HOM-Chapter 63 New Quest Choice And Wade

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“Mainline quest: Fight against the dark forces in New York’s underground, and maintain the stability of New York. Quest completion: 67/100.”


“It seems that the deeper the underground forces I’m involved in, the higher the completion of quest will be. Nevertheless, the danger is also constantly increasing”  Looking at the quest completion rate of the mainline quest in his mind against the dark forces of New York, Lin Rui lying on the bed snorted.

It’s been a week since the last time he, Matt, and Wade broke into Frankenstein Family manor and broke the deal between them and Vampire and in this week Lin Rui spent most of his time in bed except for school. After all, he suffered a lot of injuries in the battle that day. Several close-range explosions and Housley’s attacks all hurt Lin Rui.

The most serious injury is on Lin Rui’s right hand, The wound was so deep that even with Beginner Treatment Spray, it will take a long time to completely recover. So Lin Rui had to find a reason to wear gloves.

However, despite the cost, Lin Rui’s quest completion rate soared by 15% because of that action, which is the basis for Lin Rui’s conclusion just now.

Frankenstein Family is one of New York’s deepest and most powerful dark forces, they are able to recruit third-level Mutants and some guys with special abilities for their own use. In addition to Vampire, which Lin Rui had never heard of before, he had now penetrated the real dark depths of New York.

“Tony’s friendship quest progress has reached 70%. It seems that if I talk to him more, I would be able to finish the quest by praising him. But the team is still short of hands. Wade’s illness seems to be in its final stages. Hasn’t Peter been bitten yet? Looking at the completion of another quest in his mind, Lin Rui continued to talk to himself. Lin Rui has been waiting for Spiderman because of the recent rivalry with Frankenstein Family is getting more and more dangerous for him and Matt alone. 


Just as Lin Rui was wandering in his mind, the system suddenly floated out. “I have a quest here. Do you want to accept it?” As soon as it emerged, the system asked Lin Rui.

“Uhh? Your own quest? I haven’t seen them in a long time. Say what quest? Hearing the system, Lin Rui asked curiously. Since the starting of the mainline quest, he has not really gotten any of the quests from the system.

“There was a quest with rich reward a week ago, but I didn’t think you’ll accept it. Now, this quest doesn’t have that many Reward points, but I think you’ll accept it.” Without first telling Lin Rui what the quest was, the system said more of these two sentences in an anomalous way.

“Ohh? More than a week ago? Just when Matt and I were planning to fight Frankenstein Family? What quest was there then? Although the system said that he would not have accepted the previous quest, Lin Rui was still curious, especially when the system said that the quest was rich in rewards.

“Stopping Peter Parker from becoming Spiderman, Reward. 100,000 points. This is the quest from a week ago. Would you have accepted it? Now that Lin Rui had asked it, the system did not hide anything and said the previous quest lightly.

“Stopping Peter from becoming Spiderman?! What the hell kind of quest is that? Also, since this quest was a week ago, does it mean that Peter has been bitten by a spider now?!” Hearing the words of the system, Lin Rui suddenly got excited and asked aloud.

“This was the quest from a week ago so you don’t need to know anyway. As for Peter, he was really bitten by the spider a week ago. He should still be quietly exploring his physical changes and he should be in a confusing period,” Without concealing anything, the system replied.

It was only on the day Peter was bitten by a spider that Lin Rui had the best chance of preventing him from becoming Spiderman. Since the system had not told Lin Rui the news at that time, it was certain that Lin Rui would not accept the quest. As for the system now telling Lin Rui this news, He doesn’t know what it is thinking.

“Well, I see. What is the quest now? Now that Peter has been successfully bitten by the spider, Lin Rui no longer has such a rich quest and then ask the system.

“Save Ben Parker’s life, quest completed the reward of two thousand points.” The system faintly said this quest, a quest to save someone.

“Peter’s uncle?… Yes, before Peter became Spiderman, Uncle Ben died of street robbery, which was also one of the most important reasons why Peter was determined to fight street crime. Hearing the system’s quest, Lin Rui remembered Ben Parker for a moment.

“I’ll do it even if you didn’t issue the quest and if Peter’s uncle died, Peter will be crushed. It’s not a good thing for him who already has Spiderman’s power.” After a little thought, Lin Rui has already made a decision.

“So, Will you accept the quest?” Hearing Lin Rui, the system asked again.

