HOM-Chapter 98 Tony’s Party

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On an outdoor basketball court in Queens, Lin Rui is playing with several of his friends, including Tom, who hasn’t played with them for a long time. Although Lin Rui always feels that Tom seems to have something to hide from him, he has no intention of digging out. Since he is a good friend, a certain amount of trust is necessary.

“Wow! Another three-pointer!” After the basketball crossed a beautiful parabola and went into the basket, the audience around shouted again, which was Peter’s fifth consecutive three-point shot.

For the physically fortified Peter, basketball is no longer a challenging sport. He can throw the ball in the basket with his eyes closed. Nevertheless, he liked the cheers of the people around him. Compared with Peter’s high-profile showing, Lin Rui, who can also shoot innumerable three-point goals with his eyes closed, is quite ordinary. He doesn’t like to show off as much as Peter.

It’s Tom. He doesn’t know if he has really improved his basketball skills or what else. Except for Peter, he scored the most points in the game. And as Peter scored three-point shots one after another, Tom followed him and threw several three-point shots, which made people’s eyes shine.

Soon, a friendly game between friends was over, and the final score was not very different. At the end of the game, it almost became a match between Peter and Tom, and almost everyone else was extras. From this game, Lin Rui suddenly found that Tom’s physical fitness seems to have improved a lot, much better than that of an average person.

“Hey! Tom, do you have any plans for your vacation? I may go to New Mexico later. Would you like to come with me?” Sitting in a resting seat next to the basketball court, Lin Rui asked Tom, who came over.

“Go out and play? My basketball team is going to train during the holidays, so I don’t have time to go out and play. Hearing Lin Rui’s invitation, Tom’s eyes drifted and he finally refused.

“Oh, yeah? Since you want to train, let’s do it next time.” Lin Rui seemed to have already guessed Tom’s answer and accepted it with a smile.

“Are you going to New Mexico? Why didn’t you tell me?” Just as Lin Rui was talking to Tom, Peter suddenly sat down.

“And here you refuse me too? We just came back from Monaco. Will Doctor Connors let you go on playing? Don’t you want to do the experiments?” Lin Rui asked faintly at Peter’s words.

“Uh… It seems so! It seems that I can’t go out with you this time.” When he remembered that his experiment with Dr. Connors had not been successful, Peter dismissed the idea of going out to play.


Just as Lin Rui and Peter were chatting on the basketball court, his cell phone on the side suddenly shook. Glancing at the display on his mobile phone, Lin Rui had some surprises, and then he picked up the phone and clicked on the message.

“At 7 o’clock tonight, Iron Man’s party. Location: My seaside villa, from Iron ManTony Stark.” This is the content of this message, it turned out to be a party that Tony invited Lin Rui to attend.

Although after Tony became Iron Man, Lin Rui also contacted him from time to time in the past to increase the completeness of the mainline quest. But recently Tony seems to have little contact with Lin Rui. He’s busy showing off his armor around New York and promoting the peace he brings. Every day there’s news about Tony Stark and Iron Man in the newspapers. Especially after the Monaco incident, Tony seems to have become more and more popular everywhere.

“What is it?” Seeing that Lin Rui’s expression was a bit weird, Peter asked curiously.

“Humm~ Nothing, greetings from a friend.” Putting the phone away, Lin Rui replied faintly.

“Really? What is her name? By the way, what steps have Harry and Gwen taken now?

Lin Rui: “…”

Tony’s invitation, to go or not? There should be many beautiful girls there.


After returning home from the basketball court, Lin Rui took a shower and drove out in his car. Yes, it’s his car. After his sixteenth birthday, Lin Rui finally got his driver’s license and earned some money from his own work on The Daily Bugle, so he asked his father to help him buy a second-hand jeep. Although the car is not very good but it is also Lin Rui’s first car, Lin Rui is still very careful in maintaining it and he will drive this to his vacation point.

So when Lin Rui drove the old jeep to Tony’s seaside villa, it contrasted sharply with dozens of luxury cars parked at the door, like an old uncle in the middle of a group of beautiful women in bikinis. So Lin Rui consciously parked it in the corner.

Before entering the villa, Lin Rui heard loud music coming from the villa. It seemed like a really happy party. Without seeing any security guards at the door or Happy, Lin Rui went straight in.

“Ah oh!”


“Iron Man! Iron Man!”

As soon as he entered the villa, Lin Rui frowned. The sound insulation effect of Tony villa was so good that only one-tenth of the sound heard outside was less than that inside. Originally Lin Rui had a more sensitive hearing, and it was a bit hard to accept such loud music all at once.

After adapting slightly to the music in the lower hall, Lin Rui was dazzled by crazy-eyed girls. The hall was crowded with nearly a hundred girls who participated in the party, all of whom were super-beautiful women. Lin Rui seemed to see several stars and famous models. Of course, this is Tony’s party. Would he invite some rough men?

Bypassing the crazy ladies holding their glasses, Lin Rui quickly squeezed in front of the hall. Fortunately, these girls are crazy about Tony on the stage, and no one will be interested in Lin Rui, a seemingly immature little boy. Finally, with some skill, Lin Rui finally squeezed into the front of the hall, and he finally saw Tony. However, he did not seem to be in such a normal situation at this time.

Tony, one of the few men in the whole party, was standing on the steps in his Iron Man Armor, twisting with the music and holding a cocktail in his hand. As for Happy, he stood helplessly in the corner of the stage and looked at Tony. He dared not interfere in Tony’s affairs.

“It’s really crazy enough, the life of the local tyrants is different!” Glancing at Tony, who was hitting the stage, Lin Rui had some helpless thoughts.

Then Lin Rui walked towards Happy. He wanted to inquire about the purpose of Tony’s party. Doesn’t he know that this would make Miss Pepper very unhappy? They should be in an official relationship now. Tony hasn’t attracted bees and butterflies for a long time now. What is happening today?

“Hey! Happy, I haven’t seen you for some time!” Lin Rui shouted loudly at Happy on the edge of the stage, and only then could he guarantee that Happy could hear his own words.

“Hey! Jackson, I didn’t expect Tony to invite you too.” Seeing Lin Rui, Happy shouted loudly. It seems that Tony’s party was held suddenly.

“Well, I suddenly got a message from Mr. Stark this afternoon. What’s wrong with him? Where is Miss Pepper?” With a nod, Lin Rui continued to shout.

“I don’t know! Mr. Stark seems to have changed a bit recently. I don’t know what happened to him. As for Miss Pepper, she is now the CEO of Stark Industries. Mr. Stark threw all his work to her. She is very busy.” Happy gave Lin Rui a simple explanation in a loud voice.

Hearing Happy’s words, Lin Rui’s eyebrows suddenly jumped. He seemed to have forgotten something important. After thinking about it for a while, Lin Rui finally remembered what he had forgotten. Arc Reactor! Palladium Poisoning! In Iron Man’s original plot, Tony has been indulging himself because of Palladium Poisoning. The thing that kept him alive was now slowly killing him, and Tony couldn’t stop it.

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