HOM-Chapter 99 Crazy Tony

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“Iron Man! Iron Man!!!

The cries of the girls on the stage became more and more exciting, and Tony on the stage became more and more crazy, twisting and twisting with the music. At that moment, Miss Pepper came to the party and she went directly to Tony and persuaded him to end the party. But how can a drunk Tony listen to Pepper? As he echoed Pepper, he handed her the microphone and went to the center of the stage.

Lin Rui doesn’t know whether it was accidental or deliberate but Tony suddenly opened the weapon system on his Iron Man Armor and fired a gun at the landing glass next to him. Pepper, standing beside Tony, was shocked. She didn’t expect Tony to be so crazy. The gun made all the girls present crazy and they shouted to see the real power of the Iron Man Armor.

“Ah! Come On, throw it!” Pointing to a woman with a bottle under the stage, Tony had raised his arm.

“Ha!” The woman laughed and threw the bottle up.


Tony pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax again when a palm repulsor directly smashed the bottle. It seemed that it was not enough to break a bottle. Tony fired again and broke a chandelier in the hall. At last, Pepper, standing beside Tony, couldn’t take this anymore. She turned and left the stage with a beautiful woman, Miss Natasha, Miss Pepper’s new secretary.

“We can’t let Tony go on like this. It’s going to be a mess!” As Tony became more and more uncontrollable, Lin Rui and Happy went up to the stage to persuade Tony.

“I’m only gonna say this once, Get out!” However, before Lin Rui could act, someone had already rushed onto the stage. No, it’s another guy in Iron Man Armor. The voice belongs to Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes, who apparently received an invitation from Tony. Like Pepper, Rhodes wasn’t able to stop Tony so he went to the basement to wear an Iron Man Armor to stop Tony from acting out.

With Rhodes’ serious face and serious tone, the whole party suddenly quieted down. The DJ also stopped the music, which made Tony very upset.

“Don’t stop the music.” Walking up to the DJ, Tony doesn’t care about the current situation.


“Tony! Are you out of your mind? I want you to take off the Iron Man Armor!” Just as Tony continued to twist with the music, Rhodes rushed over and grabbed him from behind.


However, Tony obviously won’t listen to Rhodes. The mask was lowered and the Iron Man-suit ejector was instantly activated and the two men hugged together broke through the glass behind them and flew out.


“Iron Man! Iron Man!”

As the fight between Tony and Rhodes continued, the excited girls thought it was a show and continued to shout. However, they will soon find that they are wrong.

“Happy, I think you should evacuate the people here.” Reminding Happy, Lin Rui ran towards the basement.

Seeing Tony and Rhodes fighting, Lin Rui certainly can’t sit idly by. But in the case that his Mirage Knight identity cannot be exposed, using Tony’s Iron Man Armor is now the best choice.


In Tony’s luxury villa, the red Iron Man and the silver Iron Man are fighting with each other with some awkward movements. Tony is drunk, while Rhodes is not very familiar with the operation of Iron Man Armor. However, although the fight was ugly, the girls were still shouting wildly with their glasses on their hands.

However, as time went on, this comic battle slowly changed. When the battle between the two has begun to escalate, the cheering girls around finally became aware of the dangers.


Tony hit Rhodes again, but he missed him and almost shot a girl in front of him.

“Ah! Danger!”

“Ah! Run!”


The lively girls finally woke up, this is not a show, but a battle that can threaten their lives.

“Tony! Stop it! You’re crazy!” In an instant, he rushed to Tony’s face and Rhodes grabbed him and shouted.

“Rhodes! We’re fighting!” Without paying attention to Rhodes, Tony bent his knee and flew Rhodes to the top. Since he doesn’t have much time left, why doesn’t he just do what he wants? After seeing Ivan, this is Tony’s present state of mind.


Rodes, who was headed by Tony, rushed back quickly and knocked Tony down with one punch. Since Tony doesn’t want to wake up, he’ll wake him up!

Bang bang!

Pressing Tony, Rhodes punched him on his helmet. Rhodes was also chilled by the madness of his best friend.

Just as Rhodes was pressing Tony, his fist was suddenly caught.

“Enough! Tony will be seriously injured if this goes on!” Grabbing Rhodes’ fist was Lin Rui, who came back from the basement wearing an Iron Man Armor. He felt that the lesson was enough. He didn’t want to let anything go wrong with the relationship between Rhodes and Tony. If Rhodes knew about Tony, he might understand him.

Stopped by Lin Rui, Rhodes looked at Tony, who was lying on the ground with no resistance, and finally stood up.

“Tony, you disappoint me!” With that, Rhodes was ready to leave with Tony’s Iron Man Armor.

The military has been wrangling with Tony for a long time under the pressure of the people and has not been able to reach a consensus. Rhodes is now about to break the deadlock, although he does not know how serious the consequences of this move will be.

However, just as Rhodes was ready to launch the Iron Man Armor’s jet system, Lin Rui appeared in front of him.

“Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes, Iron Man Armor belongs to Mr. Stark, you have no right to take it.” Knowing what happens when Rhodes takes away the Iron Man Armor, Lin Rui certainly can’t let him just leave.

“Jackson, are you going to stop me? I’m helping Tony!” Seeing Lin Rui standing in front of him, Rhodes asked uncomfortably.

“I don’t know if you are helping Tony, but I can’t let you take away the Iron Man Armor. This is Tony’s private property, I think it would be better if you take it off.” In the face of Rhodes’ questioning, Lin Rui looks humble as he speaks, but he will not allow Rhodes to take away the Iron Man Armor.

“What if I insist on taking it?” Faced with Jackson’s toughness, Rhodes asked in a low voice.

“Then I can only do this.” Raising his right hand, Lin Rui Iron Man Armor’s energy gun is gathering energy quickly. “Rest assured, Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes, I’m not drunk, I’m sure I won’t miss it.”

Rhodes: “…”

Finally, Rhodes failed to take Iron Man Armor away. Although he did not know why Lin Rui was so determined to stop him, he could not take away the Iron Man Armor at the risk of a firefight.

After Rhodes took off Iron Man Armor and left angrily, Happy followed the escaped guests. So when Tony awoke slowly from the collapsed stage, there was only Lin Rui in front of him. Others don’t know what Tony is experiencing. They don’t understand Tony’s weird and crazy behavior, but Lin Rui knows, so he can’t leave Tony alone.

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