PC Chapter 68 Contest Battle

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“Amazing?” Terrance smiled wryly.

“This isn’t about being amazing; it’s the result of Beautifly’s own effort,” Terrance said. “To learn this combo, it has put in quite a bit of effort…”

From sensing air currents, to perfecting String Shot and getting proficient in Electroweb…each step is indispensable.

Meanwhile, “Electric Whirlpool” is also the most challenging technique Beautifly has grasped so far. Since it was his first time participating in a Pokémon Contest, and considering it’s the last Pokémon Contest he will enter in the near future, Terrance revealed this technique so early.

However, these techniques, whether Beautifly or Swablu has mastered it or not, are destined to be showcased only in the first round of the Pokémon Contest. Their extended preparation time isn’t possible in battles.

These techniques are designed specifically to accentuate a Pokémon’s own charm.

“Absolutely… absolutely fantastic!! Beautifly was truly dazzling back then,” Abby wasn’t stingy in her praise, once again pulling Terrance as they headed to the lobby to discuss the Pokémon Contest.

Terrance didn’t refuse Abby’s inquiries.

After a thorough discussion, the two unexpectedly found that their focus was on how to raise Pokémon itself…

Pokémon Contest.

Coordinators showcase their Pokémon’s appearance and moves.

And whether it’s appearance or moves, it’s all built upon the foundation of raising Pokémon.

Pokémon Contest has an unwritten rule: Pokémon’s appearance isn’t compared to other contestants’ Pokémon. It’s about what makes the appearing Pokémon stand out among Pokémon of its kind…what it excels in comparison to others.

There’s no judge who compares the outward appearances of “Muk” and “Milotic.”

So, in the first round, a Pokémon’s healthy growth, beauty… all affect the judges’ scores. Pokémon cared for by Breeders naturally have an advantage in the “appearance” category.

At the same time, it tests the judges’ standards.

As for the use of moves, it’s a means to magnify the charm of a Pokémon’s appearance and its own uniqueness, allowing others to understand.

“Elegance isn’t just a facade!!”

Terrance has always believed that the gorgeous techniques displayed by outstanding Top Coordinators aren’t just for show. In this aspect, even the previously demonstrated “Electric Whirlpool” doesn’t meet the criteria. That’s why he admires the criteria set by the older generation’s Top Coordinator, Mr. Juan, the most.

Mr. Juan focuses on elegance during the battle and hopes that other Trainers can also engage in battles gracefully.

Even if it’s a Seaking, Mr. Juan can grasp its “innate” resistance to Electric-type moves and command it to use its Horn Drill move to elegantly reflect moves like “Thunderbolt” and “Thunder” which are powerful against Water-type Pokémon, back at Water-type Pokémon using its tough horn full of racial charm.

Due to his acquaintance with Wallace, Terrance has paid attention to this master and student duo from Sootopolis City and astonishingly discovered that both Wallace and his master Juan dominated the Grand Festivals with their splendid performances as Top Coordinators!!

During the past Sootopolis Gym challenges, Mr. Juan also appeared to place considerable importance on guiding Trainers through elegant battles, aiming to help them appreciate the distinctive charm of their Pokémon. As long as Trainers displayed some level of understanding, Sootopolis Gym would grant a certain degree of “passage,” signifying approval towards the Trainer.

So, Terrance firmly believes that an excellent Top Coordinator might also be a Trainer with remarkable strength and proficient in battles.


Hearthome Conference had less than a hundred contestants. After Terrance’s performance, there weren’t many contestants left. So, following a brief half-time pause, the second round began right away.

“The second round Contest Battle is about to start!”

“In the limited time of 5 minutes, the key to victory is to use moves elegantly to reduce your opponent’s score!”

In other words, even in heated battles, scoring hits or incapacitating the opponent won’t greatly reduce their score. In the second round Contest Battle, for a legitimate Coordinator striving to become a Top Coordinator, it’s essential not to neglect showcasing a Pokémon’s charm with stylish moves during battles.

This is the pride of a Coordinator.

In the first round, Terrance unsurprisingly passed with a perfect score, even ranking first!

So, in the second round Contest Battle, Terrance would be the first to take the stage as a seeded contestant.

“First up, Mr. Terrance from this side—”

“Next is Ms. Hibiki from the other side. You have a time limit of 5 minutes, and there’s no pause system. Please start the match!”


For the two stepping onto the stage, the countdown on the screen marked the official start of the battle.

Terrance’s opponent was a young girl. Perhaps due to watching Terrance’s first-round performance, she looked very serious, like she was facing a formidable enemy.

“The opponent is strong. I’m counting on you, Lopunny!”

“Beautifly, it’s your turn to shine!”

The fur at the front of Lopunny’s ears was neatly groomed, looking very beautiful. It was evident that she had taken meticulous care of it. The opponent seemed to frequently show Lopunny’s charm through its “ears.”

However, as soon as the two Pokémon appeared, Lopunny’s condition appeared a bit peculiar…

“It’s infatuation state! Contestant Terrance’s Beautifly has used Attract Move right away. This is the same strategy Contestant Abby used in the last round. It seems Lopunny is in a bit of trouble. How will Ms. Hibiki solve this?!”

“Opposite genders, what a coincidence.” Terrance chuckled, not expecting Beautifly’s luck to be this good.

“Hmph, don’t underestimate my Lopunny. Use your ear to strike the ground, Splash!” Hibiki exclaimed loudly, as if trying to awaken Lopunny through sound.

While under the infatuation state, a Pokémon will find it difficult to use its moves.

However, “Pound” and “Splash” are instinctual skills deeply ingrained in Lopunny’s memory, similar to how Flying-type Pokémon are naturally adept at flying. These moves are easy to use.

After Lopunny squatted down, its long ears slapped the ground. It didn’t attack, just hopped around. However, due to the rhythmic tapping and jumping, this frequency of movement immediately snapped Lopunny out of the infatuation state.

Splash isn’t an attacking move. It’s a form of movement method. The most famous user is Magikarp…

“Lopunny seems to have recovered from the infatuation state. Contestant Hibiki has employed a clever method to break through it and showcase Lopunny’s charm!”

“Contestant Terrance’s score has been reduced somewhat!”

“Nice skills. Beautifly, be careful of its ears,” Terrance advised.

“There is no use being careful, it’s not over yet. Lopunny, use ‘Splash’ to execute ‘Bounce’!” Hibiki said.

Next, the hopping Lopunny gathered its strength and used Bounce to soar high into the sky, nearing the roof of the venue and reaching near Beautifly.

Bounce is a Flying-type move. Through the use of its ears, Lopunny showcased astonishing jumping power and aerial abilities.

“In this state, do you think Lopunny has an advantage in agility over Beautifly in the air?” Terrance asked.

“Beautifly, use Air Cutter!”

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