PC Chapter 38 A Brand New Beginning

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Lilycove City.

Flipping through the book “Analyzing Sound Type Moves,” Terrance stretched lazily. After Swablu joined the team, Master Victor brought him to Lilycove City and temporarily arranged a stay for him at a hotel. Then, Master Victor hurriedly left, mentioning that he needed to take care of something. As for Terrance’s enrollment in Crown Academy, he told Terrance to wait for further instructions.

Terrance wasn’t in a hurry. Lilycove City, as Breeders Headquarters, had the largest library in the Hoenn region, with an endless collection of knowledge about various Pokémon. As a Junior Breeder, Terrance has the privilege to access some information.

Now that the Breeder Examination was done, and he now possess two Pokémon, Beautifly and Swablu, and his future destination has also been decided to be Crown Academy for the time being, Terrance began preparing for his future development.

Nurturing Beautifly and Swablu had become Terrance’s top priority as it will lay the foundation for Pokémon Contests.


Main Moves: Silver Wind, Absorb, Electroweb, Air Cutter.

Support Moves: Gust, Tailwind, String Shot, Morning Sun, Stun Spore.

Abandoned Moves: Tackle, Bug Bite, Poison Sting

Tackle, Poison Sting, and Bug Bite were Beautifly’s main moves before evolution. Tackle is not worth mentioning, and Poison Sting involves releasing poison from the body through a certain medium to harm the opponent. However, Beautifly’s poison is not lethal and is relatively weak. Additionally, executing this move successfully is also quite challenging. So, once Beautifly reached a certain level of proficiency, Terrance decided to have it stop practicing Poison Sting and doesn’t plan on using it as a regular move.

Bug Bite, on the other hand, was how Beautifly primarily ate in combination with Absorb when it was Wurmple. Whether it was berries or vegetation, Beautifly could absorb nutrients effectively through Bug Bite. However, as an offensive move, Bug Bite has big limitations and is difficult to have a significant impact. Thus, Terrance chose to exclude this move as well.

Gust is a move where Beautifly uses its wings to create a strong gust of wind to attack the opponent, but due to Beautifly’s innate species limitations, this move cannot unleash significant power. Therefore, Terrance considered Gust as a support move, using it in conjunction with Tailwind to enhance Beautifly’s flight agility and speed.

Silver Wind is an enhanced version of Gust. In terms of power, it incorporates Shield Dust, effectively granting it a wind-cutting attribute, making the gust even sharper. However, Terrance preferred to have Beautifly use Stun Spore combined with Silver Wind, providing more tactical options.

String Shot is Beautifly’s first move and the only basic move that Terrance didn’t abandon. Many of Beautifly’s moves relied on String Shot. Its significance cannot be overlooked. Whether it’s using silk to bind the opponent for Absorb to drain their stamina or utilizing the properties of Stun Spore to create Electroweb. All of these techniques required String Shot as a carrier.

Air Cutter is Beautifly’s further control over “wind.” It no longer pursues range but can concentrate the power of the wind more effectively, attacking in the form of a sharp blade. Currently, it should be Beautifly’s most powerful move in actual combat.

The training task Terrance has assigned to Beautifly benefits from the move Morning Sun. For Beautifly, Morning Sun is a difficult move to comprehend. It may not require constant practice day and night, but it does require the Pokémon to have at least a basic affinity for sunlight to successfully use it. It is rare for a Trainer to spend months to help their Pokémon comprehend the energy of the sun. However, Beautifly has now mastered the move proficiently and even on cloudy days, it can preliminarily sense solar energy and use it for stamina recovery.

Terrance has an idea in mind. He hopes that Beautifly can use the move Absorb not only to absorb the energy or nutrients of other Pokémon or food but also plunder nutrients from “sunlight”. However, it was easier said than done. This belonged to the application of combo moves, and it was very difficult to execute without years of training, unlike the simple method of using Stun Spore and Shield Dust mixed in the wind.

The moves Absorb, Mega Drain and Giga Drain of the Beautifly species are performed through the use of silk or Bug Bite. Absorbing solar energy out of thin air and utilizing Morning Sun for intensive stamina recovery can be considered an alternative method of restoring stamina, similar to the Grass-type Pokémon’s-exclusive move “Synthesis.”

