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“Can you take me to get a closer look at your Iron Man Armor? If you can, maybe you can let me experience it?” looking at Tony, Lin Rui asked seriously. For Tony’s Iron Man Armor, Lin Rui has been itching to see it again.

“There’s nothing wrong with visiting, but you’re in trouble if you want to experience it. Firstly, driving Iron Man Armor is not an easy task. Secondly, the military has been negotiating with me recently about the military negotiations of Iron Man Armor. Tony wasn’t surprised to hear Lin Rui’s words but just told him about his situation at the moment.

As a high-tech product, Iron Man Armor represents more than Tony’s invention. Its emergence can completely change the current situation of the U.S. military and even the world’s armaments. Tony might have sold the armor as a weapon to the U.S. military as before, had it not been for his war wounds. But now, Tony won’t let out such a big killer. That’s not what he meant when he made it. So he’s been talking to the military all the time. Thanks to the name of Tony Stark, he was able to withstand the military’s pressure for so long.

“Ohh? The military is eyeing the Iron Man Armor? I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think Mr. Stark thinks the same thing. Hearing Tony’s words, Lin Rui remembered that there seemed to be such a thing. But of course, he also disapproved of handing over the Iron Man Armor to the military. This is not a conventional weapon, but a big killer that will bring a reversal to the battlefield.

“Of course, I’ve already announced the closure of the Stark Arms Department. How can I sell Iron Man Armor as a weapon to the military again? But even I can’t withstand the constant pressure from the military and Congress.” Tony will certainly stick to his principles, but that’s not always the case. The demand for Iron Man Armor by the U.S. military and Congress is not comparable to that of conventional new missiles, and Tony is almost overwhelmed.

And because of Lin Rui and Matt, Tony’s uncle Obadiah was not dead, but seriously injured, and is now in the tightest prison. If Tony insists on not surrendering his armor, the military and Congress may choose to get some information from Obadiah. Obadiah is obviously not as good as Tony, but it’s better than none.

“Maybe you can come up with a compromise.” Although he doesn’t know how the story of the world developed, Lin Rui still vaguely remembers how Tony handled it.

“Ohh? What compromise?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Tony raised his head and asked. He’s been having a headache recently, and he’s not feeling well. If Lin Rui has good advice, he won’t mind taking it.

“Isn’t Mr. Stark worried now that after acquiring your Iron Man Armor, the military will use it in war, causing more damage? And if you keep Iron Man Armor in your hands, I think the military and Congress can deal with you. I think it’s better to take a step back and accept each other rather than to tear each other apart. Sitting upright on the sofa, Lin Rui looked across at Tony and said earnestly.

“Take a step back? Where should I go back? Tony doesn’t know how much the military and Congress can accept, though he understands what Lin Rui says.

“In the end, the military will definitely have the Iron Man Armor. But the number and users can be limited by you. For example, they can use the Iron Man Armor in special operations in peacetime, but not in battlefields. I think they should be able to accept such results. Lin Rui helped Tony by telling him the solution to the original plot.

“Control quantity and type of action? That’s a good way. If the people in the Congress don’t even want to accept it, I’d rather destroy all the information and let them find the junk my uncle created. At Lin Rui’s suggestion, Tony’s eyes slowly lit up and he finally got up from the sofa.

“Well, Mr. Stark doesn’t need that. I think, although Congress and the military have been putting pressure on you, you do have some support. I believe that you must have allies who can confront the members of Congress.” Seeing Tony’s excitement, Lin Rui reminded him again.

Although Lin Rui doesn’t know if Nick Fury is in touch with Tony right now, has he talked to him about S.H.I.E.L.D. and the establishment of the Avengers Initiative? However, in the case of Tony, Lin Rui felt that Director Nick would not be indifferent. It’s important for Tony to join the Avengers Alliance and help him get through this.

After Lin Rui said this, Tony suddenly quieted down and looked at him as if he were a monster. After Lin Rui’s reminder, Tony also suddenly remembered the one-eyed pirate that day who came to find him. Isn’t that man called himself the director of a special department? He can quietly enter his villa and he knew a lot of information that nobody should know.

