PC Chapter 48 Goodbye, Hoenn

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There are many Pokémon that showcase their charm through sound, such as Jigglypuff, Exploud, and Noivern, each using their own unique methods with sound.

Jigglypuff possesses vocal cords that can easily change the wavelength of its voice, allowing it to sing at the wavelength most likely to put opponents to sleep.

Exploud’s powerful roar can be heard up to 10 kilometers away and even has the power to cause earthquakes.

Noivern’s ears can emit powerful ultrasonic waves, with enough force to shatter rocks.

And then there’s Altaria, known as the Humming Pokémon. Its voice can reach high frequencies, enchanting listeners with its captivating songs. After evolving Swablu, Terrance doesn’t want it to only be able to sing beautiful high-pitched notes. Just like Jigglypuff, Exploud, and Noivern, who use soundwaves to enhance their abilities, Altaria, with its innate advantage, surely possesses untapped potential that nobody has explored yet.

During the initial training of Swablu, Terrance often wonders what a truly powerful Pokémon looks like.

If Swablu were to follow conventional growth, its strength would undoubtedly be impressive. But could it surpass its own species and go even further? Training through traditional methods can only bring out a Pokémon’s potential to 100%. However, if one breaks free from conventions, it may be possible to reach 101% or even more.

Terrance’s choice was to nurture and showcase Altaria’s proud vocal abilities, which have traditionally been associated with singing. Right from the beginning, Terrance never ignored Swablu’s growth in this aspect, providing constant encouragement and assistance.

In addition to being influenced by Pokémon like Jigglypuff and Exploud, Terrance had also witnessed firsthand in his previous life how humans shattered a glass with their voices and how buildings resonated and were destroyed by the vibration frequency of an object matching their natural frequency. It’s hard to imagine that seemingly indestructible bridges could be destroyed by the footsteps of tiny humans.

This theory is based on the principle of “resonance,” which allows one to amplify the power of sound waves that would otherwise be negligible by finding the corresponding “natural frequency” of an object.

Exploud can shatter webs with sound waves, and Noivern can crush rocks with sound waves. They possess unique talents. So, if Altaria, with its extremely high-frequency voice, were to train and utilize its sound, what could it achieve?

Altaria’s voice lacks the explosive power of Exploud’s roar.

It also lacks the destructive force of Noivern’s sound waves.

Its advantage lies in the vast range and the ability to modulate its voice, creating different beautiful melodies. Terrance doesn’t expect Altaria to cause earthquakes like Exploud or possess the powerful Supersonic of Noivern.

But if Altaria can quickly discover the “natural frequency” of common moves like “Fire Blast,” “Energy Ball,” “Solar Beam,” and “Hyper Beam,” and use a certain Growl to find the corresponding “resonance frequency,” could it achieve similar effects?

By minimizing costs, neutralizing most common “projectile-based” moves of opponents, Altaria could almost achieve an unbeatable position. In that case, this simple technique could also be called a “signature move.”

Terrance couldn’t be certain, this was also his speculation, whether it could succeed or not, the “secret technique” was not something that could be achieved in just one or two years.

Finding the frequency of a move quickly during battles might seem like wishful thinking. However, Swablu’s move, “Mirror Move,” which mimics the opponent’s move, made Terrance boldly believe that this unconventional idea can be put into practice. He has a hunch that “Mirror Move” is the key to this technique.

Terrance hasn’t determined the specific training method yet. It’s still just a preliminary concept, intended to be one of his long-term research projects, just like the “secret technique” of Beautifly. It represents the indispensable “foresight” and vision of an excellent Breeder.

This goal cannot be achieved in a day or two, nor can it be realized immediately after taking action. Everything takes a long time to refine, improve, and optimize!

Moreover, even if it fails, there won’t be any severe consequences. If one lacks the courage to try, there’s no point in becoming a Breeder.

Once this technique is mastered, even with limited usage, it will elevate Swablu’s future to new heights, reaching a position that not even Master Victor had anticipated!

One year…two years… Terrance was prepared to dedicate ten years, using his identity as a “Breeder” to wholeheartedly assist Swablu in perfecting this technique.

Verdanturf Town, Pokémon Center.

After resolving the Diglett incident, Master Victor finally shifted his focus to Terrance.

A conversation with the senior management of Crown Academy began, discussing Terrance’s admission as a transfer student.

The process went smoothly, and Terrance unknowingly obtained the coveted opportunity to enroll in Crown Academy that many dream of.

At Crown Academy, there’s no need to travel extensively. Countless resources and knowledge are at one’s disposal. Terrance, the young Breeder, will thrive in this environment, growing rapidly.

Currently, challenging Coordinators and Intermediate Breeders is not an easy task for him, and Terrance also wouldn’t engage in such arrogant or uncertain endeavors.

So, Crown Academy will be a great stepping stone for Terrance’s rapid growth!

And it will also serve as a comfortable place for him to put some theories into practice.

Hoenn, Slateport City, Harbor.

Sinnoh region is located north of the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Region. It consists of the Sinnoh mainland, the Battle Zone on the northeastern island, and several smaller islands scattered on both sides of the region.

As Terrance boarded the ship bound for the Sinnoh Region, he took a deep breath. This was his second long journey, with the first one being from the Kanto mainland to the Hoenn mainland.

After arriving in the Sinnoh mainland, Master Victor would no longer accompany Terrance. Since June was going to pursue her own dreams, Master Victor, as her teacher, couldn’t expect to not show up at all. He needs to visit Little June’s family and communicate with her parents. After all, she is just a 10-year-old girl who still relies on her parents’ care and concern.

June Joy, having made a different choice from most of her family, was facing great pressure at the moment and needed Master Victor’s assistance and guidance.

Terrance had seen Little June’s emails.

She was a different kind of Joy.

“I want to become a Professor.”

“I developed this idea during my travels with teacher. Rather than staying in one place to heal Pokémon injuries for Trainers, I’d prefer to go to deserts, snowy mountains, grasslands, or peaks to help homeless Pokémon.”

“When an area’s ecology collapses, the first to suffer are often the wild Pokémon living there.”

“The cause of their current situation is the extensive capturing of Pokémon by Trainers and the formation of cities.”

“I may not be strong, but I hope to make people realize that both humans and Pokémon should be part of this world.”

“I plan to go to Kalos Region, where the ecological damage is most severe. If I can, I hope to engage in research on ecological conservation.”

Terrance smiled wryly. This little girl was a “real” ten years old, but her awareness made Terrance feel a bit ashamed.

Perhaps family background and the environment where one grows play a role. Each person has their own unique ideas…

Terrance heaved a sigh and could only silently wish Little June well in his heart.

As a gentle breeze blew, he glanced back at the gradually shrinking Hoenn mainland. The image of the Mt. Coronet, which spans the entire Sinnoh region and divides the Sinnoh mainland into east and west, appeared in Terrance’s mind.

Goodbye, Hoenn.

(End of Volume 1)

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