PC Chapter 14 Result is announced

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Terrance understood that choosing different moves to answer, if the explanation process is the same, choosing Shadow Ball would undoubtedly score higher than Double Team. However, after thinking about it carefully, Terrance ultimately chose Thunderbolt—a move he believed had a good chance of success but wouldn’t be too easy. One by one, he wrote down all the answers he could think of until 45 minutes had passed, which was half of the allotted time, and he had already completed all the questions.

After checking everything again for 5 minutes to ensure there were no mistakes, Terrance looked up. At the same time, Little June also raised her head. Clearly, they had both finished; they exchanged a smile before raising their hands together.

Since they had completed the exam and were confident in their answers, they decided to submit their papers early.

And so, amidst the astonished and doubtful gazes of others, Terrance and Little June left the Exam Room 303.

The exam was supposed to last 90 minutes, but only 50 minutes had passed.

The other examinees were astonished by Terrance and Little June’s speed in answering the questions. Of course, there were some who were doubtful and found it hard to believe as they both looked too young.

Bell Joy, who was responsible for supervising the exam, returned to the stage after collecting the papers and carefully flipped through their answer sheets. She smiled, showing some curiosity.

“Is it done?” The speed at which the two of them answered was within Master Victor’s expectations, so seeing them finish early didn’t come as a big surprise.

“It was quite easy.” Terrance and Little June both replied in this way.

“What do you think your scores will be? How about we make a bet? If both of you rank in the top five among this year’s examinees, I’ll give each of you a special reward. If you don’t achieve it, well, then there won’t be any reward.”

Whether it was a joke or a serious proposal, Master Victor said with a smile.

A reward?

As a reward from a Top-level Breeder, Terrance knew without a doubt that it would be something good. And even if they didn’t meet the conditions set by the Master, it didn’t seem like there would be any loss.

Terrance wasn’t sure about the overall performance of this year’s examinees, but the exam result wouldn’t be about the age. If Terrance were to say who would definitely come first, that would be impossible to say for sure. At least when facing June in front of him, Terrance didn’t have the confidence that his grades would surpass her.

Although the answering process went smoothly, who knew if there were any loopholes in his supposedly correct answers.

Moreover, even for the argumentative essay questions he was confident about, it was impossible to get a perfect score.

“We accept the bet.” Both Little June and Terrance had no reason to refuse Master Victor’s bet, and even Master Victor himself seemed to be planning to give them the rewards.

“Very well, I’m looking forward to the results of your next exam.” The passing score for the first stage of the exam was 60 points, with a maximum of 100 examinees allowed to pass. If the number exceeded 100, the lowest scores would be eliminated until the count reached 100. Then, the second stage of the exam would follow.

As for the number of people who would ultimately pass the Junior Breeder’s exam, it was usually around 10 each year.

Sometimes it could be a bit more than 10, but sometimes it could also be as few as 4 or 5.

However, Terrance and the others didn’t appear as nervous as the other examinees.

The exam would conclude at 9:30, and the grading process would continue until the afternoon. At 2:00 PM, all the results would be announced, followed by the announcement of the next subject of the exam by the invigilators.

Several hours passed in the blink of an eye. During this time, Terrance and the others didn’t go anywhere and stayed in the room, discussing the written exam’s questions.

After listening to Master Victor’s explanation of certain questions, Terrance came to realize that there are always people who excel beyond expectations. Some of the answers he thought were correct turned out to have loopholes and there were traps hidden everywhere within the questions.

In the subsequent argumentative essay questions, Victor meticulously helped analyze them for both Little June and Terrance. It was an immensely satisfying experience for the two of them. The top-notch master truly lived up to his reputation with his rigorous thinking and interconnected reasoning. The analysis was captivating, and Terrance was completely engrossed, wishing to listen to more similar argumentative essay questions.

“Oh, the results will be out soon… Let’s go together and check the announcement!” Master Victor said, glancing at the time.

“Sure, let’s go.” June smiled and stood up, then walked out of the room.

Terrance was also looking forward to it. He has roughly calculated his own score and wanted to verify if there were any differences.

After hearing Master Victor’s explanation, he realized his own shortcomings in several questions due to his limited knowledge, especially compared to Little June.

On the other hand, other examinees were discussing among themselves, saying, “I wonder who will be the top scorer in the written exam… Usually, the top five in the written exam are almost guaranteed to pass the exam, right?”

“Probably, unless something unexpected happens.”

“I think I did pretty well. I hope I pass the written exam because the second practical round is my strong suit.”

As they conversed, most of the examinees and their families gathered in front of the large screen where the results would be announced. The square was spacious enough to accommodate a significant number of people, so overcrowding wasn’t a concern. Judging from the number of examinees in this exam alone, the square had more than enough space to accommodate them all comfortably.

“Quick… Look! I’m 46th… it’s me! This is the first time I passed the written exam. It seems like I’m getting closer to becoming a Junior Breeder!”

“I see myself! 75 points! I’m at 15th place!”

“That’s me… 10th place! 78 points!”

Everyone looked at the electronic screen as the names and scores of examinees flashed one by one, starting from the 88th position. The maximum number of examinees to pass the first round of the written exam was 100. If there were less than 100, they would be considered pass if they scored above the minimum passing grade of 60. Clearly, the number of examinees who reached the passing score was less than 100.

Among the hundreds of examinees, only dozens stood out, although they hadn’t reached the level of a Junior Breeder yet, their knowledge surpassed most Trainers. Being a Breeder was indeed a unique profession.

Terrance and June didn’t pay much attention to the joy or sorrow of the other examinees around them. They stared at the screen intently, afraid of missing their own names. The display was currently showing the 10th place, and their name had not appeared yet. This naturally meant that both of them had ranked in the top ten.

As for the specifics, they had to continue watching.

9th, 8th…

7th… until the 6th place, when their names still hadn’t appeared, they finally breathed a sigh of relief. At least they had won half of the bet with Master Victor…

Next, the 5th place also didn’t have their names either, then the 4th place. Finally, Terrance’s name appeared on the big screen, 4th place with 85 points, an excellent result. Following that, the 3rd place with 86 points was announced, and at the same time, a young man in his twenties jumped up with joy. 2nd place went to June Joy with 88 points, but the first place score was a whopping 10 points higher than Little June’s, 98 points, Wallace.

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