OPTS-Chapter 150 Late Kizaru

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“You… You damn bitch, dare to…”

Saint Charles watched Ross slap his subordinates bodyguard and press them to the ground, disappearing without a trace and he finally responded.

In addition to the anger in his heart, He couldn’t help but feel a trace of fear. This person is not an ordinary untouchable, but a daring madman who dares to offend him!

“It’s the Captain of Ghost Hand Pirates’, Ghost Hand Ross!”

Standing behind him, the attendant recognized Ross, and a cold sweat overflowed on his forehead, A pirate who has a bounty of 440 million Berries on his head is not someone they could deal with!

Saint Charles gritted his teeth, with a touch of anger and ferocity on his face, and roared, “So what? Call Marine Admiral over to me!”

“This Pirate is mad at this level, what are the Marines wastes doing!”

Listening to the angry roar of Saint Charles, the attendant behind him nodded sweatily. This situation needs to be notified at the Marine Headquarters for a Marine Admiral to come over.

But before they dialed emergency Den Den Mushi, a strange force suddenly spread from the end of the street.

This force is perfectly controlled, roaring through the middle of the street without touching the kneeling people on both sides of the street and binds all of them.

“I’m sorry.”

“Marine Admiral or something, I’ve seen it once.”

Ross looked at Tenryubito and his men indifferently. With a swing of his outstretched hand, Ross crushed all the attendants and guards who tried to stand in front of Tenryubito and plunged them into the earth.

Saint Charles saw this scene and at last, there was a look of panic on his face. He fell down from the slave and looked panic-stricken.


It was precisely because he fell and sat down that he saw the slaves he was riding on.

As if he had caught a life-saving straw, he twitched the chain in his hand and pulled the explosion ring on the slave’s neck. He panicked and said: “Quick! Hurry up and block him!”


The slave did not respond. Instead, he looked at Ross, who was coming slowly, and grinned, with an expression of relief.

From the man’s eyes in front of him, he clearly saw the kind of look that would never be touched by anything outside. It was the eyes of the strong.

“You useless thing, Useless!”

Saint Charles kicked the slave with his foot, but the slave turned his head and looked at him with a pair of bloodshot eyes and his heart trembled.


A sound blew and the explosion ring on the slave’s neck burst and fell into a pool of blood.

Ross’s eyes swept over the slave and did not stop too much and once again fell on Saint Charles, his figure shook and then he appeared silently in front of Saint Charles.

“You…you, untouchable, what do you want to do?”

Saint Charles had a look of panic on his face, eyes wide, and a fear of death lingering in his mind as he watched Ross close by.

He never thought about death in his life. He is World Noble tenryubito. Even if he offends a Marine Admiral, he would not say anything to him, let alone kill him. Is this man mad?


No matter how horrified and fearful he was, Ross’s eyes remained unchanged as he raised his feet calmly and stepping down at his feet.

Almost at this time, a golden light shining in the sky, like a round of the sun came, In the golden light, a figure rushed toward this location at his fastest speed.


It was too late.

When the golden light finally arrived, Ross’s feet also fell.

The power of distortion was instantly agitated, and Saint Charles’s body, together with the ground more than ten meters below, was shattered and eventually buried in the sea through Yarukiman Mangrove’s roots.


Kizaru, who was able to arrive, looked at the scene. His wretched face showed unprecedented vibration. Ross actually killed a tenryubito…!

He never expected to encounter such a thing!

Not to mention killing a tenryubito, even if one tenryubito was offended, it was a crime of death. It needed Marine Admiral to be dispatched and maintained and now a tenryubito was killed and he was killed in the Sabaody Archipelago, not to mention him, even the government and Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) have to bear the great pressure brought by the tenryubito community!

The audience was silent.

Not even Kizaru had thought of it, let alone the people kneeling on both sides of the street, they all looked incredibly at the huge hole where Tenryubito had disappeared.

Unlike Kizaru’s emotions, this scene falls into their eyes like a faint light, tearing apart the dark clouds that oppress the whole world.

Tenryubito, are not gods!

Tenryubito can die too!

In dead silence, Kizaru slowly spoke.

After all, he was a Marine Admiral who had experienced countless incidents and countless Battles and soon recovered from the shock of his heart.

“In this case, this is very bad.”

Kizaru stared at Ross, narrowed his eyes a little, and said, “Ghost Hand Ross, do you know what you’ve done? I had some doubts about you being similar to that dangerous old man, but now you look like…

At this point, his tone stopped and he did not go on talking, while the half-sentence he had pressed down was… Like Revolutionary Army Leader Dragon!

“It’s not Aokiji.”

Ross turned slowly and looked at Kizaru. He was not surprised by Kizaru’s arrival, because it was very close to Marine Headquarters, and Kizaru would be the fastest person to arrive from Headquarters.

And Aokiji chased him in Florian Triangle sea for several days before he was finally shaken off by him. Although Florian Triangle sea is foggy, it is an indisputable fact that he failed to catch him. It is also a surprise for Kizaru to deal with him.

Ross looked at Kizaru indifferently and said: “You can only blame yourself for being late.”

“It’s a real headache now. I originally came here in a relaxed mood.”

Kizaru recovered a little bit of trivial tone, but still with a trace of depression. It doesn’t matter whether he catches Ross or not before. He doesn’t really care about it. He just wanted to try.

But now a tenryubito died in Ross’s hands and he was killed on the Sabaody Archipelago, if he did not catch Ross, he would not be able to explain to the government and tenryubito!

Originally ambiguous, it has become necessary to defeat Ross, which makes Kizaru, who has always been lazy, very angry.

“Marine Admiral, Kizaru!”

People on both sides of the street were also paying attention to Kizaru at this time. As the residents of Sabaody Archipelago, They all knew the Marine’s three Admirals.

Someone’s voice trembled slightly and pronounced Kizaru’s identity and code.

Why don’t anyone dare to offend tenryubito, even ordinary pirates? It’s because offending a tenryubito will bring down a Marine Admiral!

Without Marine Admiral’s protection, Tenryubito would have long been tortured and killed by angry people. Why would they dare to overrule the world?

Can you survive?

Ghost Hand Ross…

Ignoring the privileges conferred by the World Government and the “heavenly” World Government, a tenryubito was killed here, a tenryubito who made everyone feel bitter and hateful.

Whatever Ross’s identity, a pirate or Revolutionary Army, in the hearts of all, has become a ray of dawn piercing black clouds, but this ray of dawn, now encountering a huge crisis, that is, Marine Admiral, representing the black clouds that oppress the whole sky!

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