“Yes, I accept!” Lin Rui replied seriously after the system’s questioning.

“Remember, accidents happen every day. You have to pay attention to them.” Lin Rui took up the quest and the system finally reminded him as it was slowly disappearing in his mind.

“It seems that my practice days are over.” Hearing system’s last reminder, Lin Rui lying in bed thought of it silently.

Nothing to think about again, Lin Rui has turned over and got up from the bed. Since he already knew that this uncle might be in danger one night, he could not stay at home so leisurely. From tonight, he has to go out to patrol every day until he solves the accident of this uncle.


A cheap apartment in Brooklyn, New York, this is a small home for Wade Wilson and his fiancee, Vanessa.

“Cough, cough!” Wade, who had just returned from the hospital, slowly reached the sofa with Vanessa’s help, his condition was getting worse and worse.

A week ago, Wade was able to go with Lin Rui to break into Frankenstein Family’s estate, but now he can only move slowly with Vanessa’s help. Although there are sequelae of chemoradiotherapy, it also means that Wade’s condition is slowly getting out of control.

After finishing his action with Lin Rui, Lin Rui also gave Wade a sum of money as promised (some of which was borrowed from Tony Stark as Lin Rui could not find any reason to ask his parents for such a large sum of money). That’s enough for him to do a couple of treatments for cancer. Nevertheless, the story follows the original route, and Wade’s condition has not improved because of the early discovery and treatment. If this continues to deteriorate, Wade will not have much time.

“Vanessa, I’m sorry, I may not be able to hold on.” Lying pale on the sofa, Wade said guiltily as he looked at Vanessa next to him. It doesn’t matter if he dies, but Vanessa will be very sad.

“Wade now is not the time to give up. I’ve heard that there’s a new type of therapy in a hospital that might cure you. Sitting next to Wade, Vanessa said earnestly, touching Wade’s face with both hands.

“It’s no use, Vanessa. We’ve tried a lot. I’m hopeless.” Shaking his head, Wade no longer wants to drag down the woman he loves.

“No! Wade, not yet! There must be a way!” Hearing Wade wants to give up, Vanessa shouted. She won’t watch Wade die like that. She’ll find a way to save him.

“Well, I’ll try that hospital with you. But let me rest now.” Knowing that Vanessa would not give up on himself, Wade had to follow her.

“Ok, you have a good rest. You’re weaker after today’s treatment than you were last time.” In response, Vanessa went to pick up Wade’s blanket.

Wade silently pulled out his cell phone as Vanessa left. There were two numbers he had been trying to call but hadn’t dialed out these days. Wade finally dialed a number after seeing Vanessa hiding in the toilet and tidying up.


At the secret base of Lin Rui and Matt, the anonymous mobile phone on the table suddenly shook. However, because Lin Rui was busy following Uncle Ben to protect him these days, he never came to the secret base. Matt didn’t come to this place because Lin Rui left the team temporarily, so no one got the call. There was only one person who knew the number for the time being.

Wade slowly hung up when the other end of the phone became busy and the electronic prompt had come out. Yes, it’s just a question of employment, and I’ve been paid, and no one else is obliged to contact me anymore.

Wade just called the one Lin Rui put in the secret base. After seeing Lin Rui and Matt’s hands and what they did, Wade felt that they would not be so simple. So, in such a desperate time, Wade expects to ask them for a little help. But he was disappointed.

After putting down the phone for a while, Wade thought about it and dialed out a number. This time he’s calling a guy who claims to be able to cure his cancer. Although Wade feels that this guy is unreliable, he can only trust him if he wants to survive.

“Hello? Who is it?” The phone was swiftly connected as if the man had been waiting for the call.

“Wade, Wade Wilson. You said last time you could cure me? I think I’ve considered it now. I’ll take you up on your offer.” Hearing the voice on the other end of the phone, Wade took a deep breath and said.

“Mr. Wilson?! It’s very smart of you to make such a decision. In that case, we’d better start earlier. Your illness shouldn’t give us too much time. The guy on the other end of the phone was very happy to hear Wade’s words and said it quickly.

“Well, give me an address. I’ll be there tonight.” Wade, who had nowhere to go, made his own decision.

“Okay, the address is…”

“Hey! Baby, take a rest.” When Vanessa came back with a blanket, Wade had already put the phone away and the call history was deleted.

“I am blessed to have you, Vanessa.”


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