EPHS-Chapter 303 War of Kings

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“So, Sairaorg, let’s begin as well!”

Flexing his fists, Tenraku mobilized the power of the Two Heavenly Dragons. The magnificent battle armor, with red and white intertwining, drew screams from countless girls in the audience.

“Just wait a moment, let me remove the shackles on me. I want to fight you with all my might.”

Taking off his upper garment, Sairaorg revealed his muscular body, covered with various strange runes. These runes were the shackles Sairaorg had applied to himself. While they increased the burden on his body during normal times, they served to enhance his strength through rigorous training.

“Ahahahah… Hā!!!”

Clenching both fists, Sairaorg roared loudly. The runes on his body gradually dissipated, and an immensely powerful aura erupted from him. The ground beneath his feet was directly blown into a large crater.

The overbearing and intense battle aura was like a hurricane, causing Tenraku to continuously retreat. There were even two long scratches on the ground where his feet had dragged.

Feeling the wild surge of power from Sairaorg, Tenraku’s armor-covered face twitched uncontrollably.

Oye, Oye, this guy’s exaggerating, isn’t he?

And what’s with this intense visual impact? If Sairaorg’s hair also turned into golden spiky hair, Tenraku might have mistaken this for a Saiyan mistakenly entering the scene!

“Oh, oh… Sairaorg, what kind of technique is this? Is it a forbidden technique?”

From the arena outside of the space, the host sounded puzzled.

“No, we didn’t get any information that Sairaorg can use forbidden techniques,” Azazel replied while rubbing his chin.

However, upon careful observation, one could see a hint of amazement flickering in Azazel’s eyes.

“But the aura on him is somewhat similar to the aura when using Forbidden Techniques, isn’t it?”

“That’s not Spirit Energy used in Forbidden Techniques, rather, it’s a form of Battle Energy.” The host was still somewhat puzzled, and then Emperor Diehae Belial chimed in.

“Battle Energy?!”

“That’s right, it’s the Battle Energy produced after the body is pushed to its limits. Sairaorg is a Devil who was born with almost no Magic Power, and he lacks the talent for Swordsmanship or Forbidden Techniques. So, he can only keep training his body, seeking the purest and most direct physical strength.”

“The Battle Energy within him is different from any Magic Power or Spirit Energy. It’s a power that originates from life, a manifestation of his vibrant vitality. All of us possess this power, but Sairaorg continually trained himself, allowing this aura to become visible.”

Diehae explained the unusual Battle Energy emanating from Sairaorg in a calm and gentle manner. While everyone understood what was happening, each person was deeply moved by this scene.

To push the physical body to such an extreme level… How much unimaginable effort had he put in?!

Meanwhile, within the dimensional space—

“Partner, that guy is dangerous. Be very careful.”

“Ah, I know!”

Ddraig’s voice echoed from the jewel on the armor, and Tenraku’s expression turned serious.

This guy Sairaorg truly hadn’t disappointed him, ah!

“Kamiya Tenraku, Let’s start!” Sairaorg clenched his fist and gave a reminder, then in a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Tenraku.

With a sharp sonic boom, Sairaorg’s fist came hurtling toward Tenraku!

“So fast!!!”

Tenraku’s eyes twitched, and without any hesitation, he also struck out with his fist.


A violent explosion echoed out, and the ground beneath Tenraku’s feet formed a massive crater!

“Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah!!!!!!!”

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom!!!!!!!

Both figures flashed, and they unleashed a flurry of punches. The ground continuously erupted with huge craters.

There was no Magic, no techniques included in this clash, it was just the most primitive and savage form of combat!


Countless people in the viewing arena were screaming madly. Despite the crude and explosive nature of the battle, it stirred their blood and made their hearts race!

Boom Boom!! Boom Boom Boom!!!

On the other side of the alternate space, Marion and Burent, along with the Giant Lion formed by Longinus, were engaged in a fierce battle.

Marion, Burent, and Shuriya floated in the air, releasing their magic attacks. Various fireballs, thunders, and lightning bolts continuously rained down on the giant lion. Mira stood in front of the lion, drawing its attention. The length of her Fine Iron Rod constantly changed as she attacked.

Ni and Li, utilizing the agility of the Nekomata clan, darted back and forth on the battlefield. Whenever there was an opportunity, they rushed forward to let the detestable lion experience the power of their Neko Neko Fist.

Then there were the two electric chainsaw girls, Ile and Nel. Since they were slightly weaker, they didn’t engage in dangerous actions. They let their older sisters attract the attention and firepower upfront while they executed sneak attacks from behind.

Well, now there’s a chance. Taking advantage of the lion’s distraction, the two sisters jumped onto its back. With mischievous grins, they raised their chainsaws and wildly attacked the lion:

“We’ll chop you up! Chop you up!”

“Dismember you into eight pieces! Dismember you into eight pieces!”

Every time they raised the chainsaws, the two sisters entered an excited mode. The sharp chainsaws hummed loudly as they wildly struck the lion, causing it to shout in pain before it turned angrily toward them…

You can glare all you want, but you can’t reach us on your back. Fearless, the two sisters continued to hack away.

However, with a crisp sound, the chainsaws of Ile and Nel didn’t manage to pierce the lion’s hide. Instead, their chainsaws broke!

“Hā… HāHā…”

“Mr. Lion, sorry for the interruption.”

Both Ile and Nel were somewhat dumbfounded. They turned to run, but the enraged lion was not about to let them escape.


A furious roar generated a massive soundwave that made eardrums ache. Ile and Nel were hit by this soundwave hit head-on and were sent flying, tumbling, and rolling a great distance before finally coming to a stop.

“Wū wū… feeling so dizzy…”

Stumbling to their feet, the two sisters saw stars in their eyes. Then, with a flop, they collapsed to the ground and fainted.

“Two of Tenraku-Sama’s Pawns, leave the battlefield!”

As the host announced, Ile and Nel, who couldn’t fight anymore, were teleported out of the arena.

Although Ile and Nel were usually quite mischievous, everyone liked them a lot. Seeing the two sisters taken out like this, the anger of Marion and the other girls grew.

“You bad lion, go die, meow!”

Leaping into the air, Ni and Li jumped up with an agile movement.

With one hand raised, Ni and Li released several clumps of monster power, which transformed into two spinning discs of light. Then, they hurled the discs toward the lion with great force.

Boom Boom!!

With two loud explosions, the lion that was struck let out another pained roar.

“How’s that, meow? This is a technique taught by Kuroka Nee-Chan. Now you know how formidable it is!”

Ni and Li sneered with a triumphant expression on their faces.

Roaring lowly and seemingly completely enraged, the lion’s jade jewel on its forehead suddenly emitted a dazzling light. Then, two scarlet beams of light instantly struck Ni and Li, who were still in the air.

“Ah? What’s happening…”

Before they could react to what was going on, the two sisters stared dumbfoundedly at the bloody holes in their chests. Then, they lost consciousness…

To be continued…

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