HOM-Chapter 97 Tony’s cranky thoughts

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Bang! Bang!

“Miss Pepper, are you okay?!” Tony and Ivan in front of him were fighting vigorously, and Lin Rui helped Miss Pepper comfortably hide in the back.

“I’m okay, just Tony…” Shaking her head, Pepper is worried about Tony. That fellow’s whip seemed so strong that Tony’s armor could hardly withstand it.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Stark will be fine.” Ivan’s Arc Reactor is real, but his armor is too simple for him to be Tony’s opponent.

“Well, I hope so!” Pepper could only pray like that. She vowed that Tony would never be allowed to do these kinds of things again.

“Hey! Miss Pepper, I am Peter Parker, a friend of Jackson.” To ease Pepper’s nervousness, Peter smiled and reached out and introduced himself.

“Well, hello, nice to meet you.” Although the meeting was less formal on this occasion, Pepper politely reached out and shook Peter’s hand.

Just as Lin Rui and several of them were hiding around chatting, the battle over at Tony was almost over. Tony, dressed in the improved Iron Man Armor, grabbed Ivan’s whip and blindsided him with several punches and hit him on the shoulder at the last punch causing Ivan to fell to the ground and at the same time, Tony ripped the Arc Reactor out of Ivan’s chest.

After Tony defeated Ivan, the police arrived late and dragged Ivan off the ground quickly. Nevertheless, Ivan who was being dragged away by the police stared at Tony.

“You lost! Hahaha! You lost! Stark!” This is what Ivan finally yelled at Tony.

Kaka ~ Crush!

The Iron Man Armor was severely damaged, Tony watched Ivan being taken away and finally crushed the Arc Reactor in his hand.

“Tony! Are you okay?!” Pepper rushed over after she determined that the danger had passed.

“No problem, Pepper. But obviously our security needs to be strengthened, and this fellow is so impartial that he rushes in front of me.” Shaking his head, Tony has put down the Iron Man Armor’s mask, he is completely fine except for a little scratch.

“It’s not my fault! It was you who took part in the racing race without authorization!! Pepper shouted angrily at Tony’s words.

“Okay! Ok! This is over! So, Jackson, how are you here? And who is your little friend.”  Tony had turned his attention to Lin Rui, who was beside him and Peter, who had an excited face.

“Hey! Mr. Stark! I am…”

“Jackson! Peter! Are you all right?!” Just as Peter was ready to answer excitedly, Harry suddenly ran up from behind and shouted in fear.

Because of the car race events, the high-tech enterprise meetings that should have been held was canceled as the bosses of big companies did not want to hold the meeting at such a dangerous time. And Lin Rui’s first vacation trip soon ended, thanks to Ivan.


“When people find out that God bleeds, they stop believing in him. When there is blood in the water, sharks are attracted. Actually, I just sit here and watch you being swallowed up by the world.”

“Where did you see me swallowed up by the world? Prison? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a bar of soap.”

“Hey! Tony, I want to tell you before you leave. Palladium Poisoning, it’s going to be very painful to die.”

Tony, who had already reached the door, stopped after hearing this, and finally pushed the door away.


Back in the United States, the Monaco attack continued to escalate. A guy who nobody knew came out and could fight against Tony’s Iron Man Armor with a seemingly simple armor, which gave the entire US military and government a big scare. In particular, Tony’s recent statement was self-sufficient. No one would be able to make a decent Iron Man Armor for at least 20 years. This technology belongs to him. However, this Monaco incident is like a slap on Tony’s face.

“Tony, they want to take away your Iron Man Armor. They don’t want to talk to you anymore! You said that no one will be able to master this technology for at least twenty years, but someone did it yesterday, and it’s not a theory. Tony, you don’t have to save the world on your own, you don’t have to.” In Tony’s basement, Rhodes stood in front of Tony, questioning and persuading him.

“Most people misunderstand me, but I know what I’m doing.” In the face of Rhodes’questioning, Tony can only make a weak and powerless explanation.

Tony, who has experienced the trauma of war, sincerely wants to contribute to world peace, which is why he has been reluctant to hand over the Iron Man Armor. But things don’t always follow Tony’s ideas. Tony’s blood is full of Palladium Poisoning and he does not have many days to live now. It’s too late for him to do anything for the world, so Tony’s mind is getting confused.

Just as the U.S. military continued to put pressure on Tony because of Monaco and Tony was troubled by Palladium Poisoning, something happened to the prison where Ivan was detained. An attack led to the robbery of Ivan and the officers who escorted him. And it was Stark Industries’competitor, Hammer Industries, who robbed Ivan.

As a rival company of Stark Industries, Hammer Industries received more military orders from the military because Tony closed down Stark Industries’ weapons department, but Hanmer Industries suffered because of the appearance of the Miniature Arc Reactor and the Iron Man Armor. Hanmer Industries has also been researching new types of individual armor, but there has been little progress due to problems with energy and control systems.

However, the emergence of Ivan gave Justin Hammer, the owner of Hammer Industries, an opportunity to interrupt Tony’s monopoly of Arc Reactor and Iron Man Armor. So, using some means, Justin Hammer brought Ivan to his own hands. After meeting Ivan’s requirements, Hammer Industries began to make its own unmanned Iron Man Regiment in secret. Justin Hammer will rely on these unmanned Iron Man Regiments to let the world know that Iron Man is not the only one, he can have an entire army of them.

But Justin Hammer doesn’t know how much Ivan hates Tony. He’s using Ivan to make Iron Man Regiment. But Ivan is using his resources to make weapons to get his revenge for himself.

In this way, without Tony’s slightest awareness, a huge conspiracy against him is brewing in the dark. It will be a terrible battle between Iron Man Armors when it breaks out.

But even if Tony knows, maybe he won’t do anything. As Ivan had told him before, Palladium Poisoning’s death is very painful. Why would Tony accelerate his death? However, Tony’s inner sense of guardianship and responsibility for the civilian population will never let him ignore Ivan. Tony, who was alone in the villa, felt the pain coming from him and thought a lot in his heart.

“Guardianship and responsibility? Can’t the world really be without me? Lying on the sofa, Tony muttered with an empty glass in his hand.

“Iron Man? Superhero? A dying Superhero? I can’t even save myself. How can I save others.”

“Guardian, responsibility, hero? Maybe the two guys can.” During his cranky thoughts, Tony suddenly remembered the day when Mirage Knight and Daredevil helped him in defeating Obadiah’s. Aren’t they all Vigilante in New York? They are also silently guarding the safety of ordinary people, and they regard the safety of ordinary people as their responsibility.


“Yes, sir.”

“Can you contact Mirage Knight or Daredevil?”

“I try my best, sir.”


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