PC Chapter 37 Swablu enters the team

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After being separated for a month, Beautifly’s changes indeed surprised Terrance. When they were on the helicopter, Terrance remembered Beautifly’s impressive performance last night. It seemed that during this month with Master Victor, it hadn’t just been living a comfortable life.

Master Victor simply smiled and explained, “I didn’t take extra care of this little one, but its foundation is good. The potential that couldn’t be fully unleashed in the past has now been successfully released.”

Terrance agreed. During this month when Beautifly didn’t accompany him on his journey, and was enjoying luxurious treatment, it seems it had unleashed the accumulation of the past year. Upon reflection, he realized that in the previous year, while raising Beautifly, he hadn’t truly prioritized improving it’s strength. Instead, he focused on enhancing Beautifly’s mastery of its moves, with Pokémon Contests as the ultimate goal.

Therefore, Beautifly’s strength theoretically wasn’t outstanding. Its true excellence lies in its meticulous control of moves. Beautifly knows only a few attacking moves, such as “Absorb,” “Silver Wind,” and “Electroweb.” When accompanying Terrance, Beautifly primarily relies on these moves. Additionally, it utilizes techniques like “Gust” and “Tailwind” to manipulate air currents. That’s about it.

In intense battles, Beautifly was far from competent. Of course, after a year of growth, even if it wasn’t skilled in combat, Beautifly couldn’t be compared to Swablu, who was born just a month ago. Even if Swablu has exceptional talent and has learned “Dragon Rush,” it still falls short.

“Well done,” Terrance praised Beautifly, pleasantly surprised. He hadn’t expected that during this month, Beautifly’s control over the wind had improved by another level, and it had learned Air Cutter.

“This little one has quite a high level intelligence,” Master Victor evaluated Beautifly.

Today, the wind was strong, creating significant obstacles for the helicopter. As a result, its ascending speed decreased.

Master Victor’s personal pilot followed yesterday’s route and slowly flew the helicopter above Mt. Chimney. It didn’t take long for Terrance to recognize the familiar surroundings.

“We’re almost there,” Terrance said, his gaze looking through the window at the clouds and mist outside. Both Terrance and Beautifly were filled with anticipation.


Suddenly, a piercing cry sounded from above, reaching the helicopter from a distance. Hearing that sound, Terrance’s face brightened. It was Swablu’s cry. Swablu had come to welcome them.

“Gu?~~” Beautifly turned around in confusion, following the sound to catch a glimpse of its new companion.

Master Victor was sitting in his seat. As he heard the sound, he smiled knowingly.

“Swablu has come to meet you. It seems it has convinced Altaria. Congratulations, Terrance,” Master Victor said.

Terrance nodded, feeling excited. “Thank you, Master Victor. I appreciate your care.”

Terrance could see that Master Victor had intentionally nurtured him. Whether it was the spot at Crown Academy, this trial, or the secret protection from Alakazam, it all contained Master Victor’s high expectations and belief in him. Even though Terrance has obtained the Junior Breeder qualification at the tender age of ten, everything Master Victor did far surpassed mere appreciation.

At the age of ten, with outstanding knowledge and the things he had done at the Old Green House, combined with the pivotal encounters with Master Victor and Little June during his way to Breeder exam, they became turning points in Terrance’s life.

While the encounter with Master Victor may have been a stroke of luck, Terrance’s own efforts and exceptional talent turned it into an inevitability. Isn’t it only natural for capable individuals to be recognized and appreciated?

Master Victor had good reasons for believing in Terrance. At his current status, ordinary fame and wealth were no longer as important. In Master Victor’s eyes, only research and passing down knowledge remain significant. In his eyes, Terrance had become an exceptionally capable successor.

The helicopter slowly came to a halt, and Terrance stepped out of the door. Outside, Swablu flew towards him and landed directly on his head, settling down steadily.

“I’ve come to pick you up, Swablu,” Terrance said.

“Chirp~~~~” Swablu responded happily.


Beautifly flew out, its entire body emitting a gentle morning glow, accompanied by scattered white specks of starry light. It appeared incredibly beautiful, evoking a warm and cozy feeling in anyone who beheld it.

Terrance smiled. Beautifly was using Morning Sun move as a greeting to its new companion.

“Beautifly, Swablu, you two should get along well,” Terrance said to the two little ones. Over the past month, in his conversations with Swablu, he naturally mentioned his first partner, Beautifly. Therefore, Swablu was aware of Beautifly’s existence to some extent.

Swablu looked up at the white specks of light and emitted a soft chirp. Then, it leaped into the air, flapping its wings and creating clusters of fluffy cotton feathers. These feathers seamlessly merged with the light specks, emitting a soothing play of light and shadows. They drifted gently in all directions, resembling fireflies floating through the air.

In response to Beautifly’s friendly greeting, Swablu reciprocated with a reply of its own.

As Terrance and Master Victor, who had just stepped out of the helicopter, looked at the two special little fellows, they both smiled knowingly.


“Swablu…” Terrance felt the movement on his head.

Swablu returned to rest on Terrance’s head, emitting a soft series of calls, conveying a message that made Terrance’s heart skip a beat: “I understand.”

Altaria wanted to see them.

Terrance calmed down. Swablu wanted to leave with him, but it seems that Altaria, as a mother, still couldn’t let go, which puzzled Terrance…. Sometimes, he wonders if it was truly the right choice for humans to capture Pokémon.

“Chirp~~~~” Swablu flapped its wings, waking him from his thoughts. “Forget it, I shouldn’t dwell on such distressing questions. As long as I bring Swablu back to visit often, it will be fine.”

“Beautifly, you wait here for me. Master Victor, please take care of Beautifly for now. I’ll be back with Swablu soon. It won’t take too long,” Terrance turned his head and said to Master Victor. After receiving Master Victor’s response, he walked towards the depths of the mountain peak with Swablu.

Master Victor watched Terrance go, lost in thought. Then he shook his head, deciding not to dwell on it any further.

Fifteen minutes later.

Terrance came back, holding a luxurious Poké Ball in his hand. It was a Luxury Ball specially prepared for Swablu, given to him by Master Victor in the morning. It would help increase the bond between Swablu and him.

After a brief meeting with Altaria, Swablu officially became Terrance’s Pokémon. From the beginning of entering Mt. Chimney, to embarking on a journey with the Pokémon egg, witnessing Swablu’s hatching and growth, escaping together. Now, Swablu and Terrance had finally completed all their trials.

After a few words with Master Victor and Beautifly, Terrance took a deep breath. They were ready to leave this place.

Terrance looked down upon the entire Mt. Chimney from the helicopter, gripping the Poké Balls of Beautifly and Swablu. A surge of determination rose in his heart, compelling him to lean out of the window, waving Swablu’s Poké Ball and shouting, “Altaria, don’t worry, I will definitely take good care of Swablu. The next time I bring it to see you, you will be stunned, so look forward to it! Also, thank you for the gift!”

After shouting, Terrance saw the strange smile on Master Victor’s face, and his face turned red suddenly.

“…” Why is he suddenly acting like a teenager at his age!

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