HOM-Chapter 54 Rejection

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Huh ~

Pushing aside the guys who were blocking his way, Wade walked a few steps to the table where Lin Rui and Matt were.

“Hey! Are you waiting for someone?” Wade sat down directly in the chair beside Lin Rui and asked spontaneously.

Wade Wilson, who spent his early years in the secret forces, was more powerful and observant than other mercenaries. Some of the information from Weasel combined with his own observations, he would not think that the two men just came to see the real world, they obviously came with a purpose. Combined with the particularity of the bar, Wade can easily imagine that they might have come to issue a mission. Wade has been short of money recently. He doesn’t mind coming over and trying.

“Well, yes, we’re waiting for you.” Not minding Wade’s rude chat-up, Lin Rui looked at him and nodded in reply.

“Well? What do you mean?” Wade was a little surprised to see that the kid who looked like he was just in high school answered his questions and then he asked back.

“We came here because we have a mission and need your help. And we have met five mercenaries, but we don’t think they are suitable for the job.” Lin Rui looked through his sunglasses at Wade and said faintly.

“So you mean I’m a good fit?” He didn’t expect Lin Rui to be so direct so Wade asked leaning back in his chair.

“Whether it’s right or not depends on your performance, but the pay will certainly not be low.” Laughing, Lin Rui said and handed Wade a note.

Wade glanced at the note Lin Rui handed over to him. Then Wade’s eyebrows jumped, seemingly startled by what was on the note. On the note is a job prepared by Lin Rui about defeating the Jeston Gang, an underground gangster gang in New York and the Wilson Mafia Empire.

“Although I love money and I’m not afraid of death, I don’t think anybody will take this kind of job, this is almost suicidal.” Throwing the note back to Lin Rui, Wade looked at the two men in front of him and said faintly.

As Wade has lived in the gray areas of the ​​New York city, he certainly knows about the Jeston Gang. Although he doesn’t know much about this Wilson guy, he is definitely not a simple character. Even if Wade is narcissistic again, he doesn’t think there is any benefit in picking up this job.

Mercenary, like Wade, once involved in such gangster hatred, could not keep up with the next day and would be dead on the street. Although Wade may not die so simply because of his strength, he is not sure that he will survive a week.

“Don’t rush to refuse first. Everything has a turn for the better. If you choose to accept it, you can use this to contact us.” Smiling at Wade, Lin Rui said nothing more and handed him a simple business card with nothing but a number on it.

“I don’t think I’ll regret it.” Taking that simple business card, Wade said indifferently.

After inquiring about this, Wade got up and prepared to leave. He thought there would be something good to do, but this kind of life-threatening jobs will not be touched by him.

“By the way, I will give you a suggestion. You should go to the hospital for a check-up sometime in these two days. As a mercenary, a healthy body is necessary.” Just as Wade got up and took a step, Lin Rui, still sitting there, suddenly said this.

“What?” Wade could not understand Lin Rui’s inexplicable reminder.

“Nothing. I hope we can meet again.” Without much explanation, Lin Rui knocked on the table and stood up.

Standing up behind Lin Rui, Matt can’t wait to leave here. He still doesn’t understand why Lin Rui insists on coming here and he feels something bad from Wade’s body. He doesn’t think that this mercenary will become his partner. Then, Lin Rui and Matt left. As for Wade, Lin Rui believes he will join in.

“Check your body? It’s an odd way to say hello.” Putting Lin Rui’s business card in his pocket, Wade muttered as he watched them leave.

When Lin Rui and Matt disappeared from Margaret’s bar, Wade has returned to the bar again. He did not receive any jobs but he still wanted to look for something.

“…You bet on me to die?” Sweeping to the board behind the bar, Wade asked incredulously.

“I just want to win once. I haven’t won in my life…” Weasel said something gloomily in Wade’s incredible eyes.

“Soldiers of fortune, Drinks on me!” Reluctantly for Weasel, Wade raised his glass and shouted into the hall.


