HOM-Chapter 56 Attack Once More

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“OK, we’ll let you know when there’s news.”

“Then I need to get a deposit first. That’s the rule.”

“No problem, just send me your account number.”

Having talked to Wade, Lin Rui smiled and hung up the phone. Wade apparently went to the hospital to have a check-up and knew about his cancer. Lin Rui just don’t know how his condition is now. If he had gone to the hospital in advance to have a check-up if he had listened to Lin Rui, it should not be at the final stage yet. However, no matter how he is now, the only constant is that he must be short on money.

“What? The mercenary agreed? Through sensitive hearing, Matt also heard the conversation between Lin Rui and Wade.

“Yes, he did. But he needs us to give him a deposit first. I think he should have discovered his illness. With a nod, Lin Rui has received a credit card account from Wade.

“So, how much money do you have? Not that I want to ask, but you’re just a high school student, aren’t you? Sensing that Lin Rui was pulling out a small copy of Wade’s account, Matt still couldn’t resist asking.

“Well, not much money, but I can handle Wade for the time being. After all, he may not be able to help us for long.” Hearing Matt’s words, Lin Rui scratched his head and answered.

Originally, Lin Rui himself had no pocket money and the money from the dealers was used for the construction of secret bases. However, Lin Rui gave several first news to The Daily Bugle. To this end, he also got a lot of Rewards. Although not a lot, it is enough to match Wade’s quest deposit. As for the latter, Lin Rui felt that he should be able to think of a solution. If not, he would be able to accept Tony’s invitation to go to Stark Industries to be a consultant.

“Well, yeah, call him next time.” Since Lin Rui says money is okay, Matt is okay. He has no money himself anyway.

“OK! Now the question is, what exactly are Jeston Gang and Wilson doing? Them hiding like this is really starting to creep me out!” With Wade’s addition, Lin Rui’s team has at least one long-range support firepower. However, if there had been no news from Jeston Gang or Wilson, Lin Rui could not help it.

“Don’t worry, I think they should appear soon. But we have to be prepared.” Hearing Lin Rui’s worries, Matt whispered as his feelings had always been right.

“I hope so.”


A week later, as Matt said, Jeston Gang, who had been hiding from them for nearly a month, finally reappeared. This time, it’s not the unimportant characters, but the powerful gang leaders. According to Matt’s observation, Jeston Gang seems to be making a big move this time and Frankenstein Family has also been involved.

Although it is not clear whether the news was deliberately released by Jeston Gang or whether they are not going to hide from Lin Rui anymore, Matt and Lin Rui will not miss such a good chance anyway. So, after notifying Wade where to gather, Lin Rui and Matt sett off.

In the suburbs of New York Manhattan, there is a luxury manor, a secret base of the Jeston gang, also owned by Frankenstein Family. Tonight, this will be the busiest place in New York.

“Master Ross, the news has been released and that Daredevil and Mirage Knight should be here tonight. But are you really not worried that they’ll disturb the deal tonight? In a luxury office in the manor, Jeston Gang’s leader Verus stood respectfully at his desk and said to a young man in a suit sitting in front of him.

“You’ve been hiding from them for almost a month. I don’t think they’ll be absent tonight. As for your worries, that’s totally unnecessary. Although Mirage Knight’s strength was somewhat unexpected, it’s absolutely impossible for them to leave intact if they show up tonight. Sitting on the soft sofa, Master Ross shook his glass and said lightly that he was ready today. Moreover, tonight’s deal is not for ordinary people, or the family will not send him out.

“Yes! Master Ross! Then I will go ahead and make sure that the goods are in good condition.” Seeing that Ross is so confident, Verus stopped worrying.

“Well, go ahead. Our guests are very picky about the goods.” With a nod, Ross let Verus go.


The door was lightly closed and there was only Ross left in the luxuriously furnished room. Then, Ross sipped the wine in the glass and shook the empty bottle and smiled at the empty room.

“Mr. Housley, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Smiling, Ross seemed to be greeting someone in the room. However, at this time, there is only one person in the room.


Ross’s voice had just dropped and there seemed to be a cold wind in the room, which lowered the temperature by several degrees. Then a tall white man in a neat suit stepped out of the darkness of the room and soon came to Ross.


“Ross Frankenstein, I haven’t seen you for a long time. But now, is your family business already in the hands of you juniors?” The sudden blonde went straight to the sofa opposite Ross and sat down, then looked at him and asked.


Seeing the gentleman sitting opposite him, Ross slowly stood up and walked over with the bottle beside him.

