PC Chapter 51 Surprising, isn’t it?

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“How is it possible, with just a few strands of silk…” Candice couldn’t finish speaking as she found it to be too incredulous. In this chilly weather, the silk threads were as straight as steel wires… This Beautifly had mastered the control of silk to such an extent that it had reached a level of perfection.

“Snover, use Razor Leaf once again to destroy the silk,” she urgently commanded. The fallen Snover immediately tried to adjust its body, preparing to unleash Razor Leaf. However, before it could react, it felt a tingling sensation running through its body, and its stamina began to decrease.

“Beautifly, Absorb!”

In full view of everyone, Snover’ energy kept flowing towards Beautifly through the silk threads.


Candice was greatly alarmed and quickly called out several times.


Snover furrowed its brow and responded weakly.

“It seems… the power of Absorb Move is still too weak. It’s time for Beautifly to learn Mega Drain and Giga Drain…” Terrance observed the situation in the arena. Despite having its energy absorbed, Snover remained conscious. If it wasn’t due to the opponent’s strong willpower, then it must be because Beautifly’s Absorb wasn’t lethal enough for Snover.

“Don’t give him a chance to react, Beautifly. Finish it with Air Cutter!”

The raging winds around them became the perfect aid for Beautifly to unleash Air Cutter. The icy gusts, carrying a cutting edge, sliced towards Snover, causing it to panic and attempt to break free from the silk threads…

However, it was unfortunate that Snover couldn’t escape its fate of being hit on the vital spots by Air Cutter due to the tough silk. Its eyes turned into spirals, and it collapsed to the ground.

“Snover is unable to battle, so the winner is… uh…is…” The middle-aged man from the school raised a small red flag and helplessly looked at the outcome of the battle. As he was about to announce the winner, he suddenly froze, unable to continue speaking.

“Oh, right, I’m Terrance from Fallarbor Town in the Hoenn region.”

Terrance recalled Beautifly into the Poké Ball, paying no attention to the battle’s result. For him, the most important thing was…

“Candice, right? I won.” What he actually mean was, you should tell me how to easily get to Crown Academy.

At this moment, Candice was still immersed in the battle and hadn’t recovered from it. Watching the fainted Snover, she couldn’t believe that she had lost so easily.

Moreover, she lost to a kid who was about the same age as her!

“(⊙o⊙) Wow~~~~~~ Amazing~~~~~”

“(⊙o⊙) So strong~~~~~ He defeated Candice-senpai~~~~”

The children around them had been staring wide-eyed since the battle started, holding their breaths as they watched this incredibly brilliant battle. Only at the end did their gaping mouths gradually close, admiration evident on their faces.

Especially among these children, there was a little girl with deep red-orange hair color. Throughout the battle, her eyes were sparkling with bright little stars, never leaving from Beautifly.

“Candice, you know, Terrance and his Pokémon share a bond that surpasses yours. Did you notice? When Terrance gave a command, Beautifly executed its move almost instantaneously. It shows that there is a strong connection between them…” The middle-aged man approached Candice and spoke.

“You and Snover are lacking that kind of bond.”

“Teacher…” Candice looked up and glanced at Snover, who had recovered and said: “I understand. Snover and I will become the best of friends.”

“Well then, Terrance, I won’t lose to you in our next battle.”

“Sure.” Terrance smiled and then coughed.

“I understand, I understand. You want to go to Crown Academy, right? Then let my dad give you a ride.” Sighing, Candice didn’t understand how this oddball before her could defeat her so easily.

“Is it really your first battle…”

“Also, I didn’t expect you, Terrance, to be a student at Crown Academy. The tuition there must be very expensive, right?”

“Talking about tuition… it should be expensive?” Terrance nodded. “You said your dad can give me a ride? Is that okay?”

Candice patted her chest. “Of course, there’s no problem! Besides, he’s going back to the academy anyway. Oh, I forgot to tell you, he’s actually a teacher at the academy. Surprising, isn’t it?”

“…” Terrance.

“So, you…”

“You want to know why I’m not a student at Crown Academy.” Candice raised her finger and gestured back and forth. “First, the tuition is very expensive. Second, I dislike the mountains. Third, I am determined to become Trainer of Snowpoint Gym, so I don’t have time to go to school there. Fourth, I have friends at this school.”

“Although I’m not sure what you’re thinking, as long as you can get me to the academy, that’s all that matters,” Terrance waved his hand dismissively. He had no interest in hearing other people’s stories.

He felt his fingers were almost numb from the cold…

Candice’s dad wasn’t just a teacher at Crown Academy, he was also the current Gym Leader of Snowpoint Gym.

Even the Pokémon Trainer’s School in Snowpoint City was partially funded by Candice’s dad.

So Candice has been attending school in Snowpoint City since she was young. Because she had made friends here and wanted to inherit Snowpoint Gym as soon as possible, she declined the opportunity to go to Crown Academy for training.

“I agree with that. You can become an excellent Trainer even without studying at the academy.” Terrance agreed.

At least, until he met Master Victor, he had never heard of academies…

Candice listened with a puzzled expression. Giving up the chance to enroll in Crown Academy was something her dad criticized her for many times. However, Candice had made up her mind to improve her skills as soon as possible and seize the position of Gym Leader!

“What nonsense! Trainers like you who can’t even distinguish basic knowledge would have died outside if it weren’t for the League’s exploration of the wilderness. In the past, except for a few brave fools, how many Trainers dared to travel alone? The glory of Crown Academy hundred years ago was something that you youngsters can’t even imagine.”

“You show no respect for the efforts of the past. Kid, are you really planning to study at Crown Academy? I remember all five new students enrolled this year.”

At this moment, both Candice and Terrance, who were having a conversation in a room, were startled by the sudden arrival of someone behind them.

It was a bespectacled middle-aged man who looked knowledgeable but seemed to have a bad temper, giving off a cold aura.

“Dad…” Seeing this man, Candice’s face became bitter.

“I’m Isaac, Candice’s father. You’re the Trainer who defeated her, right?” A glint flashed in his glasses as the man, with an unfriendly gaze, stared at Terrance.

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