the entire street outside the dojo filled with Imperial Japan troops, countless soldiers with rifles, and set-up machine guns and rocket launchers all aimed at him in unison.

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