HOM-Chapter 62 Evacuation And Experiment

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The power of the explosion continued to pass through the building. Fortunately, under Matt’s arrangement, the innocent people evacuated quickly from the corner without much damage from the blast.

“Hey! What the hell is that thing?!” Lin Rui, lying on the ground, has not yet sighed at the number of falls he took today. A humble voice comes from the corner of the building.

Wade Wilson, a man with cancer and no money for treatment, went to Lin Rui’s “thieves’boat” for money. He was throwing away the RPG launcher on his shoulder, staring at the explosion he had caused in front of him and staring at Housley’s transformation.

“This guy is too powerful!” Wade clearly felt that the RPG was much more powerful than the conventional single-arm missile launcher, He could clearly feel the difference as he has been exposed to these weapons before.

Lin Rui got up from the ground and even the Phantom Suit, with its self-purification function, was covered with a thick layer of dust. “Cough! Wade! Next time you decide to help me, can you say it in advance? If it hadn’t been for Lin Rui to face Wade and finally see the missile coming, he would not have been as calm as he is now.

“Sorry, brother, there was no time to remind you!” With Berserk Squad’s powerful weapon in his hand, Wade shouted and ran towards the door. Over there, Jeston Gang’s guys have been blocked up.

“Forget it, I was helped anyway and that monster was hit by such a powerful missile. This guy should be dead now.” Looking at Wade carrying a weapon at the door of the building, Lin Rui’s gaze focused on the explosion area. He has a strange feeling that the Vampire he just fought was not so simple. If Marvel World’s Vampire were so strong then there would be no Mutants, But mutants do exist.


The aftermath of the RPG explosion slowly dissipated and Lin Rui carefully sensed the movement in the explosion center.

“What?” In the next moment, Lin Rui’s brows were squashed and he quickly left this place in an instant.

Puff Puff!

And the next moment Lin Rui left, a few rocks of different sizes suddenly shot out of the smoke ahead and hit the ground just where Lin Rui was. It was just a few stones, but they have enormous kinetic energy as they sped towards his previous location and penetrated the ground.


The next moment, there was a sudden explosion in the smoke and dust. Lin Rui, who had just stepped back, suddenly raised his Flowing Flame Blade and splintered it forward. The fire like internal energy surrounding the blade is directly separated from the body of the blade and quickly chopped forward.


“Ah!” Just as Lin Rui’s blade rushed forward, a green-skinned monster rushed out of the dust and ran straight towards Lin Rui.

“What the fuck is that thing! How come I hadn’t heard of any Vampire that could change like this before?! Is it a variant of Vampire?!” Seeing the monster in front of him, which barely resemble a human form, Lin Rui muttered as he stepped back.


“Whoop!” Lin Rui cut the monster’s body with his sharp blade and cut a big hole in his chest. But that’s all. Hausley, who has a strong Vampire elder constitution, completely resisted Lin Rui’s attack and continue to pounce on Lin Rui regardless of his chest wound.

“Looks like I can’t deal with this guy right now! Let’s withdraw first. Anyway, all people have been already saved.” Seeing that his blade energy had no effect, Lin Rui had already decided to retreat.

At this point, Lin Rui has almost consumed his internal energy and there is no need to continue fighting with this seemingly mutant Vampire. Judging from the strength of this Vampire, Lin Rui is no match for him at all. So, after a little thought, Lin Rui has quickly retreated.


“Don’t you think it’s too late to go now?!” However, the already mad Housley apparently did not intend to let Lin Rui go so easily and was already in front of him.


With a muffled noise, Lin Rui flew out with his blade. At this time, Lin Rui is not as fast as Housley. He is also suppressed by the mad Vampire. Although Lin Rui’s internal energy combined with his Flowing Flame Blade can cause some damage to Housley, it is not fatal.


“Wade! I need help!” Once again, Lin Rui was hit in mid-air, and he couldn’t help shouting for support. He was almost overwhelmed. After a while, three protective charms had been used.

Lin Rui flung his hands forward as he landed in a wolf stance on the ground.

Shu! Several cap-sized silver disks were quickly shot at the front-facing Housely.


Unmindful of the little things and waving them away with his hand, Housley continued to march towards Lin Rui. But all the little things that he should have swept away were glued to his arms.

Dī dī drops!

“Explode!” Lin Rui, half squatting on the ground in front, murmured.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions erupted on Housley, shaking his huge body, which seemed to have suffered a lot of damage, but he did not completely fall.

“How strong is this defense?!” Sensing Housley’s state, Lin Rui turned his head and began to escape.

Housley, who was hit by a mini-bomb, was not dead, but apparently seriously injured. When he recovered from the explosion, Lin Rui had fled to the exit of the building from the big hole they had exploded before.

