IMUC-Chapter 117: Symbol of Peace

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It was a mild morning, and the gentle sunlight filtered through the forest, dispersing the white mist and casting mysterious shadows in the surrounding.

Kyle was dressed in casual long sleeves and wearing sunglasses, lying comfortably on a sun lounger on the mansion’s lawn. Venom’s main body was also sprawled on the grass next to the chair, restlessly rolling back and forth.

Three days had passed since he returned to New York, shedding the identities of a War Hero and a General, and distancing himself from the chaos and killings of war. He enjoyed the leisurely time, feeling comfortable and at ease.

“Venom, have you noticed any slight changes in my body?” Kyle mumbled to himself. The changes he referred to were not about his relaxed state of mind but rather the potential alterations happening within his peak physical condition as a Super Soldier.

These changes started occurring after he withstood the aftermath of the nuclear explosion in Imperial Japan, Tokyo.

While coexisting with Venom, he didn’t feel these changes as strongly. It was only when he separated from Venom that he sensed the subtle shifts in his body.

He carefully examined the Ability Cards he possessed that could alter his physique, focusing on the Super Soldier and Healing Factor cards, but he couldn’t find the cause behind these potential changes.

“Could it be the radiation from the nuclear explosion had affected the stable genetic framework in my body?” Kyle pondered, but the changes were so subtle that he couldn’t determine whether they were good or bad for his body at the moment.

Just then, an elongated black and gold luxury car emerged from the forest and stopped in the open space in front of the mansion and two well-dressed bodyguards got out of the car first, opening the door for Lucy and Raina to step out, and only then did they start unloading the supplies from the trunk.

The mansion was located a considerable distance from the town, about five kilometers away, so they had to venture out for supplies. Both the car and the bodyguards were arranged by Howard in advance.

Howard was quite methodical in his approach, and Kyle had great confidence in him. After all that had happened, they had become the closest partners— both in life and work.

“Kyle, we’re back.” Lucy, wearing a sun hat, waved from the lawn with her hand intertwined with Raina’s. For some reason, the age difference between the two of them seemed irrelevant, and they had become good friends in just a few days. (To those of their peers with telepathic abilities, they carried an inherent fear and reverence.)

Having Raina as a true potential bodyguard, Kyle felt more at ease when Lucy was away.

A rolled-up black and white newspaper floated out of the bag that Lucy was carrying, resembling a bird as it flew over and landed on the small table beside Kyle.

“Boss, today’s newspaper,” Raina communicated telepathically as she delivered the paper.

Still lying down, Kyle nodded, picked up the newspaper, and quickly skimmed through it, throwing it back onto the table after reading it at a glance.

The front page of the New York Times had the same content as the past few days, with a series of reports centered around him. The Stark Industries’ early convening of the World Technology Expo to unveil world-changing new products was squeezed to the second page.

Reports about War Heroes’ return, remnants of the terrorist organization Hydra lurking among America’s top-level power, clashes between high-level government officials and civilians, the youngest Major General applying for retirement, the replacement of officials and military officers ordered by the new president for Kyle, and so on, had bombarded the homeland of the United States news day and night.

Although the War Hero had retired, symbolizing the end of the nation’s might and power, the media had collectively given Kyle another title—

“Symbol of Peace”!

He had just heard this new title two days ago and was dumbfounded when he had heard it. He almost spewed out the red wine he was drinking at the time.

How could a war fanatic like him become the Symbol of Peace? He himself admitted that he was a cold-hearted bastard.

The problem was that the majority of the public also approved of this title. It had a much higher acceptance rate than the previous “Demon,” “God of Death,” “Tyrant,” and other labels.

Some people even raised funds to build sculptures of the Symbol of Peace in certain squares, and the Norwegian parliament was discussing a vote to award him this year’s Nobel Peace Prize…

It had reached a point where even Kyle himself couldn’t find anything to complain about. After all, who would deny an ego boost?

But no matter what, ever since he decided to establish his family’s influence, he had planned to fade out of the public eye and patiently prepare for the future alien invasion.

Even now, on Earth alone, Kyle didn’t dare claim invincibility. Many mysterious organizations hid in the corners of the world, not to mention the vast expanse of universes.

“The most reliable power I possess, apart from the Extracting Card Ability, is the decades of preparation time I have that far surpass other heroes and the early knowledge of major plot events that are about to unfold— this is my greatest reliance as a crossover individual!”

“In just one year, I have reached the peak level of a Super Soldier, standing at the pinnacle of Earth’s human power, and I wield boundless wealth capable of rivaling entire nations! Of course, no one knows about that wealth yet!”

“After decades have passed, where will Carl Family and I be? Even I can’t predict that!”

Kyle contemplated in secret, carrying enough self-confidence and assurance.

Are the so-called Gods in this universe strong? I’ll climb my way up step by step and reach them!

Is Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet unbeatable? Who said I won’t slowly gather the six Infinity Stones?

With the advantage of being prepared and having an ace up his sleeve, Kyle would establish himself as invincible from the beginning and take on the role of a grand puppet master, deducing and controlling everything.

“Now, this moment is only the first step.”

Kyle thought to himself as he sat up from the sun lounger. A tall suited bodyguard came to the edge of the lawn and respectfully said, “Mr. Kyle, the boss said the plane has arrived to pick you up for the sea journey.”

“Alright, let Lucy know that she doesn’t need to wait for me for lunch,” Kyle instructed. After the bodyguard acknowledged and left, he glanced at Venom excitedly bouncing next to him and asked. “Are you coming?”

“Roll, roll—” Venom’s black liquid form jumped up and wrapped around Kyle, transforming into a hooded jacket on his body.

An hour and a half later.

Over the vast Atlantic Ocean, under the radiant noon sun, the helicopter maintained its buzzing rotation at an altitude of several hundred meters.

“Kyle, are we really getting close to that turtle-shaped island you mentioned?” Howard, in the pilot’s seat, asked with a surprised expression on his face.

Sitting in the co-pilot seat, Kyle looked down at the sea and nodded. “Yes, we’re almost there.”

“Are you sure? There’s no island displayed on the map in this area,” Howard said, double-checking the instrument just to be sure.

“You’ll see in a moment,” Kyle replied mysteriously. As the helicopter flew further, over ten miles from the coast, he thought it was about right. He then told Howard, “Next, follow the process I told you.”

“Sure thing,” Howard nodded, though he didn’t believe Kyle could conjure up an island out of thin air.

“Now, give this helicopter to me,” Kyle said out of the blue.

“Huh?” Howard was taken aback but quickly agreed, “No problem, it’s yours. I’ll build another one later.”

“In that case, the ownership of this helicopter now belongs to me,” Kyle contemplated. Seeing that the helicopter’s card message was still in a non-extractable state, he continued, “You can undo your seatbelt and stop controlling the helicopter.”

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