EPHS-Chapter 118 Excessive Interest

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In the Student Council room, Sona sits on an office chair with her hands on the table, while Yura Tsubasa and her Peerage are standing in a row behind the girl.

“Please have tea, Your Highness Tenraku.”

“Thank you, Schoolmate Tsubaki.”

Shinra Tsubaki made a cup of hot tea for Tenraku, and Tenraku smiled and thanked her.

With her cheeks flushed, the girl nodded, and then went back to Sona.

“President Sona, what can I do for you?”

Tenraku asked after tasting the fragrant hot tea.

Tenraku wonders what this Student Council President has to say that she called him alone to the Student Council room.

“You saw those two Second Years, they have destroyed the school’s morals and reputation, and have been sent to the police station for education and reform, but even if they are released, they will not be allowed to enter Kuoh Academy again.”

Sona spoke with a calm tone.

“Well, I didn’t expect Motohama-san and Matsuda-san to have that kind of hobby, so it’s hard to believe that people are like that.”

“But they can’t be blamed, after all, they are also pursuing their true love.”

Nodding his head, Tenraku had a rather sighing look on his face.

The corner of Sona’s mouth was raised, while Shinra Tsubaki and the other girls were blushing with a forbearing smile on their faces.

“It’s true that this is not their fault because they were cursed by someone, so they went against their nature and do that kind of unbearable thing.”

“Kamiya Tenraku, don’t you have anything to explain?”

Pushing up her glasses, Sona looked at Tenraku with a stern gaze.

Tenraku’s expression froze and then he felt embarrassed. He didn’t expect anyyone to know about it.

“Okay, I confess, I am the cause, it was me who told Raynare to curse them.”

“Why do this, they are just ordinary people.”

“Because they dared to spy on my lovely Peerage members, so they were given a little punishment.”

“Ah, of course, there are also some personal reasons…”

Raising his hands, Tenraku confessed and explained the reason.

Sona was speechless for a while, and the other women behind her laughed.

They didn’t think the Phenex family’s miracle son would have such a mischievous side!

“If President Sona feels bad, then I will ask Raynare to lift their curse and bring them back later.”

Tenraku proposed, but Sona directly rejected the proposal:

“No need, no matter now or before, those two people are the school’s resident insects, expelling them is a good thing for the school.”

“This is the end of the matter, I have another important thing to confirm with you.”

Sona didn’t care about Motohama and Matsuda’s affairs. She wouldn’t ask more if it wasn’t for the curse on them being very similar to that of the Fallen Angel beside Tenraku.

“Important thing?”

Not knowing what else this House of Sitri’s Grand Miss had to ask her, Tenraku was also a little puzzled.

“Some of it involves your privacy, so it doesn’t matter even if you don’t answer.”

“But I will still ask the last question, why has the power of Red Dragon Emperor appeared in Rias’ body, can you explain it for me?”

Sona withdraws and clicks on a Magic projection, there, an image of Rias wearing the Scarlet Red Dragon Emperor armor and destroying a group of Stray Devils appeared.

Not only Shinra Tsubaki but Sona was also shocked when she saw this image. The Longinus was obviously on Tenraku, but why could Rias use the power of the Red Dragon Emperor?

Feeling an unparalleled curiosity, Sona just asked this question as she couldn’t think of an answer. If Tenraku doesn’t answer then she won’t force the issue. After all, this has already involved the other party’s privacy and secrets.

However, what surprised Sona was–

“That is one of my Sacred Gear’s abilities. I can share the Sacred Gear I have captured with another host.”

“As you can see, I shared the power of the Red Dragon Emperor with Rias.”

There was nothing to hide and Tenraku directly revealed his Sacred Gear’s abilities.

Both Sona and Shinra Tsubaki in the back of the room showed a shocked expression on their faces. Not only can he take other Sacred Gear without limit, but he can also share the captured Sacred Gear with another host. His Sacred Gear was really too good. Is it just a Sacred Gear?

All of his Sacred Gear’ Abilities are cheats!

“Kamiya Tenraku, you shouldn’t have told me that.”

After regaining her senses, Sona gave Tenraku a complicated look.

She couldn’t help but ask only in a moment of curiosity, but now it was something she regretted.

She didn’t like this feeling of exploring other people’s secrets.

“I don’t care, it will be seen by someone someday anyway.”

“And President Sona is a friend of Rias and someone I trust, so it doesn’t matter if I tell you this kind of thing.”

Tenraku shook his head with an indifferent expression on his face and replied with a chuckle, but when he saw the remaining Peerage members of Sona, he added:

“Of course, I also trust Tsubaki, Nimura, and others.”

The girls dropped their heads with slightly red faces as Tenraku gazed at them.

After calming down a little, Sona returned to her usual calm and collected demeanor and looked at Tenraku with an intriguing smile on her face.

“Kamiya Tenraku, it is not without reason that so many girls like and admire you.”

“If you were just trying to gain our favor, then congratulations, you’ve succeeded.”

For a moment, a smile appeared on Tenraku’s face——

“I didn’t expect such a result, but I am honored.”

“But as I said, I do trust President Sona and everyone.”

Tenraku replied calmly with a clear conscience.

“Since you trust us, let me ask you one more thing. In fact, this is what we care about most.”

Holding up his own glasses, a faintly imperceptible cunning light flashed in Sona’s eyes.

“Go ahead.”

Tenraku shrugged.

“Kamiya Tenraku, how is your cohabitation with Rias going?”

The room echoed with the voice of Sona, while the Shinra Tsubaki and the other women looked at Tenraku with unbridled curiosity in their eyes.

The corners of his mouth twitched as Tenraku didn’t expect Sona to ask such a question!

“Ahem, President Sona, it’s better not to talk about such things.”

“I do have an important thing to say to you guys on my side, recently the Fallen Angel side ……”

With an awkward cough in his heart, Tenraku tried to change the subject, but was directly stopped by the girl:

“If you want to say that Fallen Angels stole Holy Sword and sneaked into this town then you don’t need to. Rias has already told us that and we have also strengthened our defenses.”

“Now, please answer my question, as Rias’s best friend and someone who is trusted by you, I need to know about you.”

With a cold and serious expression on her face, Sona’s expression told Tenraku that she cannot be refused.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and Tenraku suddenly felt self-conscious, but facing the girl’s cold and sharp gaze, he finally felt defeated.

“Hai Hai, President Sona, just ask what you want…”

Raising his hand in surrender, Tenraku finally wiped his sweat and left the Student Council room after more than an hour, and he left Sona and the other with a satisfied expression.

Tenraku has experienced how terrible a group of gossip women are!

“Tsubaki, do you guys think I’m a little overly interested in him ……”

With a narrow smile on her face, Sona asked her question while tapping the table with her finger.

There was silence in the room, but none of the Peerages answered the girl’s question…

To be continued…

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