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Sunlight streamed through the cracks in the rocks, illuminating the cave which was still covered with green moss.

Master Victor and Terrance searched for the traces of Exploud and others, venturing deeper into the cave.

It was because of Terrance’s suggestion to have a battle with Exploud. Despite knowing that Exploud was much stronger and he had little chance of winning, he wanted to confirm some of his speculations.

Inside the cave, Whismur gathered in small groups, curiously observing Terrance and Victor. After a while, Exploud emerged from the depths.

It was larger than the average Exploud, and resembled Loudred in appearance. It had a notably large mouth, a predominantly purple body with several indentations, allowing it to produce flute-like sounds.

“Nice to see you again, Exploud.”

“Do you want to battle me?”

Terrance smiled as he looked at Exploud, sensing its aura. It possessed a presence that was not common among Pokemon, especially those Pokemon that are raised.

“In exchange, we will use our full authority to handle the matter of Diglett, and you can all live here peacefully,” Master Victor said.


Exploud’s red pupils stared at Terrance as it opened its massive mouth that occupied most of its body. With a slight gap, it unleashed a burst of sound waves, disrupting the surrounding airflow.

“Do you agree?” Terrance asked.

Exploud nodded and let out a roar. All the nearby Whismur retreated to the back, and then Exploud extended its hand, pointing outside.

“Understood.” Following Exploud, Terrance and Victor began walking towards the exit of the cave. They arrived at a relatively open area with no dangerous rocks or cliffs, perfect for a battle.

“The rules are one-on-one.”

“I choose Beautifly as my Pokemon.”

Throwing a Poké Ball forward, Beautifly emerged from a flash of white light. Its body had intersecting shades of gray and black, and its wings were adorned with vibrant patterns. It stared at Exploud, full of fighting intent.

Beautifly appeared gentle, but only towards those whom it is familiar with.

Being naturally aggressive, Beautifly is full of combativeness. It would launch fierce attacks when provoked, and without a Trainer’s teachings, this temperament would be more pronounced in the wild.

Master Victor stood on the sidelines, taking on the role of a spectator. He was also curious about Terrance’s reason for wanting to battle Exploud.

Exploud was formidable, almost unbeatable for Terrance and Beautifly.

Ahead, Exploud stood firm on the ground.

Across from it, Beautifly circled in the air, with Terrance eagerly looking forward to the battle, his fists clenched.

“Let’s begin! Beautifly, we’ll take the initiative and give it a welcoming gift. Silver Wind—”

A wind started blowing, and the wind created by Beautifly’s wings was akin to a sandstorm. The air was filled with scattered white particles, giving it a murky appearance.

Incorporating Shield Dust into the wind, Beautifly’s actions became even more agile when executing Silver Wind.

However, Exploud showed no intention of dodging. With a loud Howl, it emitted a deafening sound that created ripples and waves from its mouth. Silver Wind was completely dispersed by the force of the Hyper Voice.


“Now that’s how you utilize sound,” Terrance’s eyes lit up.

Indeed, this Exploud, capable of triggering earthquakes with its loud voice alone, perfectly demonstrated the power of sound to Terrance.

“Not enough, Beautifly. Return to the sky and use Air Cutter!”


Beautifly swiftly maneuvered through the complex air currents around, unaffected by their turbulence. It utilized the surrounding environment efficiently, wasting no energy or time, executing the most coordinated movements.

One… Two… Three… A total of nine Air Cutters were unleashed by Beautifly from high above, which descended like sword beams directly towards Exploud’s vulnerable parts.

“What is it going to do? Rely on sound again?”

Terrance closely watched Exploud’s movements until Exploud forcefully stomped the ground with its feet. Its tail and palms met the oncoming Air Cutters, using the momentum to counter with a powerful Pound!




A loud explosion sounded as Exploud used Pound to block the Air Cutters. The collision stirred up dust, momentarily surprising Terrance. “Beautifly, now’s your chance! Use Electroweb!”



Beautifly’s body shook as it released silk threads that formed a sea of silk. Golden light shimmered on the threads, and with crackling sounds, the sea of silk interconnected to create a large golden web, rushing towards the dust which hadn’t dispersed yet.

Did it hit…?

Nervously observing the gradually clearing area, Terrance’s eyes fell on Exploud’s massive purple figure.

At this moment, Exploud was covered in a layer of golden web, permeated with electricity that constantly pricked its nerves.

“Now, how will you deal with it? Beautifly’s silk cannot be easily broken.”

Beautifly’s silk was incredibly tough, thanks to the nourishment and training it received from its diet. Without a sharp weapon, it would be difficult to break free from the Electroweb formed by tightly interwoven silk.

Terrance had experimented before, using just a few strands of silk to render a Poochyena, known for its strength, helpless and covered in dust. Even with teeth, it would take a long time to regain freedom.



In response to Terrance, an ear-piercing growl resounded. It originated not only from Exploud’s mouth but also from every opening on its body. The sounds converged, creating a more devastating impact resembling an explosion!


Terrance’s gaze sharpened as he held his breath. Next, he witnessed the scene he had long awaited—

Electroweb, utilizing resilient silk and paralysis-inducing electric current, and woven through complex interlacing, formed a sturdy and difficult-to-break web. Being hit by this move would undoubtedly give a headache to most Pokemon.

However, countless explosive-like sound waves emanated from Exploud’s mouth and openings. The ground around Exploud violently trembled, causing even Terrance to cover his ears. A deafening roar echoed in his mind, almost overwhelming him with the immense impact of the noise.

Beautifly’s proud Electroweb, honed through long training, shattered directly under the barrage of sound waves!

The carriers of electric current, the silk threads, turned into powder from within, and the Electroweb entwined around Exploud vanished completely in a matter of moments!

Seeing this scene, even Master Victor let out a surprised “Oh!”

Beautifly, in the air, was the primary target of Boomburst. It was blown higher into the sky, emitting a cry before slowly descending.

Terrance knew he and Beautifly had lost.

However, the battling style of this Exploud intrigued Terrance.

“Do you see it clearly?” Retrieving Beautifly, Terrance took out some Potions and spoke to the Swablu that had been watching the battle alongside Master Victor.

Swablu’s Growl, Astonish, and even the melodic voice it would possess after evolving into Altaria were far inferior to Exploud’s.

Howl, Uproar, Hyper Voice, Boomburst… and even unused Sound-based moves. This Exploud’s combat style almost aligned with the “secret techniques” Terrance had envisioned.

“Work hard, Beautifly. And thank you, Exploud.”

After settling the matter with Diglett, Terrance would head to the Sinnoh region. Before that, being able to confirm his thoughts gave Terrance great satisfaction. On the way back, he expressed his gratitude to Master Victor, who didn’t inquire about Terrance’s reasons for challenging Exploud. Everyone had their own path, and Terrance needed to explore his own.

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