“Cheering! “

“Domestic, Nothing Imported!” Weasel quickly added a sentence.


“Whoa! Baby, are you sure you wanna shoot your whole wad?” Just then, a woman’s voice came over from behind Wade and her right hand crossed his shoulder and she slowly stroked it.




“Mirage Knight, you don’t really want to invite him, right, you want to hire that guy to join us against Jeston Gang and Wilson?” On the way back, Matt asked Lin Rui seriously.

He didn’t think Wade was a good candidate for any “look”, and his special feeling always felt that there seemed to be something wrong with Wade, but he couldn’t say it.

“You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Wade Wilson, although he has a bad reputation, he is still very strong. Not only is he highly skilled at close combat, but he is also skilled in the use of firearms and some heat weapons. I think we just lack such a person. Knowing that Matt looked down upon Wade, Lin Rui said a few good words to him.

In fact, although Wade is still strong, he is not very helpful for Lin Rui in their current situation. What he cared about was that Wade would become Deadpool, who is a killing machine. With more powerful Recovery power than Wolverine, equipped with guns and double blades, Deadpool’s combat effectiveness is very strong. As a character who is not a protagonist in Marvel World, Deadpool also has a large number of fans and is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel World.

“Even so, he did not accept our invitation. I think it’s better to slow down against Wilson. We’ll break up the whole New York underground Mafia one day.” Not because Lin Rui exaggerated Wade, Matt said lightly.

“He just hasn’t accepted it yet. In his case, I think he should contact us soon. I think you have a vague feeling about his physical condition, too?” Shaking his head, Lin Rui swears and finally asks Matt.

“You mean his illness? Do you know what ails him?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Matt asked curiously. He just vaguely sensed something bad about Wade. Can Lin Rui know what he was suffering from?

“Cancer, if he goes to the hospital earlier, he may be saved. That’s why I reminded him before I left. Of course, it’s up to him.” Simply explaining it to Matt, Lin Rui doesn’t care about it. Wade will eventually become Deadpool anyway.

“Cancer?! Is that why you decided to find him? A dead mercenary will no longer worry about the Revenge of the mafia. You think he will accept our invitation for the last day.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Matt said it as if he suddenly understood. That’s the most likely explanation he can think of, otherwise, he doesn’t know what would prompt Wade to join them.

“Er!” Well, I do think Wade will choose to join us because of cancer. He didn’t expect Matt to think so much and Lin Rui could only explain that.

“All right.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Matt said nothing more.


Outside New York City, Tony’s seaside villa, in the luxurious reception lobby.

“Mr. Stark, I haven’t seen you for some time. You seem to have been very busy since you suddenly declared yourself Iron Man that day.” Sitting on the luxurious comfortable sofa, Lin Rui looked across at Tony and said with a smile.

“I’m busy, but you’re not busy. Why didn’t you come? Didn’t you say you were my interviewer? You didn’t come to get the last good news?” Looking at the young man opposite to him, Tony asked lightly.

Tony is interested in Lin Rui. Sometimes he felt that the young man was very interested in his own affairs, and sometimes he didn’t care about some things. Tony doesn’t know whether Lin Rui is such a weird person or whether he really doesn’t understand the kid now.

“How did you know that I am not busy? I am still at school. Now I am at the end of the year. I have to be serious about my studies. As for the last press conference, since I already know that Mr. Stark is Iron Man, What was the point of going there?” Lin Rui explained briefly.

“Are you busy? Although I haven’t found anyone to monitor you but with your intelligence, Do you still need to be serious about the District high school curriculum? If you like, I can guarantee a place for you at MIT.” Tony seems to have heard something funny when he heard Lin Rui. Finally, he gave Lin Rui a suggestion. As an honorary alumnus of MIT, Tony still has some pull.

“Thank you for your suggestion. I’m fine now. I’m not really doing anything about coming here today, but I don’t know if you can grant me my little request. As before, Lin Rui did not agree with Tony’s suggestion. He turned the topic to today’s topic.

“Well? What request?” Tony asked curiously.


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