IMUC-Chapter 102: The Real Arrival

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It was late at night, almost early morning of the second day.

The Imperial Japan Air Force Headquarters suddenly erupted in a blazing inferno, and the flames showed no sign of extinguishing as they spread outward. By the time the rescue teams responded and began their firefighting efforts, the fire had engulfed the entire base, extending for several kilometers.

That night, countless people in Tokyo were awakened by the commotion. When they looked outside, they could see flames rising to the sky in the distance, painting the night sky a fiery red.

It felt as if the heavens themselves were enraged, ready to unleash divine punishment on them.

In the Imperial Palace, the current Emperor, naturally, was also awakened by his subordinates. In a state of confusion, he got up from his makeshift bed, replaced his sleep-dulled eyes with a luxurious kimono, and hurried to the conference hall amidst anxious prompts.

When he arrived at the conference hall with a drowsy mind, he saw the flickering flames illuminating the night sky outside the courtyard. As he listened to the frontline reports from the high-ranking officials, he suddenly snapped awake, feeling utterly shocked.

The Emperor looked at the officer standing silently with his head bowed and asked loudly, “What did you say? Say it again!”

The officer’s voice trembled as he replied, “Your Majesty, the Imperial Japan Air Force Headquarters was attacked by America’s Kyle just now. It has now fallen into a sea of fire. The entire Tokyo Fire Brigade has been assembled to prevent the spread of the fire…”

“America’s Kyle, is he some kind of monster? How can one person invade the Air Force Headquarters?” The Emperor muttered in disbelief.

“According to the surviving communications officer at the base, he is most likely truly a demon incarnate. Bullets have no effect on him, and even artillery bombardments couldn’t kill him. Our soldiers were easily slain with just one encounter.” The officer gritted his teeth and took out a blood-stained Devil Card from his pocket. “He was inside the Air Force Headquarters and forced Commander Okamura to commit Seppuku, leaving behind this Devil Card. He also said…”

The Emperor saw the hesitation on the officer’s face and couldn’t help but press for an answer, “What else did he say?!”

“He said that he will ‘Visit’ Your Majesty soon and ask to learn about the ‘Bushido’ spirit,” The officer replied.

As the officer finished speaking, the expressions of everyone in the hall changed. The Emperor leaned against the door, almost sitting on the floor if not for the hand of his subordinate who quickly supported him.

“Your Majesty, please remain calm! You are the Emperor of the nation. How can you fear a mere invader in your own territory?” The subordinate whispered.

“Yes, you are right.” The Emperor nodded quickly, forcing himself to calm down. He looked solemnly at the cabinet officials and military officers in the hall and asked, “What do you all think? How should we deal with this mad invader from America?”

The representative of the military, Commander Sasaki, who controlled the Imperial Japan Army Headquarters, coldly snorted and was the first to speak, “This talk of him being undying is most likely just an excuse by the surviving soldiers to cover up their failure to guard against the invasion of some demon.”

He said ruthlessly, “Your Majesty, I suggest deploying half of the armed forces stationed in Tokyo to conduct a detailed search across the entire Tokyo area to find America’s Kyle and then encircle and exterminate him on the spot!”

The representative of the cabinet, Prime Minister Tanaka, bowed his head and concurred, “You are absolutely right. We are a nation of warriors, and no matter how strong he is, he cannot be stronger than our warriors. While the armed forces search all of Tokyo, Your Majesty should hold a meeting tomorrow to personally console the ordinary people of Tokyo and assure them that we have the ability and confidence to kill the invader!”

Commander Sasaki added, “As for the news of the Air Force Base being invaded and fallen, even if the people of Tokyo find out, we can control it within the borders of Tokyo. We must not let the enemy nations mock us!”

With two powerful figures who held real authority in the country speaking, the rest of the high-ranking officials naturally echoed their sentiments. The Emperor cursed inwardly but had no choice but to outwardly comply.

That night, the entire Tokyo of Imperial Japan was destined for a sleepless night.

And this was just the beginning; the real show had yet to begin.

The next morning.

“America’s Kyle attacked the Air Force Headquarters, reducing it to ashes!”

This piece of news was too significant, and it was like throwing a grenade into a fish pond. No matter how the high-ranking officials tried to control and console the people, related discussions and messages spread like wildfire.

“The undying monster,” “America’s Demon,” “The war-crazed man who rules Germany”…

Within a few hours, almost everyone in Tokyo was panicking and discussing such topics. The name “America’s Kyle” hung like a haunting mist in the hearts of everyone.

The Emperor had no choice but to appear in the heavily fortified Imperial Palace, now armed with five times the military strength, to deliver a speech in the name of the Gods, declaring that the invader would be dealt with swiftly to forcibly calm the emotions of the Tokyo populace.

The ordinary people were filled with fear, and the armed soldiers conducted a cautious and careful city-wide search. On the other hand, some self-proclaimed extraordinary Samurai and Ronin in Imperial Japan were getting restless and excited as they rushed to Tokyo, hoping to seize this opportunity to battle and gain fame by killing Kyle.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, in the Wareburi District, at the main Shinto Dojo. Kyle dressed in Venom suit, with a slight disguise in appearance, arrived on the road in front of the dojo and looked up while observing the surroundings.

The area encompassed by the Swordsmanship Dojo was vast, with several distinctive Imperial Japan-style buildings stacked one upon another. The main dojo was so large that it resembled a modern sports arena and could accommodate nearly a thousand people studying swordsmanship together.

Kyle stood tall on the road, his cold gaze sweeping across the grand and magnificent swordsmanship dojo and a faint smile began to form at the corner of his mouth.

The way of the Samurai in Imperial Japan. Its origins could not be traced back to a specific time, but it flourished during the Edo Period when the Shogunate recruited Samurai who upheld certain spiritual principles.

The primary focus of Imperial Japan’s Samurai was on Swordsmanship, which was also the art of killing. Even though the Shogunate was later overthrown, and the government issued a sword ban, the subsequent Samurai in Imperial Japan continued to uphold the practice of Swordsmanship. They believed that the way of the sword complemented the samurai spirit, making a strong samurai invincible.

This tradition had continued to the present day.

Dozens of different swordsmanship schools had been passed down, and most of them were established in the bustling city of Tokyo, the heart of Imperial Japan. Even the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army had received teachings in swordsmanship during their youth.

In a way, these swordsmanship schools represented the authoritative foundation of the samurai spirit and were the pillars of pride for the samurai of Imperial Japan.

The Emperor, high-ranking officials of Imperial Japan, and the armed soldiers at the military base were all cautious and vigilant, preparing to guard against any surprise attacks. However, they never expected that Kyle’s target would change at the last moment.

His first move was to trample and destroy the foundation of Imperial Japan’s Samurai Spirit!

With confidence in his stride, Kyle’s attire, disguised as an ordinary Imperial Japan civilian, began to change, transforming back into his cool and dark Venom battle suit. With a resolute determination, he marched toward the main gate of the swordsmanship dojo.

(Author’s Note: This story is set in the fictional Marvel World, where some regions, historical events, and realities may bear similarities but are not part of the real world.

Why are some readers still not getting this? Just relax and enjoy the book; there’s no need to overthink it or bring real-world considerations into it. It’s all for entertainment.)

(End of this chapter)

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