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Because Tenryubito is dead, there is no need to continue kneeling, standing up is not against the law, many people began to quietly retreat, and a large number of Marine began to surround the area.

“This is the Marine Admiral that upholds justice. It’s ridiculous.”

On the way back, many people were looking at Kizaru. They didn’t know who had lowered their voice. They mocked him with a voice that only they could hear.


This sentence, however, is so clear that it goes into the ear of Kizaru, who expanded Observation Haki to prevent Ross from escaping, and this sentence made his face more gloomy.

“Tenryubito’s running dog.”

“The so-called justice is to bully us for tenryubito.”

A sentence, from the mouth of the people, uttered with a very low voice, except for themselves, even the people next to them could not understand.

But this sentence, all of them have clearly entered Kizaru’s ears.

“Ghost hand, Ross…”

Kizaru’s face looked ugly and he wasn’t going to waste any more time. He stared at Ross, and with a sudden twinkle, he came near Ross and kicked him horizontally.

He had originally planned to tease Ross by asking him if he had been kicked by the speed of light. Now he is not interested. His only purpose is to defeat Ross and send him to trial as soon as possible.


When Kizaru’s foot came two feet away from Ross, Ross could hardly keep up with him until he reached the distance of two feet, but strangely, his foot slowed down sharply and turned into a shining golden light.

Ross’s movements were slow in Kizaru’s eyes, but he was also blocked by Ross’s power of distortion and finally, Ross’s arm was raised and blocked in front of his leg.


Ross’s arm blocked Kizaru’s foot, but he still collapsed and flew out, knocking down two buildings in a row before stopping.

“You don’t seem to be as fast as you think, Kizaru.”

Ross landed on a clearing. Despite flying upside down and smashing two buildings, he was not injured. The impact was completely blocked by the walls of Distortion.

His current strength is no match for Kizaru, but he will not be injured by Kizaru. After his devil fruit awakened, the gap between him and Admiral is still there, but it is not huge like before.

“Would you please hold your hand?!”

Kizaru’s voice came from a distance but suddenly came behind Ross the next moment, he kicked Ross with one foot again and said, “… and Let me explain to tenryubito.


Ross’s Observation Haki captured Kizaru’s action. He was too close to react, but now it’s enough to turn around and he once again blocked Kizaru’s attack.

After two brief encounters with Kizaru, Ross realized a point clearly… Kizaru’s speed is faster than Aokiji’s, but it’s not the speed of light, and it’s far from the speed of light.

“As expected.”

Ross’s eyes were calm. He had guessed that Kizaru’s speed is probably the upper limit of human consciousness. Now it seems that it should be the case now.

Kizaru’s fruit speed limit is the speed of light, but his nerve response can’t reach the speed of light. To attack, the idea of attacking is necessary before the body can implement it.

How can the human mind reach the level of light speed, complete a series of control over the body in an instant and move a long distance and kick it out?

Therefore, Kizaru’s speed limit is his reaction speed, which is also the limit of human neural response.

“Distortion Impact!”

Ross, who was kicked again by Kizaru for the second time used the Gravity Distortion. The direction in which he flew turned into a parabola from backward, slanting to the sky, and punching Kizaru at the same time.

Kizaru stood on the ground, his slender legs kicked out violently and attacked Ross from afar. A bright golden light suddenly burst out and collided with the invisible power of distortions in the air.

Zi Zi!

The Golden Light penetrated Ross’power of distortion and came to Ross, but there was only a little light left, and it exploded.

Ross’s hands were empty and the aftermath of the explosion was contained in his palm as it was stopped in the palm of his hand, he then turned sharply and pressed toward the void behind him.

Almost at this moment, Kizaru appeared in Ross’s back and kicked him.


There was an earth-shaking explosion in the sky, and the bright golden light instantly shone on the nearby streets, affecting the whole island and making countless people look up to the sky in horror.

“Look, what is that?!”

The golden light dissipated and there were two suspended figures in the sky. One was Ross and the other was Kizaru, Ross was slightly confused, while Kizaru was somewhat calm.

Almost at this time, Ross blinked and sipped low.

“Distortion, Sonic explosion!”

Aokiji has suffered from this tactic under his command, but he may not tell Kizaru about it. Ross is not stingy with his tactics. He is now fighting against a Marine Admiral and only by using the sonic explosion technique can he achieve some results.

As for light explosion, it is mostly ineffective for Kizaru whose body is light, in the case of Light Distortion… An alternative fruit ability can’t compete with a single fruit for light control, just as it can’t compete with Sand Fruit’s ability to control sand.


Sure enough, Kizaru didn’t know Ross had this trick. In an instant, his ears were buzzing and his head was swooning.

Without hesitation, Ross rushed towards Kizaru, wrapped in the power of distortion, and smashed Kizaru in the head.


Kizaru’s ears are fiercely Buzzing! His mind is dizzy and he can’t make a dodge action. In a hurry, he can only wave his arms and display Armament Haki to fight.

Ross hit Kizaru with a punch Bang, which shocked his arm instantly. He also sank sharply, but rather than falling down weirdly, he was sucked into the air by Ross Gravity Distribution’s ability.

Knee hit, swing, sweep, cross kick…

Utilizing Kizaru’s current weakness, Ross quickly attacked him from all directions and because Kizaru was unable to use his speed to avoid him, He had to face Ross’s attacks directly in Close-Combat and little by little Kizaru was beaten.

After a series of attacks by Ross, Kizaru, who was severely affected by the sonic explosion, could only fight in an awkward fashion. Because he relied too much on his devil fruits, once he was affected, he could not play the advantage of the speed and he sucked at Close-Combat Fighting. Ross broke up his rack three or five times and smashed his chest and belly with a knee bump.


Even with Armament Haki, it’s impossible to take Ross’s knee bump without receiving any damage. Kizaru sprayed blood in an instant and felt a fall between his chest and belly.

“You… You see this, right?!”

The people were shocked to see Ross killing tenryubito and they were stunned when they saw the fight between him and an Admiral.

What did they see?

Marine Headquarters Admiral Kizaru, was a hammered by Ghost Hand Ross? And he is still vomiting blood?

“Distortion hammer!”

Ross noticed that Kizaru had almost recovered after the knee impact. His hands were hammered together and he hit Kizaru with a sharp hammer.

Kizaru’s arms crossed over his head and he waved, but he was still turned into a golden light as he was hit by Ross and dropped to the ground below.

Chapter 151 Beating Kizaru

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