EPHS-Chapter 119 Prayer

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Qiāng Qiāng! ! Qiāng Qiāng Cang! ! !

Somewhere in Kuoh Town, three figures are fighting fiercely, they are none other than Irina, Xenovia, and the Stray Clergy Freed!

“Liberation, Excalibur!”

Leaping up, Xenovia used the power of the Holy Sword of Destruction and then slashed it towards Freed.

Hōng Lóng!!!!!

There was a loud noise, and the ground cracked. Even though Freed had resisted the attack with his sword, the powerful force of the Holy Sword of Destruction drove him out in a violent earthquake.

“Ah…it hurts so much!”

“Holy Sword makes Onee-Sans so powerful, I am not an opponent at all ah!”

Freed wailed as he rolled around on the while holding his arms.

“You Stray, you have nowhere to escape now!”

“Freed-chan, be a good boy and return the Holy Sword to us so that we can punish you for your sin.”

Surrounding Freed, Xenovia’s eyes were cold, and Irina also had a cold smile on her face.

“Woo… so scary, I’m going to be killed!”

He covered his chest with a frightened expression on his face, but in the next moment, Freed grinned again and spoke with an evil smile on his face:

“But, I’m a man with a Boss!”

“Boss, help, your Freed-Chan is about to be killed, hurry up and help me!!!”

Freed called for help unscrupulously, As a good lapdog and a follower, it was one of Freed’s best skills to call for help once he couldn’t defeat the enemy!

“Shut up, you useless thing!”

Kokabiel’s voice sounded as if angry with the disgraced creature, and immediately several light spheres were fired in the direction of the Freed and the other two.

Lai Lai…Hōng Hōng Hōng! ! !

The expression on Xenovia and Irina’s faces changed, and they quickly dodged these attacks. Freed also rolled to one side desperately, avoiding the Light Sphere attacks.

“Freed, if you lose next time, I will kill you. I don’t need useless waste!”

Floating in the air, Kokabiel coldly spoke to Freed.

“Hai, boss, your Freed-Chan will definitely work hard next time and never lose!”

When he got up, Freed didn’t care about the fact that he was almost killed just now, and he gave a military salute with a serious expression on his face and promised.

This is also a guy whose soul is broken and twisted ……

“They knew that you are not my opponent but they still sent you here, looks like the Church has abandoned their Holy Sword Wielders, curse your Pope and Michael for your death, now how do you want to die?

Looking at the two women to one side, Kokabiel spoke with a bloodthirsty and cold smile on his face.

Getting close to each other, Xenovia and Irina have a solemn expression in their expressions…

“Idiot Nel, over here, hurry up and surround Tenraku-Sama.”

“Ile is the one, it’s noisy, don’t get in my way!”

In the hall of the Kamiya Family Residence, Tenraku is playing a game with Ile and Nel, while the other girls were doing their own thing.

“Woo… we were killed by Tenraku-sama again…”

After being killed, they lost their helmets and armor. Looking at the big characters of the game over on the screen, the two sisters threw their heads down in despair.

Why can’t they beat Tenraku-Sama even when playing games?!!

“Ile, Nel, it’s a million years too early for you to beat your master, so try your best next time!”


Tenraku laughed as he patted the little heads of the two sisters. Looking at his triumphant look, Rias and Akeno who were tasting black tea could not help being speechless for a while.

It’s just a game, you don’t know how to love your Peerage.

“Tenraku-Sama, one more time!”

Quickly cheering up again, Ile and Nel looked at Tenraku with a burning look in their eye.

He was about to nod and agree, but suddenly his expression condensed and Tenraku stood up.

“Ili, Nel, I will play the game again next time.”

“Rias, Yubelluna, summon all the Peerages, the enemy has begun to act!”

And without waiting for the women to follow up, Tenraku instantly unleashed his Sacred Gear’s ability –

Hermes’ boots!

Two pairs of Golden wings spread out under his feet, and Tenraku shot out of the hall window as a stream of light.

Being bored, Raynare on one side reacted first and two pairs of dark wings spread out behind her as she turned into her Angel Angel Form and she followed Tenraku with an evil smile on her face…

Hōng Hōng Hōng!!!


Countless Spheres of light shot from the air as Xenovia and Irina screamed miserably and smashed to the ground.

“Irina, hurry, run away…”

Xenovia was lying on the ground with severe injuries and could not move, she shouted towards Irina who was not far away to run away, but her eyes rolled back as she passed out.

“Xenovia! Xenovia!!!”

With her face pale and guarded by a spherical barrier, Irina also cried out anxiously.

The enemy is too strong, they are no match for him!

“Oh… this is interesting, you have a Sacred Gear’s protection? And it’s still a rare type belonging to the Defense category.”

Looking at the barrier that protected Irina fading away at the critical moment, Kokabiel in the air showed a hint of interest.

“HāHāHā… You deserve to be the boss!”

“Kill them, kill them quickly!”

Freed laughed from one side and spoke while holding two Longswords in his hands——

They were the Holy Sword Excalibur*Destruction and Holy Sword Excalibur*Minic!

“I’ll let you talk too much!”

Kokabiel raised his hand and threw a Light Sphere towards Freed. Freed was so scared that he yelled and hurriedly avoided the attack, and did not dare to talk nonsense anymore.

With a cold snort, Kokabiel was feeling annoyed, If he didn’t have anyone available, this useless and annoying guy would have been killed by him!

No longer paying attention to Freed, who had become like a quail, Kokabiel once again looked at Irina on the side.

“Even with the Sacred Gear’s protection, it can only save you once, now you also die!”

Kokabiel condensed a spear of light and threw it at Irina with a bloodthirsty and cold smile on his face.

Her body was stiff and she couldn’t avoid it, but looking at the Light Spear that whizzed at her, Irina gradually calmed down.

Closing her eyes and folding her hands together, the girl prayed secretly in her heart——

“Come and save us, Tenraku…”

Hōng Lóng!!!!!

There was a loud noise and the fire blazed into the sky, and Irina’s figure was instantly submerged in the dazzling brilliance…


Freed couldn’t help laughing again, but Kokabiel in the air looked at him with a cold expression on his face, and Freed quickly blocked his mouth.

Having decided to kill this annoying guy after this matter was over, Kokabiel looked grimly at the extra figure that arrived at the critical moment to save the Holy Sword Wielder and blocked his attack!

“Who is here?”

Kokabiel said coldly, with a hint of darkness emanating from his body.

Under Irina’s eyes,  the intruding figure slowly raised his head:

“This is the first time we are meeting, Fallen Angel Kokabiel, my name is Kamiya Tenraku.”

To be continued…

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