IMUC-Chapter 106: Super Ninja

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This dojo was different from the previous ones that underestimated Kyle’s power or clung to the samurai code. They were fully aware of their own weakness and the enemy’s strength, and they were determined to fight to the death.

“Let’s begin,” Kyle said, his gaze focused. He raised his fists in front of his chest and six dark claws of Venom extended sharply from his hand. The Venom Battlesuit entered its full combat mode.

His dark and ruthless aura, seemingly born for battle and slaughter, filled the air, making people tremble in fear.

“All disciples of the Hojo Itto-Ryu, listen up! Today, we fight alongside the dojo and fight to the last drop of blood!” Hojo Maru shouted, holding Murakumo horizontally in front of him. The disciples behind him followed suit, gripping their swords with a resolve to die.

“Kill!” Everyone in the dojo hall roared, raising their swords and charging forward, stomping in their wooden clogs.

“Come!” Kyle sneered coldly, with no intention of evading their attacks. He burst forward, choosing to confront the multiple enemies head-on.

Having experienced battles where he faced multiple opponents, it was nothing new for him. Kyle accelerated into the crowd of warriors, promptly raising his right hand to block. Nearly a dozen blades slashed toward him, but they were intercepted by the Vibranium Bracer, which absorbed the kinetic energy and effortlessly blocked all the attacks.

His right claw swung horizontally, and several warriors within half a meter of him screamed in agony, clutching their bleeding stomachs as they fell backward.

This was just the beginning of the bloodbath. More warriors quickly filled the gaps left by the fallen ones. Several Imperial Japan swords landed on Kyle’s unprotected back, but they failed to penetrate the Venom Battlesuit’s resilient defense.

Those warriors widened their eyes in shock and in the next moment, their bodies were torn apart by Kyle’s claws, turning into a spray of flesh and blood. Kyle repeated the same pattern of battle, ignoring the enemy’s sword attacks, and not caring even if his body was injured as he was completely immersed in the slaughter.

After nearly ten warriors fell dead on the ground, amidst the chaos of the battle, Hojo Maru could no longer contain himself and shouted, “Attack!”

“Hmm?” Surrounded by numerous warriors, Kyle’s crimson eyes lifted as he intended to locate Hojo Maru amidst the crowd, but he heard two faint sounds of breaking wind.

In his field of vision, two shurikens rapidly enlarged, getting closer to him at a speed that was almost faster than ordinary bullets, moreover, they were aimed at his eyes.

Unable to evade these unexpected attacks, Kyle quickly closed his eyes. The shurikens hit the Venom protection covering his eyelids, causing a subtle paralyzing tingling sensation.

“Now’s the time!” Having been lurking in the rear and biding his time, Hojo Maru, along with nine other warriors, swiftly approached Kyle with speed surpassing their previous performance. They closed in on Kyle, who had his eyes shut.

Their movements were agile and forceful. As they swiftly passed by Kyle, a series of sharp slashes and attacks tore through the Venom armor, leaving ten slender blood marks on his robust body.

“I let my guard down!” Kyle kept his eyes closed and remained calm in this situation. Sensing the last warrior attempting to retreat from his shoulder, he quickly reached out with his right hand, grabbed the man’s calf, and then swiftly lifted him high into the air. With all his strength, he slammed the enemy to the ground.

“Number Six!”

“Little Six!”

The other nine warriors, who had withdrawn to a safe distance after the attack, exclaimed in shock.

Kyle was injured but composed and he opened his red eyes and looked down at the young warrior who was groaning in pain. He was dressed like the other sword disciples, wearing traditional kimono, but his set of Ability Cards was far beyond what those swordsmen possessed.

【True·Assassination Mastery】, 【True·Hidden Weapon Mastery】, 【True·Disguise Mastery】, 【Poison Mastery】, 【Stealth Psychology Mastery】…

Over twenty Green Ability Cards, all focused on extreme assassination techniques. Among them, there was a particularly conspicuous Blue Ability Card.

【Super Ninja】: A unique physique among Imperial Japan Samurais (an inferior version of a Super Soldier). Blue Ability Card.

By injecting various mixtures of poisons and hormones into the body and enduring inhuman pain, the potential of the human body is forcibly unlocked, resulting in the Super Ninja Physique at the cost of their reduced natural lifespan.

The unstable genes within the body prevent cells from aging and dying, leading to features resembling those of cancer patients. They gain top-tier human strength, speed, and reflexes, as well as extreme physical endurance and resistance to attacks.

However, their natural lifespan cannot exceed fifty years.

“So, Imperial Japan does have ninjas. I underestimated you,” Kyle sneered when he saw the information and lifted the ninja he had caught by the neck with his right arm and stood up despite his injuries.

He glanced at the ninja in his arm. The ninja’s resistance to damage was indeed commendable. Despite enduring the brutal strike earlier, he was still conscious, struggling in mid-air by kicking his legs.

However, Kyle’s Super Soldier status surpassed that of a Super Ninja. His mutated evolution made him even more perfect, and the opponent’s struggles couldn’t affect his powerful arm in the slightest.

“Boss,” The eight ninjas disguised as sword disciples around them looked urgently at the leader, Hojo Maru, waiting for his command. Hojo Maru shook his head coldly, ignoring the struggling ninja. He held the blood-stained Murakumo coldly, gazing at Kyle.

“You’re not the original dojo master here,” Kyle squinted and asked.

“The original dojo master died a long time ago. Everyone here is either a member of our ninja organization or disguised by the military,” Hojo Maru said coldly. “You have nowhere to run. If you let go of him, I can still allow you to live and meet the Emperor.”

“Sorry, I never accept threats from others nor do I care for them,” Kyle chuckled lightly. He tightened his right arm with full strength, and with a loud snap, the ninja’s struggles ceased as his neck was broken, and he fell lifeless to the ground.

“You!” The remaining eight ninjas shouted in anger, but what happened next left them wide-eyed in shock.

They saw Kyle standing tall, slightly panting, as the numerous wounds on his body rapidly healed, appearing incredibly eerie. Hojo Maru, the leader of the ninja squad, said as if expecting this, “As expected of the Super Healing ability mentioned by the surviving soldiers. I admit, this is quite impressive.”

Kyle furrowed his brow slightly as he felt that something was off. The opponent knew about his powerful self-healing ability, yet they stopped attacking after a single strike, allowing him time to recover.

He suddenly realized that something was amiss. He reached back with his left hand and felt the wound caused by Hojo Maru’s slash on his back. To his surprise, there were no signs of healing and blood continued to flow out from them.

“This is the power of Murakumo, the cursed blade. One strike is lethal, and the wounds it inflicts cannot heal, leaving the fresh blood to flow endlessly,” Hojo Maru smiled as he raised Murakumo, stained with eerie, enchanting blood.

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