EPHS-Chapter 120 Crazy

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“So you are that trash from the Phenex family?”

Kokabiel had a playful look on his face as he looked at Tenraku.

“It’s true that I was called that before.”

Nodding his head, Tenraku replied with a smile on his face but a sharp chill flashed in his eyes.

He is not a kind old man with a broad and forgiving mind. He used to be weak before and had to endure being called a waste, but now he does not. Anyone who calls him a waste will pay the price.

Lài La……

Another stream of light fell, and then a figure appeared, it was Raynare who followed Tenraku.

“Oh… isn’t this Raynare?”

Seeing Raynare, Kokabiel couldn’t help but laugh.

“I never thought that Kokabiel-Sama would remember me, what an honor.”

Raynare replied with an evil smile on her face as she stood beside Tenraku.

“It’s true that a mongrel like you doesn’t deserve to be remembered by me, but something did make you too famous over at the Fallen Angel’s side recently-“

“You are the bitch abandoned by Azazel!”

Hōng Lóng!!

As soon as Kokabiel had spoken, a mass of cursed black flames exploded and rushed towards him, but he was enveloped in ten black wings and remained unharmed. Then Kokabiel spread his wings and blew the cursed black flames away.

“Hā Hā Hā… Interesting!”

“Vritra’s Curse Flame, it seems that your new master still favors you, Raynare, and he even gave you the Sacred Gear that sealed the power of a Dragon King!”

Kokabiel laughed, and Freed on one side couldn’t help but cut in:

“Chee, it must be the result of her selling her body, shameless woman!”

Freed sneered but everyone could hear the deep jealousy in his tone.

If he could sell his body in return for a powerful Sacred Gear then he would want it to.

The corner of Tenraku’s eyes throbbed but Raynare’s expression turned, and Irina, who was still held in Tenraku’s arms blushed.

Freed is right to a certain extent. She and Raynare did that kind of thing with Tenraku the other day…



Just when the atmosphere was going in a strange direction, a Teleportation Formation unfolded and Rias and Yubelluna arrived with the other members of Rias and Tenraku’s Peerage. In addition to them, the Sona also teleported over with her Peerages.

Nodding towards the women, Tenraku asked Asia and Mihae to take Irina and Xenovia down for treatment, while he himself stood in front with Rias and Sona to confront Kokabiel.

“Good day, Lord Fallen Angel, I am this town’s Landgraf, Rias Gremory.”

“Sona Sitri.”

Rias introduced herself with grace, and Sona also introduced herself.

“The Younger Sisters of Great Satan Lucifer and Leviathan, and the Waste of the Phenex family.”

“HāHāHā… you are all gathered together, this is really a delightful event!”

Kokabiel laughed, but Rias and Sona have a less than steller expression on their faces.

“Stealing Holy Swords and sneaking into the territory under my jurisdiction, Kokabiel, what is your purpose in doing so?”

“Don’t tell us that you are just here to visit!”

Facing the sharp gazes of the two women, Kokabiel raised the corners of his mouth and said:

“I plan to make a big mess here with Kuoh Academy, where you are, as the center, and you are naturally my target.”

“Leaving aside the extremely protective Leviathan, even Sirzechs wouldn’t be able to help himself and he would come out after knowing that his Younger Sister was being targeted or may be killed, right?”

“Of course, the trash of the Phenex family is also the same. If I kill you, that Phoenix Devil will definitely come to me for revenge!”

Kokabiel’s words were extremely bold and the girls were shocked with anger on their faces, and even Tenraku squinted his eyes and exuded a cold chill from his body.

The first thing he said was to kill him or something, this guy is really not the usual arrogance h usually encounters!

“Kokabiel, do you even know what you are talking about?”

“If you do this, the war between Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils will be triggered again!”

Rias questioned with an angry expression on her face.


“HāHāHā…I do want to start a war!”

“I’ve had enough of this boring world. That hypocritical fellow Michael has been thinking about getting along with the Fallen Angels and the Devils. Azazel and Shemukhsa also have a negative attitude towards the next war, and what’s more annoying is Sirzechs-Lucifer, that loser, who is obviously a Devil but is pretending to be a good guy who keeps circling the balance between several major forces.”

“They are doing this one by one and going towards peace and since they don’t want to do it then I will do it, and start the War again!”

With a crazy twisted face, Kokabiel’s words stunned all the women.

He wanted to start a war between Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils because of his boredom, madman, this guy is a madman!

“You warmonger, we won’t let you succeed!”

“We will never let you destroy the peace that was finally obtained!”

Knowing the seriousness of the matter, both Rias and Sona spoke with determination.

They will stop this lunatic no matter what the price is!

“Hā Hā Hā Hā Hā… then you just need to stop me!”

“Rias Gremory, Sona Sitri, and Kamiya Tenraku, the waste of Phenex’s family, your school Kuoh Academy is a very good place, I will be waiting for you there!”

“Try your hardest to stop me, if you don’t come I’ll just destroy the town, HāHāHāHāHā……”

Looking up to the sky and laughing, Kokabiel disappeared without a trace with a flash of light in the air.

“Everyone, I will be waiting for you!”

Freed waved his hand triumphantly and he also ran away as his boss was gone.

“Those Bastards!”

Rias clenched his fists and cursed with a gloomy expression on her face.

“Don’t worry, Rias, we will definitely stop that guy.”

Sona reassured Rias as she also understood Rias’s feelings.

“Kokabiel is not a simple character. If you want to stop him, we need to discuss it first.”

“We will temporarily retreat, Irina and Xenovia also need to recover.”


Tenraku suggested and the girls agreed as they had no better opinion.

Launching a series of Teleportation Formation to temporarily retreat, Sona and her Peerage also went to Kamiya Family Residence to discuss countermeasures to stop Kokabiel.

At the same time, at Kuoh Academy——

“Oooh, I’m so tired, Murayama, please carry me back.”

“Don’t press me down, Damn Kiryu, I’m almost exhausted too!”

“Well, Kaichou(Club President)-Sama won’t be angry at us seeing as we are training secretly here, right?”

“What are you afraid of? Just don’t let Kaichou(Club President)-Sama know about it. Besides, don’t you want to improve your Swordsmanship and get a reward from Kaichou(Club President)-Sama?”

“Yeah, that’s right, Kaichou(Club President)-Sama is so tolerant, even if he knows it, he won’t punish us. I really want it, Kaichou(Club President)-Sama’s reward…”

While talking with each other, a group of girls carrying school bags and wooden swords came out of Kendo Club, it is Kiryu Aika, Murayama Katase, and the other Kendo Club girls!

It was late, and their other classmates had already gone home, but in order to improve their Swordsmanship as soon as possible and get the reward from the Kaichou(Club President) Sama, these girls are working hard.

“Hey, look, there is a man with wings flying over!”

Seeming to find something, a young girl walking in front suddenly exclaimed.

The other girls wanted to make fun of her but looking in the direction the girl was pointing, Murayama, Katase, and all the Kendo Club girls were stunned and a ghostly look appeared on their faces…

To be continued…

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