IMUC-Chapter 100: Sleepless Night

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The information transmitted to Kyle’s mind was not a jumble of fragmented memories but rather a carefully selected essence of data, as if someone had meticulously sifted through the memory sponge and extracted the most valuable messages.

“Memory searching?” Kyle felt extremely shocked. He didn’t expect Venom’s auxiliary talent to make such a groundbreaking progress.

Venom, like a child, conveyed its excitement and joy, explaining that it utilized its species’ symbiotic characteristics to briefly attach to the weak lifeform’s brain and dominantly “share” and extract the memory data from that lifeform.

“This can no longer be considered simple symbiosis…” Kyle frowned.

Originally, Venom’s “symbiosis” meant mutual benefit and mutual assistance. It was a give-and-take relationship where one side attached to the host to learn from its talents and grow stronger, while in return, it provided the host with enhanced weaponry and even actively protected them with emotions.

This was the current symbiotic mode between him and Venom.

As the strong and dominant host, Venom couldn’t influence or read his thoughts, let alone extract memories from his brain.

For the most part, Kyle had always regarded Venom as a lifeform battlesuit with learning capabilities, until tonight…

The attachment and memory-searching traits demonstrated by the Venom-derived entity were simple yet overbearing, going beyond the usual symbiosis. It was based on the concept of becoming the dominator of other lifeforms by parasitically attaching to their weaker bodies and extracting memories at the risk of harming their lives.

“Your evolution almost catches up to my card-drawing abilities. I wonder to what extent you’ll grow in the future,” Kyle said softly to the transformed Venom battlesuit.

“?” Venom conveyed a puzzled thought, still in the normal development stage of a six-year-old child. Obviously, it couldn’t understand Kyle’s words.

“Someday, you’ll understand,” Kyle smiled and said.

As the cardholder, he was not afraid of the possibility that the growing Venom might betray him or pose a threat to himself.

Furthermore, as long as he maintained a dominant and powerful lead, he could permanently remain the leader in the symbiotic mode. Venom couldn’t force him to yield.

With the increased traits of Venom’s growth, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages for him.

“Alright, let’s head to the Imperial Japan Tokyo Air Force Base.” Kyle pushed aside the cluttered thoughts and patted the Blue Eagle’s head. He pointed to the left side, directing the Blue Eagle towards the location of the Air Force Base that the Japanese pilot knew.

His intention was clear: he came as an invader to exert pressure on Imperial Japan.

Simply assassinating high-ranking officials in Imperial Japan had little significance. Even if he killed one, they would quickly elect another.

Therefore, killing the Emperor was just a small step toward achieving the goal of world peace. To make a nation fearful, apprehensive, and panicked, and eventually force it onto the path of surrender, he needed to be even more audacious, overbearing, and ruthless than the nation!

So, on his first night in the unfamiliar land, he had to make a big impact. He had to let everyone in this country know— he had arrived!

America’s Kyle had come!


The Blue Eagle let out a loud cry and vigorously flapped its wings, creating a small hurricane behind it that dispersed the clouds within a thirty-meter radius. Carrying Kyle in the dark night, it shot into the distance at supersonic speed.

Imperial Japan, Tokyo, Air Force Base Headquarters.

“Report! Commander Okamura, something big has happened!” The Imperial Japan officer, dressed in an olive-colored military uniform with white gloves, rushed into the Air Force Command headquarters.

“Ah!” Commander Okamura, who was dozing off in his office chair, was startled when the officer walked in. He glared angrily at the intruder and scolded, “Don’t you know military protocol? How can you enter the commander’s office so flustered and confused? Show some decorum!”

“Yes, Commander.” The officer stood at attention inside the room, looking slightly aggrieved, and saluted.

“Now, tell me what’s going on. Did the Raiden squadron, which was dispatched to complete the extermination mission, return?” Commander Okamura asked.

In his view, sending the elite Raiden squadron, who held the highest records in completing extermination quests, to deal with a barely operational transport aircraft was almost certain to guarantee success.

The seven ace pilots had even vowed before departure that they would commit seppuku if they failed.

“None… none of them returned,” The officer took a deep breath and replied with a trembling voice. “Just a moment ago, the signals from all seven Fighter Jets disappeared.”

“What did you say?!” This time, Commander Okamura’s emotions became unstable. He woke up abruptly from his chair and slapped the desk loudly as he shouted, “What’s going on? Could it be that the intelligence from America was false, and the enemy is not just a transport aircraft?”

“I’m not sure,” The officer stammered, “Before the signals of the seven Fighter Jets were lost, someone sent an emergency distress signal, but it quickly disappeared in the Imperial Japan border area. It’s very likely that they… all crashed.”

“Even the most advanced new fighter jets couldn’t have wiped out all seven Fighter Jets in such a short time.” Commander Okamura was very confident in the fighter jets developed by his country. He pondered, “Contact all the ace pilots in the base immediately and authorize them to depart for the border airspace where the signals were lost. If they encounter enemy fighters, destroy them directly!”

“I’ll arrange it immediately!” The officer saluted and received the order, quickly turned around, and was about to leave the commander’s office. Just then, a soldier communications officer rushed in, looking panicked.

The two of them collided, and they both fell to the ground in a sorry state.

“What’s going on?” Seeing this scene, Commander Okamura couldn’t suppress his rising anger, which was difficult to do once again.

But before he could ask, the incoming communications officer’s urgent report plunged the room into silence: “Commander, we’re under attack! The enemy has breached our air force base!”

“What… what?” Commander Okamura and the officer were shocked, their mouths wide open.

One moment, the seven aircraft dispatched earlier appeared to have crashed on the Imperial Japan Tokyo border. The next moment, the total air force base in Tokyo was under enemy invasion.

Having experienced various war scenes, Commander Okamura quickly recovered his composure and asked in a deep voice, “Tell me clearly! What enemy attack? Where did the enemy come from, and how many are there?”

“They came through the main gate of the base, and there’s only… only one enemy,” the communications soldier clenched his trembling teeth, lying on the floor at the doorway and nearly at the limit of his psychological endurance as he shouted, “All our soldiers are dead, all dead…”

“He’s coming, coming this way!”

The voice of the communications soldier abruptly stopped, as if he had heard something. His eyes widened in terror, his face turned pale, and he crouched on the floor, trembling.

“Tap, tap, tap…” In the silence of the commander’s office, the sound of light footsteps slowly emanated from the corridor outside.

The communications soldier crawled forward in fear, making way for the entrance. He kept muttering softly.

“He’s coming, he’s coming.”

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