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Bang! Bang! ~

Lin Rui and Matt climbed up quickly with a guarded face as they fell to the ground. At this time, there was only one person standing in front of them, a white man in a leather suit, blonde hair and blue eyes. Although they don’t know the origin of this guy, it’s obvious that he just punched Lin Rui and Matt in an instant.

“Who’s this guy?!” His special sensation seemed to have failed and Matt felt no threat except for someone in front of him.

“I don’t know, but he is strong.” Although Lin Rui’s Insight Technique did not fail him, he only got some information. However, judging from the speed and strength the other party has just shown, he is not an ordinary man.

“If we want to save these people, we need to hurry up. Daredevil, you go and save those people and leave him to me.” It’s not clear what this guy is capable of, but Lin Rui won’t give up trying to save the innocent.

“Understood, Be careful!” In response, Daredevil intends to bypass the man in front and head to the back rooms.

However, the man apparently did not intend to let Matt pass. A trance had already appeared in front of Matt. However, Lin Rui, who has been paying attention to his actions, has also moved. The internal energy flowing through his body is running fast along a specific route and the speed of Lin Rui’s outbreak is rising again, which is not much slower than that fellow.

Pulling out the Flowing Flame Blade and splitting the blade from top to bottom, Lin Rui stopped in front of the white man and attacked directly. With a quick flicker, the tall man in white easily escaped Lin Rui’s attack.

“Go ahead and save them!… I am your opponent!” Without looking back, Lin Rui, who is holding the Flowing Flame Blade, said in a low voice. The previous sentence is said to Matt behind him. The latter sentence is obviously said to the guy in front of him in the suit.


“That magical attack method, I haven’t seen it in a long time. You are the guy who almost killed my son. I also heard that you still have a hero name? What is it, Mirage Knight?” Instead of paying attention to Matt, who was trying to save people, Mr. Housley looked at Lin Rui and asked lightly.

Originally, Housley was just chatting with Ross in the next building, waiting for Berserk Squad of Frankenstein to defeat Lin Rui and Matt and take them directly. However, Ross certainly didn’t realize that Lin Rui and Matt’s strength was different from the past, and Berserk Squad was the one that got killed. So Housley is not going to let Frankenstein Family do it anymore. He’s going to deal with this guy who dares to kill his son.

“Who is your son? I have killed a lot of guys on the way.” Lin Rui’s eyes flashed as he heard the white man in the suit.

Although Lin Rui said he didn’t know, he had guessed who this guy was talking about. Looking at the dress and appearance of the guy, he should have asked about the guy Lin Rui killed first in the garden. But, listening to him, is that kid still alive? Lin Rui drove a knife in that kid’s heart.

“You don’t seem to remember, so I’ll give you some hints.” Seeing Lin Rui’s indifferent expression, Housley’s eyes gradually cooled, and said it indifferently.

The next moment, Lin Rui only felt a flash in front of his eyes and a cold instrument was scratched towards his neck. This guy’s speed was so fast that Lin Rui almost couldn’t respond. At this moment, Lin Rui finally felt threatened.

Lin Rui burst out with more power and agility at this moment as the internal energy inside his body speeded up again around a particular route. Feeling the cold instrument sticking towards his neck, Lin Rui’s right hand has also been lifted up in this critical moment.


After a slight noise, Lin Rui has stepped back a few steps. Although he raised his hand in time to block the attack towards his neck, there was no time to block it with his Flowing Flame Blade. So Lin Rui got a blow on the back of his hand instead of his neck.

“What a sharp attack!” Lin Rui glanced at his right hand and couldn’t help thinking.

Flowing Flame Blade has changed to his left hand because Lin Rui’s right hand is now almost scrapped. A deep wound of about five centimeters almost cut Lin Rui’s right hand into two sections. Now the blood is still pouring out. If it hadn’t been for Lin Rui’s instant use of internal energy to seal some of the arteries in his hands, the situation would have been even worse.

The man’s attack broke the protection of the shield charm on Lin Rui in an instant and almost cut off Lin Rui’s right hand, which was protected by internal energy. This shows how powerful the attack was. If Lin Rui hadn’t finally forced the Flowing Flame Blade up and pushed him back, that fellow might have actually cut off Lin Rui’s right hand.


Holding the Flowing Flame Blade in his left hand, Lin Rui did not dare to take his sight from the man in the leather suit in front of him. He was a cruel man who could threaten Lin Rui’s life. And the man didn’t seem to want to follow him, so he looked at Lin Rui lightly, just like a cat looks at a mouse.

After a fight, Housley had decided that the man in front of him was no longer his opponent. In that case, he didn’t mind slowly torturing him and doubling the damage his son had suffered.

Puff puff!


