PC Chapter 31 Future

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Old Green House, the orphanage in the Fallarbor Town, seemed somewhat lonely since Terrance left. The children suddenly seemed to grow up a bit. Terrance’s actions made them understand the current situation of the Old Green House to some extent, and Grandma Arlan could only sigh silently about this.

“It’s been such a long time, where is Brother Terrance now…” Sitting on the eaves, Little Rina looked up at the sky, her longing for Terrance had not faded yet.

“Hey, Rina, come down quickly, it’s dangerous staying up there on the house!” Under the house, the brown-haired Ayan shouted anxiously, causing Little Rina to make a face before she reluctantly came down.

“Why are you yelling?” Rina pouted unhappily.

“You…” Ayan shook his head helplessly, not knowing how to make Rina listen. Perhaps only Brother Terrance could do that.

“Brother Ayan…you’re going to turn ten soon. Are you also planning to leave like Brother Terrance?” Looking at Ayan’s angry expression, Rina suddenly felt sad as she recalled the early days with Terrance.

“Well…” Rina’s question caught Ayan off guard, leaving him at a loss for words.

Apart from Terrance, Ayan was the oldest among the children at Old Green House, and he could somewhat understand Terrance’s actions. However….he lacked the confidence to venture outside like Terrance.

“Is it really that easy…? I don’t even have a Pokémon. Compared to Brother Terrance, I don’t have his knowledge nor do I have a Beautifly….Also I am not even sure I can become a Trainer…”  There was a moment of silence, but deep down, Ayan’s basic self-esteem still made an ugly smile appear on his face. “Perhaps…”

It could be a year, or two years, or perhaps the legally defined age of independence at ten, or a few more years of waiting, each child would face their own choices that no one could escape.

Ayan, who admired Terrance, the “simple-minded” Taiga who wanted to taste delicacies from various places, Chisana who aspired to be a Coordinator, Scarlet who wanted to inherit Old Green House, Myu who wished to become a big star, and Rina, whose dream is to become an investigator who apprehends bad people who harms Pokémon.

Everyone had their own pursuits, but factors such as their origins and upbringing limited them to the Old Green House, forcing them to face reality helplessly.

“I really envy Terrance…” Ayan sighed in his heart, gazing outside Old Green House.

In another direction, Slateport City.

Inside a luxurious building.

Master Victor stroked his beard, and opened the communication device as he had received a message from June Joy.

“Have you made the decision, little girl?” Master Victor smiled. He knew that his student was unwilling to follow the path of most people in the family. With such talent, being an Intermediate Breeder wouldn’t be her limit.

Click… Click… Click…

Electricity passed through the communication device, the screen turned black, then slowly white, and June Joy’s photo appeared. Little June, who had already gained the family’s approval, once again discussed her future direction with her teacher.

They talked for a long time, and their conversation gradually turned to Terrance. Mentioning the young man, Master Victor’s face revealed a pleased smile.

“Well, he’s currently doing quite well. Perhaps in the future, you will be able to meet him…”

Half of the test time had passed, and so far, everything seemed to be going smoothly. After all, Master Victor had not received any news, which meant that Terrance’s performance was satisfactory.

Master Victor began to look forward to it.

In the span of a month, how far can Terrance, a rookie with humble origins, go with Swablu?…

And has Swablu already awakened its innate Dragon-type talent?…

Sootopolis City, Sootopolis Gym.

Wallace looked helplessly at his incapacitated Milotic, wearing a wry smile on his face.

“I lost to you again, Steven.”

On the opposite side, a young man with silver-blue hair smiled and said to Wallace, “You have to work harder, Wallace.”

“Your strength has improved once again, Steven…” Wallace’s mentor, Juan, who served as the referee for this friendly match, was also amazed by Steven’s abilities. He had always believed that his own disciple possessed terrifying talent, but as they say there is always someone more exceptional in the vast world. Wallace’s friend and Devon Corporation’s President’s son, Steven comes from a privileged background and is a cut above Wallace’s strength.

“You’re already preparing to challenge that position, aren’t you, Steven?” Juan looked at the young men with a hint of sigh and said, “It seems that the top seats of the Hoenn region will belong to you all in the future.”

Steven and Wallace were incredibly powerful, both in terms of strength and talent, such that even a seasoned Trainer like Juan has no choice but to admit it.

Having two such outstanding new-generation Trainers in the Hoenn region made Juan feel deeply moved.

“Yes, the old man at home is urging me too much, but I’m not really interested in those positions. If possible, I would rather travel around and collect some stones that I like…” Steven awkwardly chuckled.

“But… the position of the Master is not so easy to secure… There are many talented Trainers emerging now.” At this moment, Wallace suddenly thought of something and smiled.

“Oh? Are you talking about those two kids you mentioned last time?” Juan became curious.

Steven, on the other hand, was hearing this for the first time and leaned in to listen.

“Yes… successfully passing the Junior Breeder exam at the age of ten, and from my investigation, it turns out that one of them is an orphan… You know how difficult the Junior Breeder exam is. For someone who has just reached this age to become a rookie Trainer, it is incredibly difficult.” Wallace chuckled. He had made significant preparations to tackle the Junior Breeder exam. Although it was a spur-of-the-moment decision based on Steven’s suggestion, the biggest credit goes to his years of exposure and an excellent educational environment.

Steven was taken aback. “Ten years old? That’s truly remarkable. Even with the master my family brought in to teach me, I only passed the exam at the age of twelve…”

Ten years old, the lowest passing age in the history of Breeders, it naturally holds extraordinary significance.

“Interesting rookies… I look forward to their growth…”

With the Pokémon League expanding to different regions, establishing branches in unknown territories, and increasing Trainer benefits, the League Conference was becoming more widely popularized, reducing the burden of becoming a Trainer. Whether it was Juan, Steven, or Wallace, it seemed like they could envision a scene in the coming years where talented Trainers continued to emerge.

As technology continues to advance and living standards improve, Pokémon, known as friends, partners, and helpers to humans, would inevitably become part of every family. Regardless of their background, becoming a Trainer might no longer be an unattainable dream. In five years… ten years… twenty years… Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and even Unova Region will bear the footprints of numerous Trainers, creating a vibrant and diverse community.

[P.S: The timeline is set five years before Ash sets out.]

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