As a Bug-type and Flying-type Pokémon, Beautifly has no way of learning Synthesis.

Moreover, even under the same weather conditions, the different Grass-type Pokémon’s perception of solar energy can affect the amount of stamina they can recover. Grass-type Pokémon have a natural advantage in harnessing sunlight, so even though the move Morning Sun theoretically has the same effect as Synthesis, Beautifly would undoubtedly recover stamina slower and to a lesser extent compared to a Grass-type Pokémon using Synthesis.

Therefore, Beautifly’s current primary objective is to further enhance its ability to sense air currents, striving to adapt to them in any situation and utilize them to create advantageous battle situations for itself.

Secondly, it is important to train the coordination between Absorb and Morning Sun. Although Beautifly cannot learn Synthesis, it can learn Solar Beam. Instead of using it as a finishing move after accumulating solar energy, it can convert that energy into stamina, resembling the concept of Synthesis. Furthermore, Beautifly should strive to maximize its proficiency in using the Absorb move, elevating it from a technique that Terrance did not pay much attention to into Mega Drain, and then turn it into Giga Drain.

The key point of this plan lies in the fact that Beautifly’s Morning Sun does not possess the same high affinity, efficiency, and attraction towards solar energy as Synthesis does. Therefore, incorporating the Absorb move to swiftly plunder solar nutrients in the shortest possible time becomes the most crucial step.

All other moves should be trained conventionally and prioritized in the third training tier.

As long as this plan is followed and successful, Beautifly can, through its own efforts, certainly develop its own unique fighting style and showcase outstanding strength despite being from an ordinary species.

Compared to Beautifly, Swablu’s training tasks were much simpler.

Since it has just entered the growth stage, it doesn’t require to train many moves. Terrance primarily plans to focus on three aspects for its training.

Refining voice: Focusing on Growl, Astonish, and Sing as the core, and even using sound as a carrier for sound wave attacks in the future, it requires a significant amount of training experience, items, and even nutrition-rich food to carry out. It is a long-term process that Terrance plans to incorporate throughout Swablu’s growth journey.

Agility: Terrance requires Swablu to have perfect control over it, which can be trained in a step-by-step manner and is relatively easy.

Feather Dance and Cotton Guard: These two moves will naturally improve in proficiency as Swablu grows. Terrance simply needs to ensure that Swablu does not neglect its practice. The most crucial aspect, however, is the concerning issue of providing Swablu with nutrition-rich food, which is a headache for Terrance.

Moves like Peck and Fury Attack will be abandoned once they reach a certain level of proficiency and will no longer be the main focus of training.

Dragon Breath and Dragon Rush: These two moves are currently Swablu’s most powerful offensive moves, but they are too difficult to use and cannot be used as a regular move. This poses a dilemma for Terrance. Besides normal growth, Terrance cannot think of a way to have Swablu quickly master Dragon Rush. After considering it for a while, Terrance decided to go to the library to gather some information.

With his mind set, Terrance dressed, took his ID, attached Swablu’s and Beautifly’s Poké Balls to his waist, then left the hotel.

“Which library should I go to… How should I put it, as expected of the Breeder Association, there are several libraries in Lilycove City alone. Moreover, most of them allow free access to the first floor as long as you have a Lilycove City residency.” Terrance sighed. Obtaining Lilycove City’s residency is not easy. Generally, families living in Lilycove City are wealthy and have the resources to support at least one Trainer, unlike Fallarbor Town, which can’t produce outstanding Trainers even in several years.

“Let’s go to the ‘House of Breeding’ library!”

After thinking about it, Terrance sets his sights on a particular direction. ‘House of Breeding’ can be considered the largest library in Lilycove City. It belongs to the Breeder Association and has high authority and accuracy. It also contains the most diverse collection. Considering the limited places where he can make use of his Breeder qualification certificate, Terrance ultimately chose this place.

With thoughts of Beautifly and Swablu’s growth plans constantly flashing through his mind, Terrance walked on the road, unaware of a dark figure approaching.

“Quick, get out of the way—”

As an urgent voice sounded, Terrance suddenly felt a strong impact, almost causing him to fall to the ground.

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