PC Chapter 35 The test ends

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Swablu’s mother has always been watching over them!

Looking at the still unconscious Swablu, Terrance’s thoughts surged, confirming many things: “I should have known. Your mother could never have stopped protecting you, and even Master Victor must have left something behind to keep me safe…”

The feeling of being watched that he had once experienced didn’t seem unfounded after all.

Every move and action of his and Swablu seemed to be under observation.

Yes, he could understand.

As a sense of relief washed over him, Terrance snapped back to reality, only to find that Seviper had been frozen solid by a blast of extreme ice, transforming into an ice sculpture, motionless before them.

Ice Beam?

….Raising his head, Terrance looked at Altaria gracefully circling in the sky, the true ruler of Mt. Chimney. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

Looking at the unconscious Swablu, Terrance had nothing to say at this point.

In his eyes, all of this was his fault as a Trainer.

As a melodic voice resounded, Terrance and the others seemed to be bathed in Refresh, washing away all fatigue.

The effects of the medicine… gradually began to take effect.

Five minutes later.

Swablu slowly opened its eyes and looked around in confusion at everything around it.

“Are you okay, Swablu?” Terrance asked immediately as Swablu regained consciousness. Upon seeing that Terrance was unharmed, Swablu’s inner turmoil seemed to gradually calm down.

Letting out a soft cry, Swablu signaled to Terrance not to worry.

However, not long after, Swablu saw the graceful figure soaring in the sky. The palpable throbbing in its bloodline caused Swablu’s gaze to lock onto it, rendering it somewhat dazed.

The connection and resonance in the bloodline was clearer and more pronounced in Pokémon than in humans.

Swablu looked at the figure in the sky with a muddled mind, feeling lost and unsure of what to do.

“It’s your mother.” Terrance lowered his head slightly, looking at Swablu.

“She saved you, saved us.”

Swablu could naturally understand Terrance’s words, but all of this was difficult for it to accept all at once.

After all, it had been living with Terrance ever since it was born…

An hour later…

Following Altaria, Terrance arrived at Mt. Chimney.

Terrance was somewhat worried at this moment, afraid that since he had failed to do his duty and put Swablu in danger, he wouldn’t gain Altaria’s approval.



Seeing the worried Terrance, Swablu softly chirped, comforting Terrance instead.

“Let’s go.” With a bitter smile, Terrance followed closely behind Altaria, slowly climbing Mt. Chimney.



A stone fell, watching this dangerous scene, Terrance didn’t dare to be careless and climbed carefully.

Another hour later, Terrance arrived at a secluded spot on the mountain peak.

“This is…”

The mountain peak was shrouded in mist and clouds, making it difficult to discern that it was a volcanic terrain. It was located in a remote area and resembled transplanted vegetation, grasslands, and enormous nests, giving Terrance several illusions.

“Is this still Mt. Chimney?”


The owner of this place had arrived early, waiting for Terrance. It had been staying here for a long time.

With tense eyes fixed on Altaria, Terrance’s heart couldn’t help but thump rapidly.

Terrance had never anticipated this situation, caught completely off guard without any preparation. He didn’t even know how to begin or what to say. All he could do was maintain a resolute gaze as he met Altaria’s eyes…..

“I…” After a long silence, Terrance was about to speak when suddenly, thunderous rumbling sounds came from the sky. Not only Terrance, but Altaria also turned its head and looked over.

As a loud, piercing cry resounded through the sky, a massive flying vehicle emerged, accompanied by a flying figure. Its feathers were a combination of yellow and white, adorned with magnificent wings. The contrasting black and white colors along its beak created a striking contrast that left Terrance momentarily stunned.

Master Victor’s Pidgeot?


The helicopter descended slowly, landing on the mountaintop. Master Victor slowly stepped out with a smile, while ripples suddenly emanated from the surrounding space. A Pokémon resembling a fox, with a spoon in its each hand and a brown and yellow body, appeared out of thin air before Terrance and the others.

“It’s been a while, Terrance.”

“And Altaria, your appearance signifies that the test is completely over, right? Alakazam has already informed me of the details through Telepathy. So, what are your thoughts? Is the effort Terrance and Swablu put together over the past month enough to gain your recognition?”

Master Victor rarely exhibited such authority as he stared directly at Altaria, waiting for its response.

“So…it was not just Altaria who was observing from the dark. It seems Master Victor’s Alakazam has been by my side all along.”

“But what about the test result? There’s not much time left before the one-month deadline, and now Altaria has appeared ahead of schedule due to an accident. Will this affect Altaria’s recognition?”

Terrance also cast a hopeful gaze towards Altaria.

He was extremely nervous at this moment. The one-month journey with Swablu had already fostered a deep emotional bond between them, something that couldn’t be achieved by simply capturing a Pokémon by the roadside. Moreover, there was a trust that had been nurtured over time, which was an inherent advantage they shared.

『For some reason, it loves quietly climbing onto people’s heads and pretending to be a hat.』

『It has wings that resemble cotton, and when it gently rests on someone’s head, it looks like a fluffy cotton ball.』

『Swablu possesses cotton-like, lightweight, and fluffy wings. This Pokémon is not afraid of humans. When it lands on someone’s head, it looks like a fluffy cotton hat.』

From the scene of its birth until now…

Even Swablu appeared to have grasped something, casting an equally eager gaze towards Altaria.

After a long while…

With a resounding cry, Altaria flapped its wings and gazed at Swablu, then turned its gaze towards Terrance.

“Leave Swablu here. Let’s go,” Master Victor pulled Terrance aside and spoke first.

“But—” Terrance began to speak, his mouth slightly agape, unable to comprehend.

“Let’s give some time to Swablu and Altaria. Whether you can gain approval will depend on their intentions. And the mother and child also need to spend time together,” Master Victor shook his head and said to Terrance.

“I understand.”

Terrance nodded and gently released Swablu, speaking to Altaria, “I will return in a day.”

“Wait for me…….I will be back one day later.” Terrance gently caressed the anxious Swablu, offering words of comfort. He had developed a deep bond with Swablu, who had always been by his side. However, Terrance couldn’t ignore the relationship between Swablu and Altaria, the Pokémon’s mother.

Reluctantly letting go of Swablu, Terrance and Master Victor finally boarded the helicopter together.

Finally, followed by Altaria’s melodious cry, the helicopter slowly ascended and gradually disappeared into the clouds and mist.

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