“Mr. Housley, we can live longer than your race. For such big family management, the older generation is already a little powerless.” While pouring the wine to Mr. Housley, Ross smiled and said.

“Can you do it? Oh, I don’t think so. These Hebrew fellows are very spiritual.” Taking the glass Ross handed over, Hausley said with a chuckle.

“By the way, my father also asked me to say hello to you on behalf of him, saying that he appreciates your support for our family over the years.” Without taking Housley’s words, Ross sat back in his seat and said.

“This is just a mutually beneficial relationship. If you don’t give us enough benefits, we certainly won’t work for you.” The red wine in the raised glass was as bright as blood, just like the color in Housley’s eyes at the moment.

“Of course, I believe our fair is very happy today.” Ross holds up his glass and gestured slightly towards Housley across from him.

“I hope so.” Looking at Ross opposite to him, Housley also raised his glass.


Hausley, who had been in this room for a long time, of course, heard Ross and Verus talking and he knew that someone might come and mess up the deal tonight. He also knows that Ross may use his strength to deal with the man who caused trouble to their family, but he won’t mind. For Hausley, it’s just a trifle. Now that Frankenstein Family has provided their race with goods for so many years, this little help is irrelevant.


Lin Rui and Matt, who got the information, did not know which side Jeston Gang or Frankenstein Family was going to trade with tonight, but they knew it was an important opportunity for them to fight Frankenstein Family. So when night fell, Lin Rui and Matt had come to Wade’s position.

“Daredevil, what do you think they’re trading tonight? Was it deliberate to send out information against us? In a bush about three kilometers away from Frankenstein Manor, Lin Rui put down his telescope and asked Matt nearby.

“I am not clear what item they are trading and the traders are mysterious. However, from Frankenstein Family’s perspective, It shouldn’t be anything simple. As for whether it is aimed at us, will that make a difference? Matt who was also hiding had to give Lin Rui some thoughts to Lin Rui question and he stood behind and responded faintly.

“Yeah, we’re going to break their deal anyway. I think we should be able to cope even if there is something targeted at us. Recently, Their strength has risen a lot and they had helped defeat Obadiah’s large Iron Man Armor. Lin Rui can’t help but feel a little proud.

“It’s the best case scenario. But, how come your helper hasn’t arrived yet?” Not recognizing Lin Rui’s indifferent tone, Matt asked about Wade. Today will be the first time they will work with that mercenary. Matt is still a little worried.

“He should be coming soon.” Looking at the time, Wade should have arrived.

Hum ~

Hum ~

Just as Lin Rui finished this sentence, a sound of motorcycle engine came from outside the woods. Without even looking at the direction. Lin Rui and Matt also know that Wade is here.

“Hey! Where are you?!” No sooner had the locomotive stopped, Wade who looked pale shouted to the woods.

Wade has had a bad time these days. It seems that the last time he hooked up with a girl in the bar turned out to be his true love. However, just as Wade was ready to be a good man, he was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and it was almost too late. He went to the hospital at Lin Rui’s reminder, or he might be late by the time he found out.

Wade watched Vanessa rush around in order to cure his illness. She spent a lot of money, but his illness never improved. If it had been before, Wade might not have persisted. He was a mercenary who had no one who would care if he died. However, Wade now has someone, he cannot leave Vanessa alone in the world. So he decided to continue to live and make money to treat his illness. That’s why he took the initiative to contact the two bold guys he met at the bar last time.


Just after Wade stood outside the woods and shouted, he saw an arm stretched out in front of him, shaking towards him. 

“Ehh?! Are you the two guys who were there that day? Walking into the woods, Wade asked in a little surprise when he saw the two strangely dressed guys in front of him. Now the Vigilante’s famous as Daredevil and Mirage Knight, Wade certainly knows.

“Well, it’s us. Do you regret it now?” Wade was a little surprised and Lin Rui asked lightly.

“Regret? Of course not. I didn’t know who you were before, but now I know you’re such famous guys. How can I regret? I think, since you have such a great reputation, at least you guys will have some strength. Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Wade shook his head and said.

“Ok then! Today, your job is actually very simple, it is to cover us remotely. Daredevil and I will sneak into the manor. You can give us some information outside. The key is to take care of it when we come out. Now that Wade is with them, Lin Rui has started arranging the details of the mission tonight.

Half an hour later, Lin Rui and Matt disappeared into the woods and Wade also gathered his weapons and headed silently toward the manor ahead.


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