OPTM-Chapter 91 All In Part 1

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Dante remained silent and looked at Rowen. The latter paused his eyes on Kalifa and smiled: “Put the sword down, Dante, don’t be so sensitive. The Water Seven Sea Train goes directly to the Judicial Island, and the Judicial Island route goes directly to the Marine Headquarters. Who dares to attack us, Marine, here?!”

“Um… sorry, I was too cautious.”

Dante narrowed his eyes, sheathed his sword, and nodded towards Kalifa. Is Water Seven completly safe? No, it’s not safe either. But out of trust in Rowen, even with his heart filled with doubts, Dante chose to obey orders.


Iceberg was wiping the sweat from his forehead, and said, “Yes, Water Seven is not far from Marine Headquarters. It only takes one day to reach there on the Sea Train. We are very safe here! Come, Lieutenant Commander Dante, the dinner is here, please sit down!”

Nodding his head, Dante pulled out his chair with no expression on his face. Just as he was about to sit down, he suddenly noticed three characters outlined in light black scratches behind him where Kalifa had just stood: CP9……

Judging from the thickness of the scratch, it is made from a high-heeled shoe!

Dante was taken aback and looked up at Rowen, only to find that the latter did not look sideways, and instead he took out the handkerchief and wiped the sauce on the corner of his mouth.

Did he already see it?!


“Damn him to high hell! The gap between us is getting bigger and bigger!!”

Dante secretly clenched his fist, and while sitting down, he wiped the trace with his leather shoes.

Near the door, Kalifa was relieved to see this scene.

Men are big Pigs!

Men are big Pigs!

Men are big Pigs!

Important things need to be said three times!

After a good meal and refusing Iceberg’s repeated requests to stay, Rowen was escorted out of the Mayor’s building by Iceberg. 

Water Seven was still quite beautiful under the moonlight, and the tourists came and went to bring the place to life. 

On the way back, Dante tried to ask his queries several times, but he was stopped by the look in Rowen’s eyes. In this way, a group of people did not speak to each other as they walked through the busy street and reached a quiet alley.

At this point, Rowen suddenly stopped and fished out the cigar from his pocket, and lit it with a high-voltage current leaping like a genie between his fingers and thumbs.

“Come out, Miss Kalifa. Just tell me what’s going on here.”

Since speaking to Zephyr last time, the old man has slowly reduced the number of cigarettes he smokes. 

He knew his body well and he could tell that the dark wounds left behind in his youth gradually erupted as he grew older, his asthma symptoms became more and more obvious, and his strength was not as good as it was before. 

Even without thinking about it, Zephyr started to quit smoking in order to teach his close disciple Rowen and see what kind of future he would bring.

While Zephyr quit smoking, Rowen was able to buy all those expensive stocks of cigars cheaply. Rowen, who now has no worries about smoking the best cigars in the world, had a great time smoking these Cigars.

His self-healing ability has become more and more perverted as his strength increases. Now, let alone smoking a cigar, even smoking sulfur will not kill him!

After Rowen finished speaking, the alleyway was still silent. It seemed that Rowen was just talking to the air and the situation got a little embarrassing.

Seeing this, Rowen was not in a hurry and sneered. An electric current penetrated into the ground from under his feet and turned into thousands of snakes, illuminating the night sky, and fiercely rushing forward.

Zī Zī Zī Zī!!

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Several dark shapes burst out of the darkness and landed in front of Rowen. 

Rowen found that Kalifa, the weakest, was shaking in her hands and feet when she got to her feet, she is apparently hurt by the Current. Dante drew his sword in his hand and shouted, “Be careful! Protect Rear Admiral!”



The soldiers who could be selected as Rowen’s guards were all well-trained, without a word of nonsense, they just pulled out their weapons and pointed their guns at the enemies. As long as the opponent moves, they will open fire without hesitation.

No matter how big the difference between their strength and Rowen is, and it would be seen who would be protecting whom in the future, the guards’ duty is to protect their Senior Officials. If someone wants to take any action against Rowen then they must first step over their bodies.

“NO! NO! NO! Please don’t get me wrong, we have no intentions to fight you.”

The speaker was not a human, but a pigeon standing on the shoulder of the cloaked man in the middle, named Hattori, a pet of Rob Lucci. 

An unsmiling and cold-blooded guy like Lucci often uses ventriloquism with Hattori to say something ridiculous and make various exaggerated expressions, which can be regarded as a kind of contrast.

“We are a member of CP9 Organization under the World Government, and we are here to execute a Mission in Water Seven.”

“CP9… Is this organization really exist?”

As a child coming from a respected Marine Family, Dante had heard of the CP9 Division, but because the other party has always been mysterious, even he could not tell the truth from the fake. After looking at them for some time, he turned his head and looked at Rowen.

Rowen naturally knows that they are genuine, but he can’t directly identify them as such, otherwise, he won’t be able to explain the source of his intelligence, so he smiled and asked: “CP9? Sorry, I haven’t heard of it… Prove it to me, otherwise, I will let you know what happens to someone who impersonates as a government agent!”


A thunderbolt shot out from his fingers and struck the stone slab in front of Rob Lucci’s leather shoes in a flash of lightning. 

Even with so many people present, no one could see the trajectory of the thunderbolt’s movement, and they could only detect the attack through the spots of light left on their retina after the shock passed. 

When the thunder dispersed, the hard stone slab in front of Lucchi’s shoes was scorched black and the center of the slab was shattered beyond recognition.

Rumble-Rumble Fruit, the killing power of this Devil Fruit can be described as insurmountable!

Rob Lucci was unmoved by Rowen’s demonstration, and he had a preconceived conversation in his heart, which was also the reason for his proactive appearance tonight. He spoke to the tall female in the cloak: “Kalifa, use Shigan (Finger Gun) on me.”

Kalifa’s cloak was purely superfluous, as she was the only one of the three with a bulging chest, and with the familiar smell of perfume, even Dante could tell who she was. 

After getting the order, Kalifa didn’t squirm and pulled off her cloak and pushed her glasses with her fingertips.

Death Shigan (Finger Gun)-Whip!

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