OPTM-Chapter 90 Exposed

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To get close to Iceberg, Kalifa managed to get rid of his former Secretary, she also memorized relevant information by notes, and finally, she stood out from a handful of competitors and become Iceberg’s close secretary. 

It took her so much time to achieve her initial goals, and before they had time to investigate, Blueno told her that Lucci had been exposed…

What the hell is up with that?!

You are playing with me, right?

The unhappy Kalifa, with an aura of being unapproachable and stepping on the height of hatred, twisting her waist and returned to the restaurant. By this time, Rowen and Iceberg have been chatting and laughing. It was almost time, and Rowen complained if pointedly.

“Don’t mention it! Although I’m a Rear Admiral, I’m still a newbie, and the Fleet Admiral gave me an old Battleship, with problems all over the place. The cabin was flooded the other day! Don’t you think that it is quite annoying?!”

The dignified Marine Battleship cabin flooding with water is indeed quite embarrassing, even if the ship is an old one, it is also a Large Scale Marine Battleship and it is a War Behemoth! 

There are many Headquarters Vice-Admiral who couldn’t even get a War Behemoth as their main ship even after years of hard work.

Iceberg choked for a moment, not knowing how to answer this question. But he immediately reacted when he understood the implication of these words and drew in a cold breath.

Wait, this is Water Seven, I’m the boss of Galley-La Shipbuilding Company, and this guy needs his Battleship repaired…

Does Rowen mean what I think he means?!!

Sure enough, Rowen didn’t wait for Iceberg’s answer and said to himself: “Speaking of this, Mayor Iceberg, your company’s business is good… Just now on the dock, the ships that need to be overhauled were covered by a tarpaulin sheet, there must ten or at least eight ships there. Am I right?”

Dante was drinking the pre-dinner appetizer soup spoon by spoon and his spoon froze when he heard Rowen’s words. He immediately lowered his head, not daring to look around.

It’s a shame that the rip-off is so obvious!!

He knew that Rowen was poor and he wanted to save money on ship repairs. Water Seven was doing pirate business, and Iceberg cannot be faulted for that as the money came out of this business. 

And they are not Branch Generals, they aren’t even the Vice-Admirals of the Headquarters. If Fleet Admiral knows about this then they will have beat them up one by one!

Dante is currently feeling despair, he wants to change his Senior Official…

Dante suddenly regretted his decision of following Rowen.

For Rowen’s bluntness, Iceberg was also quite speechless. However, he has been mentally prepared and the expression on his face did not even show a trace of embarrassment, and he cannot shirk without dishonor, and said: “Sir Rear Admiral, you have worked hard to maintain the peace, how can you go to the sea in a defective Battleship? In that case, it just so happens that we have some experience in repairing Ships, so I would like to ask you to allow me to make a modest contribution to your Battleship!”

“Eh! How can I do that? I don’t have money to pay you.”

“Rear Admiral Rowen doesn’t need to so serious! Water Seven is also a World Government Allied Kingdom Member, and Marines are also an organization of World Government. We are all like a family. What’s the point of paying for a small favor!”

“Good point, we don’t need to talk about money in the family! Come on, Mayor Iceberg, I’ll drink a toast to you instead of tea!”

“I don’t dare to! Rear Admiral Rowen, please sit down, I will do it!”

Gū Lū…… Dūn Dūn Dūn!

Dante didn’t want to look at them. The two of them are hypocritical to their core. They spoke one beautiful word after another and in the end, their words became shameless to the extreme.

But refurbishing the Battleship is good for them so he simply watched them and pretended not to hear anything.

At this moment, Dante suddenly smelled a fragrant wind on the tip of his nose, and the vigilance he had developed on the Hell Island told him that someone was quickly approaching his back.

The visitor did not have any good intentions!

Dante narrowed his eyes and the Killing intent overflowed from his body.


In the crowd’s suspicious gaze, Dante instantly drew his sword and rose up and the fierce beast-like aura he had accumulated through Hell Island radiated out. 

The weaker ones could not even breathe at all in front of this Killing Intent, and the only thing that they could see was a blade light in front of their eyes.

Dante’s eyes were cold as he pointed his blade towards the woman in front of him, he coldly snorted and asked: “Who are you?!”


Kalifa’s hands and feet were stiff and cold sweat began to fell from her forehead as she fell to the ground. The sharp blade was less than three centimeters away from the tip of her nose at this time, and a killing aura coming from the tip of the blade could be smelled with a gentle breath. 

That is the unique smell of blood, grease, and bone marrow mixed on the body of the blade and infiltrated into the metal.

Isn’t he a Marine?

Why is his Killing Intent stronger than a bloodthirsty Pirate?!

What Kalifa didn’t know was that the officers who came out of the Headquarters Recruit Camp are completely different from the ordinary Marine they were used to seeing. 

The Killing intent, which was accumulated from fighting for survival, and the tyranny carved into the bones, could not be erased in just over a month. 

Nowadays, many new Soldiers from Hell Island are like Dante. They see everyone as if they were looking at their prey. They eat like beasts and protect their food, and they watch their surroundings with fierce eyes, which makes people shudder.

Dante recognized who the woman in front of him was, but when the opponent approached, her movements were obviously not ordinary. 

He turned around and drew his sword very fast, but the opponent was still able to react and stop a distance away from the sword. Dante and see and feel that the other party is quite unusual.

This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Being locked in by Dante’s eyes as he was looking at prey, Kalifa didn’t dare to move even a single bit. 

She is sure that as long as she took some form of action that is judged as a threat by the other party then this sword will wipe her aorta without hesitation!

This is a strong and dangerous man!

Fortunately, at this moment, Iceberg stood up in a panic, and shouted nervously, “Kalifa! What are you doing?! Apologize to Master Lieutenant Commander!”


Kalifa looked like a dog that had been scolded by her master for no reason, she just wanted to take the opportunity to sneak upon Dante to tell him her identity, but she didn’t expect Dante to be so sensitive.

Facing Dante’s sight, Kalifa was struggling to even speak, she couldn’t get off the ground and she cursed Rob Lucci and Kaku in her heart!

But Iceberg’s orders just gave her an opportunity to step back, so she just expressed the right amount of panic on her face, and said to Dante: “My Apologies, Lieutenant Commander, I wasn’t planning to disturb you or anyone here.”

After saying that, Kalifa raised her left foot without moving so that everyone could see that she had broken off the heel.

“Rear Admiral Rowen, Lieutenant Commander Dante, this happened because of my lax discipline. I apologize to both of you!”

Iceberg was weak and couldn’t notice the difference between him and Kalifa. He quickly apologized to Rowen and Dante fearing that Kalifa would be held accountable. 

Due to the death of his Master Tom, Iceberg and his Little Brother Cutty Flam, whose pseudonym is Franky, had no good impressions of the World Government. They even labeled Marines as a minion as a Gangster.

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