PC Chapter 15 Wallace

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Obviously, this score shocked Terrance and June. With a score of 98, it was close to a perfect score. Perhaps he only lost points in the argumentative essay questions due to minor flaws, which were so small that they could almost be ignored.

Especially when they saw the other’s age. A green-haired boy in a sailor suit, looking about fifteen or sixteen years old. At this moment, he had his hand elegantly placed behind his back and wore a smile as he bowed to everyone.

At the same time, he said, “It’s an honor—”

“Is that Wallace…?” Terrance’s mind surged with thoughts as he glanced at Wallace who was also quite young. He felt a sense of familiarity from him, as if Wallace was an important character in the original work, but he couldn’t quite remember. On the other hand, June seemed a bit disappointed.

“Hahaha, don’t mind. When you reach that age, you might even become Intermediate Breeders,” Victor said uncaringly as he ruffled Little June’s hair.

In his view, Little June and Terrance’s talent wouldn’t lose its value just because there was a significant difference between them and the first place.

“And that young man is not ordinary either.” Master Victor looked at the bowing boy, lost in thought.

“Teacher, do you know him?” Little June looked up.

“I know him vaguely. Wallace, ah, he is the Gym Trainer of the official Gym of the Sootopolis City, the Sootopolis Gym. He recently took over the Gym from his mentor, Juan. He’s an impressive young man. His mentor, Juan, specializes in Water-type Pokémon and is also a remarkable Coordinator.  So, Wallace has exceptional talent in both coordinating and Water-type Pokémon. He’s even known as a ‘rising star’ closest to the Elites.” Victor thought for a moment before telling the two children.

“He is a Gym Trainer and a Coordinator? So, Breeding isn’t his primary profession?!” Victor’s words left Terrance dumbfounded, and his expression became somewhat strange.

“He’s also a Coordinator, interesting…” Terrance looked at Wallace’s elegant figure. Although surprised, he didn’t have an attitude of reverence.

Regardless of breeding skills or coordination abilities, Wallace in front of him intrigued Terrance. He seemed like a great target to chase after.

“Are you feeling pressured?” Master Victor chuckled and asked.

“Closest to the Elites, how amazing.” Little June’s attention was focused on this word. She knew very well what Elites represented.

The so-called Elites, also known as the Elite Four, are the four strongest Trainers of each region’s Pokémon League. In theory, their strength is second only to the League Champion. However, in reality, there are many Trainers who possess strength not inferior to those of the Elite Four. Nevertheless, the Elite Four stationed in various regional leagues undoubtedly have their own unique characteristics. 

Each Elite is considered a top-tier combatant in the Pokémon League, a prominent figure in society. It would be effortless for an Elite Four member to support and uplift an entire town, let alone a small orphanage like Old Green House.

And for Wallace, at the age of fifteen or sixteen, to be recognized as close to becoming an Elite, his exceptional talent was self-evident. Perhaps being a Breeder was merely a supporting role for him.

“He’s really amazing. If you want to surpass him, you have to work hard,” June, born into a prominent family, has a better understanding of the Elite Four and their capabilities compared to Terrance.

“Naturally.” Terrance smiled. He had a feeling that this Wallace would become a formidable opponent, even the biggest threat, in his quest to dominate Pokémon Contests.

Especially since the other person was likely an important character from the original work, he had to take him seriously.

Terrance regretted a bit why he hadn’t taken the time to remember the classics of his childhood, causing him to forget many plot details completely.

“Look, they’ve announced the topic for the second exam.” Someone pointed at the screen. After the rankings were announced, the topic for the second exam appeared.

As usual, the second exam was usually a practical one, with only one topic and graded on a hundred-mark system.

Those who pass the written test in the first stage generally do not perform poorly in the second stage. However, to officially pass the Junior Breeder exam, they needed to achieve a score of 85 in the second exam.

Topic: Emergency Rescue!

“Are you ready to wait here, or?” Master Victor asked. The second exam would take place an hour later, and the duration would depend on the difficulty of the topic. Normally, it wouldn’t exceed an hour, but if it involved an emergency rescue, it might be even shorter.

“We’ll wait here,” Terrance replied. He didn’t have much to prepare for the second exam. With such a short amount of time, what could he do? Besides, he didn’t believe that an emergency rescue would pose a challenge for him.

June nodded in agreement.

“In that case, I’ll go back and wait for the good news,” Master Victor smiled and bid farewell to the two, turned around and headed back to wait.

The result of the exam would be announced immediately after the second exam, so the Junior Breeder exam would be completed within a day.

“Look, the ones who passed are already heading that way.” June tugged on Terrance’s sleeve and pointed towards the crowd.

“Let’s go over there too,” Terrance said in response.

Soon, the two made their way through the crowd and joined the group of those who passed. Clearly, this was the place where they will first receive the news of their successful performance in the second exam. That’s why most of the people who had passed were gathering here.

At this moment, the passed examinees were surrounding Wallace, praising him. Scoring nearly a perfect 98, it was truly remarkable. In previous exams, there were very few people who managed to score 90 or above.

“I was just lucky.”

Calmly responding to people’s praise, Wallace seemed to be used to it.

“His behavior seems to be a bit strange,” someone commented.

However, immediately he was met with rebuttal from others, “What do you know? Sir Wallace is known as the rising star among Coordinators. He is a talented Coordinator who embodies both beauty and grace!”

Some people knew Wallace’s background and started revealing information.

“He’s quite popular.” Little June wasn’t too surprised when she saw this scene.

“Yeah,” Terrance agreed. Suddenly, he noticed that Wallace seemed to be looking in their direction, and then he started walking towards them.

“You must be Miss June Joy and Mr. Terrance,” Wallace greeted with a polite bow and asked with a smile.

Wallace’s sudden greeting caught Terrance and June off guard, but they politely replied. June’s distinctive features, combined with them being the youngest here, made it easy to recognize them.

Wallace clearly had done some investigation on them.

“I heard that there were two young examinees, but I didn’t expect it to be true…” Wallace looked at the two youngsters in astonishment. He was also very surprised by their scores.

Even with all the halo surrounding Wallace, it was undeniable that being a ten-year-old Junior Breeder was quite extraordinary.

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