IMUC-Chapter 103: The Swordsmanship Grandmaster

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“The Dojo is not open to the public. Please do not approach casually!”

“Who are you? Do you have an invitation?”

As Kyle approached the grand entrance of the swordsmanship dojo, his black battle suit made him stand out. Two young men in white kimonos, each carrying a wooden sword, stepped forward and raised their hands to intercept him while feeling alert and cautious.

“Tell your master,” Kyle said with a faint smile, not stopping his steps as he walked up the steps, calmly stating, “I am Kyle from America, and I am here to challenge.”

America’s Kyle?

The two young men gasped in shock, looking at each other with expressions of disbelief.

After all, it was just one night, and the whole of Tokyo experienced what felt like a Grade Ten-Magnitude Earthquake, causing panic across the country. The man known as the “Demon” threatened the Emperor.

The Emperor of Imperial Japan had publicly condemned his actions, and countless armed soldiers were conducting a comprehensive search in Tokyo. And now, this unexpected guest had come to their swordsmanship dojo?

Kyle maintained his composed pace, and with each step, the two guards at the gate retreated a few steps. When he reached the main entrance, they were already in a state of panic and rushed into the dojo, shouting: “It’s Kyle of America! He’s here!”

“The demon who destroyed the air force base and threatened the Emperor last night is here!”

“Quick, someone call for help!!”

In a short while, dozens of young swordsmen, dressed in the attire of swordsmanship disciples and carrying sharp swords, rushed out of the dojo.

However, as they got within three meters of Kyle, they collectively stopped with serious and cautious expressions on their faces, keeping a safe distance while holding their swords.

Kyle didn’t even spare them a glance and calmly walked inside, moving amidst the encircling disciples. More and more swordsmen gathered, from dozens to hundreds, surrounding Kyle inside and outside, but no one made a move.

Fortunately, the dojo hall was spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of people practicing swordsmanship simultaneously. The wooden floor was clean and polished, and practice wooden swords were placed on racks along the inner walls. In the center was a giant plaque written in ink.

“Shinto Dojol”

As of now, Shinto Dojo was one of the cornerstones representing the way of the samurai, ranking among the top ten swordsmanship dojos inherited in Imperial Japan. Although it was not the strongest in the industry, it had the most disciples at present.

During wartime, there were still over a hundred disciples training in the dojo!

“Make way and let the challenger in.”

Amidst the crowd, Kyle walked into the main hall of the dojo. Before he could assess the situation inside, a venerable and powerful voice sounded in the area. Hundreds of disciples dressed in white kimonos heard the command and respectfully made way, creating ample space between them.

At this moment, Kyle finally saw the scene inside. A sword-dressed old man sat in the center of the main hall while a beautiful woman in a kimono knelt beside him.

“Are you the current head of the Shinto Dojo?” Kyle looked down with a visibly disappointed expression, causing the surrounding hundreds of disciples to become angry.

This intruder was too audacious! Who in Tokyo didn’t know about the “Sword Master”? An elderly man who was still unbeaten, a Swordsmanship Grandmaster who could easily defeat ten young men with wooden swords.

“Is the guest really here to challenge?” The old man showed no sign of anger, exuding the demeanor of a practiced Grandmaster as he asked in a soft voice.

“Yes, my goal is very simple. I will erase the name of your Shinto Dojo. Of course, you’re just the first. There are still over forty other swordsmanship dojos representing the way of the Samurai in Tokyo, and I’ll take them down as well,” Kyle shrugged as he spoke and it was as if it was an effortless and ordinary task.

“The killing intent from this guest is heavy, and he speaks arrogantly,” The Sword Master waved his hand, and the woman beside him understood his intention. She elegantly rose and fetched a long sword with its scabbard from a shelf below the plaque, placing it by his side.

Kyle didn’t stop her; he was curious to witness the level of Swordsmanship that Imperial Japan admired and passed down.

The Sword Master stood up with confidence, unsheathing his sharp sword, its cold gleam shining as he pointed it towards Kyle. “You, as an invader of our country and a challenger of the dojo, first threatened our Emperor, and now you seek to destroy the centuries-old tradition of our Swordsmanship. Since you’ve come, don’t think you can leave here!”

Kyle didn’t perceive his words as a threat and instead suggested, “Why don’t all of you attack me together?”

The Sword Master paused, gripping the hilt of the sword with both hands, his deep and profound eyes emitting a cold light. “Are you underestimating me?!”

Shaking his head, Kyle explained, “I’m not just underestimating you; I’m underestimating everyone here.”

This statement almost caused the hundreds of swordsmanship disciples in the hall to rush forward, but their impulse was halted because the Sword Master couldn’t resist taking action!

In the blink of an eye, the Sword Master sprinted forward with a speed that rivaled that of a healthy young warrior. When he closed in on Kyle within three meters, he leaped into the air. His body soared with both hands raised, and the sharp blade of his sword swung down in a semicircular arc, seemingly aiming to cleave Kyle in half from above!

The Sword Master’s speed was too fast, and his swordsmanship movement was smooth and clean, causing everyone in the hall to exclaim in excitement. The woman in a kimono also had a smile on her face.

And, Kyle didn’t move at all, it was as if he was frightened by the Sword Master’s sudden attack and couldn’t evade the descending blade.

The disciples watched, and in their minds, they could almost imagine the scene of their opponent’s symmetrical body being cut in half, with internal organs and blood splattering on the floor.

Amidst the anticipation of the onlookers, the Sword Master’s blade, carrying an afterimage of its sharpness, was about to touch Kyle when, in an instant, Kyle’s right-hand lightning-fast rose and extended. His thumb and index finger pinched the blade…

The long sword landed on the Vibranium Bracer and the Venom skin armor-protected palm of Kyle’s right hand. Not even the slightest sound emerged as the devastating cleaving attack from a moment ago inexplicably stopped.

Defending against a blade with empty hands? No, this was a scene that defied all conventional skills with supernatural strength.

The disciples were left stunned, and the hall fell into complete silence.

Even more shocking was the expression on the Sword Master’s face. He looked at his right hand, which caught the sword, with disbelief, shame, and fear. Despite using all his strength, he couldn’t pull the sword even an inch away from Kyle’s hand.

“How… how did you do that?” The Sword Master released his grip on the sword with an astonished expression on his face. After all, he had trained in high-speed slashing for decades, and he is capable of easily cutting through trees the size of a wrist.

“Seeing beyond the obvious,” Kyle replied indifferently in Japanese. At this distance, he already understood everything. The so-called Sword Master had a Rare Green Ability Card of “True Shinto Swordsmanship Mastery.”

“My turn,” Kyle muttered and launched his left fist forward. The punch carried a whistling wind pressure and landed quickly on the slightly frail body of the Sword Master.

A punch twelve times stronger than that of a human!


Like being hit by a speeding car, the Sword Master flew away like a kite with a broken string. His body arced through the air, tracing a parabola before heavily crashing into the plaque representing his school ten meters away.

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