PC Chapter 89 Normal intervention

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Terrance and others found themselves in an open space to the south of the rocky area, where dozens, even hundreds of Nosepass stood, staring blankly at each other, communicating in an indescribable way.

For Pokemon, these magical creatures… even though they have mouths, their methods of communication are quite peculiar.

A dense magnetic force fluctuated over this area, and between some Nosepass, dust and debris began to swirl, creating a sandstorm.

Watching the dozens of Nosepass gathered together with a solemn atmosphere, the group took a deep breath, feeling a bit impatient.

For such a long time… the Nosepass had done nothing but stand there foolishly.

The Crown Academy students kept a distance from the Nosepass, but it was uncertain whether this distance was safe. The Nosepass seemed to be getting restless, and it was unclear how intense it would become if they were to engage in a battle.



About fifteen minutes passed, and it seemed like the Nosepass had reached some kind of understanding. They began to cry out in unison, with faint lightning emanating from their bodies.

Afterwards, nearly a hundred Nosepass suddenly acted, causing a brief chaos. Lightning flashed, rocks tumbled, and the continuous sounds of collisions could be heard, causing the hearts of those present to accelerate.

“It’s starting—”

The group stuck their heads out, watching the intense battle in the distance, wishing they could watch it from up close.

Soon, more Nosepass joined the fray, and the battleground expanded, pushing many Nosepass farther away.

“Wait a minute, it looks like… some Nosepass are heading in this direction,” Tobias suddenly exclaimed.

In the distance, five or six Nosepass with bodies emitting lightning were moving at a frenetic pace, giving off a chaotic rhythm.

The movements of these Nosepass were erratic, and some of them were running straight towards Terrance and others.

“I’ll handle this,” Misanji’s eyes sparkled as he watched the Nosepass fight, his eagerness to join in clearly visible on his face.

“Isn’t it dangerous to do that with so many Nosepass around…..” Yuko expressed concern.

“It’s okay…my Sceptile is the strongest Sceptile in the world,” Misanji said calmly, gripping the Poké Ball.

“This kind of battle is perfect for giving it some fighting experience.”

As soon as the words fell, Jinbe shrugged. He had heard this so many times that he was starting to get sick of it.

“In fact, it doesn’t matter…now that the Nosepass have lost their rationality, even if we jump into the fray, they won’t unite to attack us. Of course, in such a chaotic situation, the chances of getting injured will increase.”

Terrance waved his hand.

Wild Nosepass evolve by relying on waves emitted by special magnetic fields. When these waves interact with the magnetic force emitted by their bodies, they combine and emit a mysterious electrical wave that can attract other Nosepass, who are drawn to it subconsciously.

During this combining process, Nosepass lose their rationality, and the release of magnetic force within its body will become extremely chaotic. At this point, whichever Nosepass can complete the combination first will successfully evolve.

In the wild, when this particular electromagnetic wave appears, it often lures many Nosepass to gather to obtain it.

In the process of absorbing the magnetic waves, chaos is inevitable, but losing in battle can also interrupt the electrical wave combination of some Nosepass, causing their evolution to fail. So, among dozens of Nosepass, the one that can successfully evolve and occupy the dominant position is often very rare.

“Is that so?”

Upon hearing Terrance’s words, some of the more combative people among them showed signs of eagerness.

“Yeah, I’ve brought Oran Berries for replenishing energy, and I also have some Potions and Paralyze Heal. If things get tough, don’t push yourselves and come back here for treatment.”

“This chaotic situation won’t end quickly,” Terrance continued.

He patted the four other Poké Balls at his waist and smiled with anticipation.

Jinbe, Misanji, Seiji, Tobias, and even Yuko all brought their own Pokémon to intercept the incoming Nosepass and joined the fight.

This meant that only the two Breeder Class students chose not to get involved.

“Aren’t you going?” Orange, who rarely speaks, asked.

“Me? Nah… we still need someone to handle logistics,” Terrance replied.


“Is this really okay? Them intervening might disrupt the Nosepass’ natural evolution,” Orange looked at Terrance.

Terrance smiled and said, “Disrupting natural evolution? We haven’t reached that level yet. Trainers like us are also considered one of nature’s uncertainties for these Nosepass.”

“Moreover, these Nosepass are only a small fraction of their population within Mt. Coronet.”

“Otherwise, why do you think they all worked together to drive us outsiders away? First, they deal with external factors, then their own inter-species struggles. Their evolution is also built on the bodies of their own kind. For them, our intervention isn’t accidental but a natural inevitability.”

Terrance spoke as the five people who had gone out had already joined the battle. They commanded their Pokémon to fight while standing near other Pokémon to protect themselves.

“Nonsense,” Orange huffed lightly.

Terrance didn’t explain further.

According to his understanding, the path of evolution for wild Pokémon is complicated, with a variety of special and complex situations. The purpose of evolution is to make itself stronger and show a specific adaptation to certain environmental conditions.

Wild Pokémon evolves just to better adapt to the environment.

But whether this kind of evolution was good or bad for Pokémon themselves was still unknown.

Terrance had once come across an example in a report. In the Kanto region, the most common bird Pokémon, Pidgey and Spearow, were in a perpetual state of rivalry due to competition for food. Spearow would attack Pidgey, Pidgeotto would attack Spearow, and then Fearow would retaliate against Pidgeotto. This cycle continued until a leader-level Pidgeot emerged, providing safety and security to the Pidgey race.

Pidgey was at a significant disadvantage in this competitive relationship, but contrary to expectations, evolution didn’t lead to good results. According to a researcher’s investigation, the survival chances of Pidgey in this competition were much higher than those of Pidgeotto.

Because every Pidgeotto, despite having better hunting conditions and strength, was often targeted by the Spearow race to prevent them from evolving into the leader Pidgeot for the Pidgey race.

In Terrance’s view, their level of involvement would hardly cause any harm to nature, as there were no natural predators for Nosepass within Mt. Coronet. Evolution into Probopass brought them benefits in terms of strength and lifespan, with no significant differences beyond that.

If one were to consider the truly detrimental behavior, it would be a group of Trainers capturing all the Pidgeotto in a forest…. In that case, Pidgey would be eliminated in competition with Spearow, and the prey species would also disappear. As a result, the entire forest ecosystem would collapse into oblivion!

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