IMUC-Chapter 99: Sky Hunter

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America, New York. General Chester’s House.

Unlike Imperial Japan, where it had just become night, the evening had just begun to ass by in New York due to the time difference.

General Chester took off his military uniform and changed into his pajamas, finally managing to fall asleep with his wife in the early morning. However, he was awakened by a communications officer knocking on his door.

“What’s the matter? Why the urgency?” General Chester was surprised, knowing that there must be an important report. He could only put on his military coat over his pajamas.

As soon as he opened the door, the communications officer said in a hurried manner, “Reporting, sir! Miss Lucy Jane, who was being protected by the elite squad on Seamist Street, went missing last night!”

“What did you say?!” General Chester furrowed his brows deeply, suppressing his anger as he asked, “What about the armed forces stationed in the Seamist Street area 24/7? What were they doing? And why was I only informed this morning about last night’s incident?”

The communications officer replied somewhat awkwardly, “The 25 armed soldiers stationed in Seamist Street were all knocked unconscious by someone last night. It was only discovered this morning.”

“All knocked unconscious? Could it be some foreign force or organization?” General Chester muttered to himself, and the communications officer continued, “According to the reports from the awakened soldiers, it seems that the same person knocked them all out. Yes, very powerful…”

“Nonsense! If one person can silently take down an armed unit, of course, they must be powerful!” General Chester coldly snorted, and the first person he thought of was Kyle. Perhaps, only he had that kind of strength.

Could it be that the man hadn’t gone to Imperial Japan but instead returned midway?

General Chester remained calm and asked, “What about the transport aircraft carrying General Kyle?”

“The flight is normal. According to the schedule, it should be arriving in Tokyo, Imperial Japan soon.” The communications officer quickly replied, once again plunging General Chester into contemplation.

The communications officer asked, “Sir, should we increase manpower and conduct a citywide search in New York to find Miss Lucy Jane?”

“The soldiers on guard were only knocked out, not killed. This should have been arranged by General Kyle.” General Chester thought for a moment, sighing helplessly, “Notify the original armed forces stationed in Seamist Street to secretly search. Regardless, we lost her under our watch. If General Kyle returns…”

He suddenly stopped, not continuing his words. That man went to Tokyo, Imperial Japan, alone. Would he be able to come back?

At this moment, in the border area of Tokyo, Imperial Japan, six thousand meters above the sky.

Amidst the dense thunderclouds, two Japanese-style single-seat fighter jets were desperately fleeing for their lives! Under the illumination of the thunderstorm’s lightning, one of the jets with dimmed indicator lights was tumbling and plummeting.

Damn it! As elite pilots of the Imperial Japanese Air Force, they had encountered such a monstrous enemy for the first time—

Without relying on any weapons, just using his own strength, this person continuously destroyed five high-performance single-seat fighter jets, chasing them from over ten thousand meters above the sky to the six-thousand-meter-high thunderstorm area.

And at this moment, the pursuit was still ongoing!

“That’s an absolute monster! A humanoid demon!”

“Accelerate! Accelerate and get out of this area!”

The remaining two pilots were panicking and clueless as they did their best to fuel their fighter jets and speed away, flying aimlessly like headless flies through the dark clouds to escape.

About a hundred meters behind them, Kyle glided rapidly in the night sky. The last two fighter jets were getting farther away as they increased their speed and were about to escape beyond his line of sight.

Do you want to run? It’s not going to be that simple!

Kyle’s expression remained emotionless as he took out a Blue Card from the Card Space, held it between his two fingers, and threw it forward. The card immediately summoned a colossal creature with a blue-feathered eagle’s head in the wide sky.

The Blue Eagle, the true ruler of the sky!

Kyle landed on the Blue Eagle’s fluttering wings, grabbing onto several feathers with the hardness of Iron. Without giving any commands, the Blue Eagle let out a cry as if sensing something and flapped its enormous wings, charging forward.

In a simple flap and sprint, the Blue Eagle’s takeoff reached supersonic speeds. The howling gales that greeted Kyle were like sharp knives, almost compelling him to activate Venom’s full-coverage battlesuit.

However, the effect was remarkable. Within ten seconds, the two fighter jets reappeared in Kyle’s vision, rapidly getting closer.

Holding onto the feathers, Kyle stood steadily on the back of the Blue Eagle. His empty hand drew out the unused Carbonadium Sword from his back and his Vibranium Bracer-covered palm gripped the hilt tightly.

His upper body leaned back, right hand bent into a throwing motion like launching a spear.


The next moment, the single-handed sword, accompanied by a hurricane, was thrown out, traversing a distance of twenty meters and successfully hitting the oil tank at the rear of one of the fighter jets. The Carbonadium Sword pierced through the aircraft’s outer shell, causing the stored fuel to spill out and splatter.

Kyle followed up by springing from the Blue Eagle’s back, and in mid-air, he executed an Aerial Dash, causing his figure to resemble a black bullet as he shot directly toward the leaking bottom of the fighter jet.

With a swing of his dark claws, sparks erupted from the outer shell, igniting the spilled fuel and resulting in an explosion.


The fighter jet disintegrated and fell, and the force of the nearby explosion propelled Kyle away. Venom, however, reacted quickly, shooting out a black thread to retrieve the Carbonadium Sword that was also sent flying.

The Blue Eagle’s cry echoed as it skimmed the edge of the self-destruct explosion zone, catching Kyle, who had endured the shockwave.

Kyle continued to hold onto the Blue Eagle’s feathers, sitting firmly. Despite his superhuman physique, the explosion still burned away the Venom Battlesuit’s protective layer on his left hand and arm, leaving it bloody and raw.

But soon, the skin healed at a visible rate, and Venom quickly repaired the damaged part of the battlesuit.

This was the terrifying aspect of Kyle – his already abnormal Super Soldier Physique combined with his regenerative ability, making him a tyrant in battle who could unleash full-strength Superman attacks regardless of his own injuries.

Using the term “monster” to describe him was not an exaggeration.

“There’s one more.”

Kyle’s expression remained cold and ruthless as he spoke. Under the complete coverage of the Venom Battlesuit, he had no intention of letting go of the enemy who had taken action against him tonight.

Next, the Blue Eagle carried him to catch up with the last fighter jet, and within seconds, the unmanned aircraft crashed to the ground.

Five minutes later.

At an altitude of a thousand meters within the borders of Tokyo, Imperial Japan, the Blue Eagle flapped its wings lightly, and Kyle sat on its back, slightly panting, holding a Japanese pilot in his left hand.

The pilot was still alive but in a semi-conscious state, his eyes rolled back, and he mumbled in Japanese, “Oni (Demon)…”

Kyle had intended to interrogate the pilot for military information from Imperial Japan, but he didn’t expect the man to be so useless that he was already terrified even before being touched.

“Keeping you alive serves no purpose.”

Kyle shook his head and was about to discard the pilot. However, Venom conveyed a thought to him, and immediately, black liquid formed into a tentacle from the battlesuit, swiftly probing the back of the pilot’s head.

Under his solemn gaze, the pilot’s life signs gradually faded, and Venom sent back a series of fragmented messages, all detailing comprehensive information about Imperial Japan’s air force.

(End of Chapter)


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