“Hey! Big guy, try this one!” When Housley’s gaze searched for Lin Rui’s position, Wade was holding the big RPG launcher facing him.


The next moment, A big RPG shot that was powerful enough to blow up half of the building has been shot at Housley. Because of the previous series of attacks, he was slow and could only watch as the black shadow explodes on himself again.



“Come on! This building is going to collapse!” In spite of the pain from all over his body, Lin Rui pulled Wade out quickly.

As for Daredevil, he has been following the fleeing civilians to protect them while dealing with Jeston Gang’s guys. However, as the sirens outside the manor became clearer and clearer, they were no longer needed here.

Bang! Bang bang!

“Daredevil! It’s time to go!” Lin Rui and Wade rushed out of the manor, while constantly shooting the nearby Jeston Gang guys.

When Lin Rui and Wade broke away from the chaotic battlefield, Matt finally came over with many small injuries, He should have been in a lot of danger.

Da da da!

When Lin Rui and his three men joined together and retreated quickly, the sound of gunfire was still heard throughout the manor, apparently, the arriving police had already exchanged fire with the Jeston Gang.

“The New York police have arrived and we should leave soon.” Carefully sensing the whole situation of the estate, Lin Rui quickly said to the two people around him.

“Yes. But I’m surprised at your behavior today. As a mercenary, any average person should not be able to do this. Matt nodded, and the last two sentences were addressed to a pale Wade.

“There are moments when people are impulsive, and I think I can ask for more pay.” A hard smile came from the corner of his mouth and Wade answered faintly.

“Oh, no problem.” Glancing at Wade, Lin Rui smiled and agreed. Although Lin Rui is more concerned about when Wade will become Deadpool, he seems to be very good now.


As he said, the three people had escaped before the police completely blocked the manor. After taking the car in from the original hiding place, the three quickly left the lively place.


While Lin Rui and Matt and Wade were in the estate of the Frankenstein Family in New York’s suburbs, a secret experiment was taking place in a biological laboratory in Oscorp, New York city center.

Peter, standing in front of a pile of instruments, holds a display screen that shows the biological state of a mouse, the object of their experiment. At this time, the mouse was in good condition. No, it shouldn’t be said that it’s good but much better than before. A few minutes ago, the mouse was a disabled mouse with only three legs. Now, it is as healthy as normal mice. After injecting the optimized gene serum, It’s lost leg grew out in only three minutes.

“Professor Connors, the modified gene chain is stable and our experiment is successful!” Looking at the stable data on the screen, Peter shouted excitedly at Professor Connors behind the instrument. They insisted that the current experiment has finally made a breakthrough, stable genetic optimization, which can help countless people.

“I know! I knew it! I knew we will succeed!” Dr. Connors, who saw the changes in mice, was more excited than Peter. He has spent more than twenty years on this research, and because of his disability, the success of this research is more important to him.

Dī dī di!

However, while Peter and Professor Connors were preparing to record the experimental data excitedly, the instrument that had been testing the data of the experimental mice suddenly sounded a piercing alarm. It seemed that something was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” What’s wrong?! Hearing the sound, Professor Connors, who was still very happy, rushed to the experimental area nervously to see what was wrong. He has given 20 years of his life to this experiment, he did not expect to fail in the first place.

“Professor! The Experiment body!” When Connors rushed to the instruments to find out what went wrong, Peter suddenly pointed to the mouse that was locked in the experimental box and shouted.

“Squeeze!” The mouse that had been recovered and was in a normal state suddenly seemed to be stimulated by something. In the experimental box, it went crazy and chaotic and some changes began to appear on his small body.


In front of the surprised eyes of Professor Connors and Peter, the right forelimb of the white rat in the experimental box suddenly swelled up, the part that it did not have. However, this was not the end. As the right forelimb changes, the experimental mice begin to mutate. The muscles swelled to open the fur, the bones expanded rapidly, and the furry fur was replaced by a layer of scales. Soon, a furry white mouse has become a monster resembling a green lizard.

“Squeeze-oh-oh! ~ “


The mutant mice screamed twice in the lab box and collapsed, seemingly unable to withstand the result of the mutation.

“Impossible! Impossible! This must be an accident! Accident!” Looking at the mutation of the experimental body, Dr. Connors seemed to be somewhat unacceptable, shouting again and again unconsciously.

“Dr. Connors, the experiment failed. But we still have a chance, as long as we find out what’s wrong with it.” Seeing Dr. Connors, Peter held out his hand to comfort him.


But Professor Connors pushed Peter aside and rushed out of the lab. Looking at Professor Connors’departure, Peter was also helpless. Cleaning up the lab, Peter gathered the data of the experiment and left. Although the experiment failed, they were close to success.

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