“Who the hell are you?” Looking at the young man sitting in front of him, Tony suddenly asked. So far, Lin Rui’s surprise to Tony has never stopped.

“Ah? I am Jackson Lin, Mr. Stark.” Seeing the change in Tony’s expression, Lin Rui answered with a smile. Of course, he knows Tony is not asking who he is, but he can’t tell him that he is someone that is reincarnated into this world.

“What’s in your little head? What on earth do you know? Looking at Lin Rui’s innocent appearance, Tony said helplessly and sat back on the sofa.

“Ha-ha, it should be similar to other people.” Lin Rui laughed and hawed.

“Actually, if Mr. Stark is not reassured. I think you can designate your friend Colonel Rhodes as the user of Iron Man Armor. I believe that Colonel Rhodes will not use Iron Man Armor to do anything harmful to others, and how to consult with Congress and the military, which I am not clear about. But I believe you can do a good job. Now that he has said so much, Lin Rui doesn’t mind giving Tony a clearer candidate.

“Well, I know that. I’m sure Rhodes will be happy to play this role.” With a nod, Tony said he knew how to deal with it.

“So, Mr. Stark, what about my request?” Seeing that Tony’s troubles have been resolved, Lin Rui is still thinking about his own business.

“What’s the matter?” Tony asks with his head sideways. He really forgot.

“It’s about visiting the Iron Man Armor and experiencing it.” Lin Rui whispered a reminder.

Tony: “…”

“Yes, but only above the villa, not ten kilometers away from here. I’ll have J.A.R.V.I.S. look at you. Don’t think about flying out.” Finally, Tony agreed to Lin Rui’s request.

“Yes! Thank you, Mr. Stark!” At this moment, Lin Rui seems to have exposed his true feelings.

Bang! ~


A few minutes later, two Iron Mans, one red and one silver, rushed out of the back of Tony’s luxury villa. Tony was not assured that Lin Rui would fly alone in the Iron Man Armor and followed him out.


After going to Tony’s house that day and experiencing the Iron Man Armor, Lin Rui came back in a very exciting state for a week. Lin Rui has a strong interest in flying. However, the cultivation technique he is now training does not provide him with the ability to fly. If he wants to fly, Tony’s Iron Man Armor is now the best choice. But Tony couldn’t give him a machine armor. So Lin Rui can only bear it.

This week, Lin Rui also got a lot of information. Peter has not seen Dr. Connors for three days since he last told them at school to help him in the final stage of his experiment. Lin Rui could almost tell that Peter should have been bitten by a spider and that Spiderman, whom he had been expecting, would appear.

While Lin Rui waited for Spiderman to appear, something big seemed to happen inside Oscorp. Harry, who had been in a disadvantaged position, won more support at a shareholders’meeting and took Oscorp back into the hands of the Osborn family. Although Lin Rui doesn’t know how Harry did it, he must have paid a lot. But because there are so many things going on recently, Lin Rui can’t pay attention to Harry’s family.

On this day, Lin Rui and Matt returned to their secret base after solving a mid-gang drug deal in Manhattan. The still have no clues about the Jeston Gang and Wilson, but both Lin Rui and Matt have a hunch that they will appear again and the next time they meet, Lin Rui and Matt must be ready.

“Ah! Daredevil, who on earth did you say attacked us that day? I always thought that there’s a conspiracy in it.” After taking a sip of iced coke, Lin Rui asked Matt in front of him. Yes, they already have refrigerators in their secret base.

“I don’t know. I didn’t feel anything that day.” Shaking his head, Matt did not find anything more in recent operations.

“Ah! Will they hide forever? Are they so afraid of us?” Lin Rui had some helpless thoughts.

Buzz ~

Just as Lin Rui sighed, a faint shock came from the table next to him.


Reaching for a couple of strokes on the table, Lin Rui took a cell phone out of it. This is the mobile phone that they specially equipped for this secret base and they only game its number to only one person, that is Wade Wilson that Lin Rui wanted to recruit before.

“Ha-ha, I knew!” Although he doesn’t know the call number, Lin Rui knows that it must be Wade.

“Hello, Wade Wilson, have you changed your mind?” Lin Rui asked quietly.

“Yes, I will take the mission!” At the other end of the phone, Wade’s voice came quickly.


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