While Lin Rui and Housley confronted each other briefly, Matt had destroyed all the locked rooms in the back. At this time, the innocents are being guided to flee out quickly. Whether they can escape from Jeston Gang depends on the speed of the New York police.

“Quick! Quick! Come this way!” Standing at the door of the room, Matt reached out and led the frightened people to run quickly towards the exit.


“Do you really think that you can save all those people? You can’t even save yourself!” Looking at the goods that belonged to them fledging quickly, Housley looked at Lin Rui and asked faintly.

“I need to at least try.” The injury to his right hand has been temporarily controlled and Lin Rui answered calmly, staring at the fellow in front of him.

“As you wish!” There was a hint of coldness in the eyes and Housley disappeared instantly.

This time, Lin Rui is no longer unprepared and has already begun to defend before Housley’s attack. So, when that cold instrument reappeared, Lin Rui just happened to use the Flowing Flame Blade. At the same time, he finally saw what the cold instrument is. It was a finger, a finger with a spiked nail.

“What the hell is this?!…” Seeing Housley’s apparently different fingers, Lin Rui could not help but ask this question. But when he looked up and his gaze swept at Housley’s face, he seemed to finally realize what his enemy was.



The internal energy poured into the Flowing Flame Blade and the blade was quickly covered with a fiery red flame.

After touching the flames that flowed from the Flowing Flame Blade, Housley quickly retracted his hand as if he had been burnt. Lin Rui continued to slash a few blade attacks and successfully forced Housley to retreat.

“The sharp nails that can be directly used as weapons, scarlet eyes, the speed and the fangs that have just emerged. You turned out to be a Vampire!” Keeping the flame on the Flowing Flame Blade intact, Lin Rui stared at him and was a little surprised.

There is no such thing as Vampire in the Marvel movie, but it does not mean that there is no Vampire in this Marvel real life, but Lin Rui did not expect to be met one by himself. It’s no wonder that the guy who had a blade in his heart didn’t die. He must have been injured and pretended to be dead. Anyway, for Vampire, death is never a trouble.

“So you are not too stupid. Now that you know what you are facing, you should know what your end will be.” When he heard Lin Rui, Housley’s mouth tilted slightly as he looked at Lin Rui.

After that, Housley disappeared again. Now, he no longer needs to cover up his identity and the strength of a Vampire elder who is fully exposed is terrible. At least, the current Lin Rui’s still can’t keep up with his speed.

However, although Lin Rui can’t keep up with Housley’s speed, he can fight and defend using his own skills. So, when Housley was looking for a chance to attack, Lin Rui swiftly waved his Flowing Flame Blade in his left hand and soon covered his body with randomized blade attacks.


The blade shadows are getting faster and faster and in the end, Lin Rui’s figure can’t even be seen inside. Waving the Flowing Flame Blade in his hands, he is constantly accumulating the power of the blade. He just needs to find a suitable opportunity, he will…


Just as Lin Rui protected himself with his blade shadow attacks, a gunshot sounds suddenly came from afar and a bullet just shot in front of Lin Rui but it was not shot at him but they were shot at Housley.


The bullet that suddenly broke into the battlefield hit Housley, but the Housley figure that was preparing to attack Lin Rui was only squatted and then he rushed toward Lin Rui, It seems that the sneak attack did not pose much threat to him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, the bullet just was just an appetizer and several bullets were shot in succession and the target was still Housley.

Without looking back, Housley just swayed his right hand behind him. When he retracted his right hand again, there were three bullets in his palm, he had grabbed the bullets with his palm!


The bullets didn’t pose much threat to Housley, but they have already delayed him from attacking Lin Rui for some time. He saw Lin Rui attack him with his momentum with the Flowing Flame Blade and the timing just happened when Housley caught the bullets.

“Don’t be naive!” Housley gave a fierce laugh in front of Lin Rui’s attack. Then, his whole body swelled up in an instant and like a mutation, his body broke the fit and expensive suit directly.

Housley, who broke out of his suit is no longer look like a banker who is working on Wall Street. He looks like a bloodthirsty monster. The muscles that broke the clothes are entangled in his body like a sculpture. His palm has become like a pow. At this time, he no longer concealed his scarlet eyes and long teeth and he had completely shredded the persona of a human in front of Lin Rui.

In the next moment, the enlarged version of the bloodthirsty beast Housley has rushed towards Lin Rui, facing the fiery red blade that has rushed towards him. However, his speed seems to be a little slower than that of before. It may be that the increase in strength and physique causes the change of speed.



But just as Housley took a step, a small cloud of flames sprayed from behind him. Then, in front of Housley’s shocked eyes, the shadow had hit him at the same time as the blade ahead.


Prepared for it, Lin Rui jumped a big step backward and fell down. Then, a more powerful explosion broke out in the building. Huge shocks erupted at Housley’s location, sweeping the whole building in an instant.

Chapter 61 Vampire

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