IMUC- Chapter 101: He’s Here! He’s Here!

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Tokyo Air Force Base, Command Headquarters.

Commander Okamura, the officer, and a gate communications soldier were all highly tense, holding their breath in a comical attempt to deceive the enemy, as if not daring to make a sound.

In this suffocating atmosphere, the footsteps in the corridor drew closer, sounding clear and loud, pounding in their hearts.

‘Tap, tap…’

The footsteps stopped outside the door, and then a dark red, tall figure swept in. In that instant, the room was filled with a burst of murderous intent and a bloody aura.

Commander Okamura had achieved his current prestigious position in the military through countless battles and emerged from piles of dead bodies more times than he could count.

But at this moment, he couldn’t help but take a sharp breath and his hairs stood on end. He unconsciously pressed his back against the wall, suppressing the urge to flee. The enemy standing at the door couldn’t be simply described as a ‘human’; it was clearly a ‘humanoid monster’!

Its crimson, slender eyes were cold and icy, and its tough, dark skin was stained with fresh blood. The perfect muscular contours exuded a dangerous aura of wildness and strength. Both hands extended sharp dark claws resembling those of a wolf or some beast.

In the presence of such a humanoid monster, it was impossible for anyone to harbor thoughts of confrontation.

It was similar to the scenario when a little bird saw Falcon, the difference in strength between them was equivalent to several layers of a lifeform pyramid.

“Indeed, I found you here.” The demon-like humanoid monster grinned, speaking fluent Japanese in a hoarse voice as its crimson eyes locked onto Commander Okamura inside the room.

Commander Okamura, even with all the honors he had earned in the military, had to take another gasp of cold air at this moment. He placed his hands on the desk to hide the weakness in his legs, and asked in horror, “What… what are you, monster?!”

“Commander, didn’t you send seven fighter jets to kill me?” The humanoid monster smiled with a hint of humanity, reverting from Venom’s fully integrated form, revealing the handsome face of Kyle.

The resilient horn-like membrane on his body transformed into a black night battle suit, flowing with black liquid lines.

“It’s you… Kyle of America.” Commander Okamura looked incredulous and stared blankly at Kyle, who was now dressed in normal attire.

Just a few hours ago, Imperial Japan officials and the military had decided to launch an interception by the air force when the target entered Tokyo airspace, to put an end to America’s audacity.

Now, the result was that not only did the seven Fighter Jets fail to destroy the enemy, but the enemy had come straight to them and forcibly invaded the air force base…

Commander Okamura forced himself to accept the unbelievable reality in front of him and trembled all over, not knowing what to say.

This was just too unreasonable!

Unfortunately, Germany, which had withdrawn from World War II, didn’t have the opportunity to warn Imperial Japan, “Beware of Kyle.”

After all, Kyle was just someone who didn’t play by the rules. He never hesitated to use force and never backed down. The word that represented his very being was ‘Power.’

Seven Fighter Jets couldn’t defeat him, so he destroyed all of them.

In his previous conflict, the Hydra base factory, which was armed with weapons stronger than military-grade bases with many German soldiers was all taken down by him along the way. How could Imperial Japan’s air force base withstand his assault?

With twelve times the strength of a human physique, combined with hundreds of combat techniques against enemies, Venom’s protective skin, and armed abilities, ordinary soldiers were simply too weak in front of Kyle!

Even if the Japanese soldiers resisted fiercely and were fearless in the face of death, the gap between their strength was simply insurmountable. They were nothing more than a bunch of weaklings, easily crushed by Kyle!

“Commander.” Kyle stared coldly at Commander Okamura and said meaningfully, “I really want to see what you call the ‘Bushido’ spirit, so I came as promised.”

Commander Okamura’s face turned iron-gray in anger and shock, but soon he sighed heavily. He reached for the finely crafted short katana, displayed like an artwork, hanging on the wall with the red sun flag.

The officer and the communications soldier lowered their heads, prostrating on the ground, not daring to persuade or speak.

Under Kyle’s oppressive gaze, Commander Okamura knelt helplessly on the ground, holding his Katana blade in his hand. Finally, he gritted his teeth and stabbed the sword into his own abdomen.

He let out a painful groan and collapsed to the side, blood gushing out like a spring from the blade.

In Commander Okamura’s view, he had provoked an enemy he shouldn’t have and caused the fall of the Tokyo Air Force Base. He couldn’t escape the blame for this. To die by performing Seppuku, a noble form of ritual suicide adhering to the Bushido spirit, was an honorable sacrifice.

Kyle’s face remained cold and indifferent as he looked at the air force commander lying in a pool of blood, treating him like a pathetic life form that had ended its insignificant life.

Imperial Japan was somewhat similar to a country in his previous life. One thing he found distasteful about them was their arrogant and self-righteous worship of the Bushido spirit during the World War Era.

Kyle believed that since he had come all the way here, it was necessary to give Imperial Japan a lesson on what a true unbeatable power was!

“I won’t kill you.” Kyle glanced at the officer and the communications soldier on the ground, and ordered, “Take the body of the commander and tell your emperor that I will ‘Visit’ him soon!”

The officer and the communications soldier breathed out a sigh of relief and quickly approached the fallen commander’s body, each taking one of Commander Okamura’s hands and feet, and then quickly left the office.

“Oh, and take this with you.” Kyle suddenly remembered something and flicked his hand, pinning a card securely on the chest of the commander’s corpse. The back of the card had a black image of a grinning demon.

It wasn’t the American emblem or the symbol of the American military; it was simply a Devil Card representing his position!

He wanted to rely solely on himself to force the entire nation of Imperial Japan to yield. This was not a joke; it was about to become a recorded reality in history!

After the Japanese soldiers left with the body, Kyle left the Commander’s office. At this moment, the base outside was engulfed in flames, with countless buildings burning and the raging fire about to reach the command center of the base.

On the vast ground, the remains of countless soldiers were being devoured by the flames, and blood and fire reflected off each other, painting the night sky a bloody crimson.

The entire air force base seemed to have undergone a baptism of disaster, with devastation everywhere. There was a saying in the Soviet Union that described Kyle very aptly: “Wherever he goes, war, disaster, and death follow; he is the apostle of hell, the incarnation of a demon, a hero in the eyes of others.”

Kyle quickened his pace and swiftly passed through the collapsed buildings, heading towards the end of the air force base where several aircrafts were parked.

Among the parked Japanese Fighter Jets, there were quite a few that had reached the Blue-Grade level. It would be a shame not to take them along.

Following his usual practice of looting on the battlefield, he would always come out ahead and never lose out!

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