OPTM-Chapter 9 Stronger

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Rowen firmy said the word “Not Interested”. In his position, Garp has heard many similar answers in the past.

But this is the first time that he had seen that unabashed, heinous disdain …So he asked immediately: “Why?! There is a great treasure left by Pirate King Roger! You… don’t want it?”

“Vice-Admiral Garp!”

Trane had black lines on his face as he stood behind Garp. Can you even say such things as “Marine Hero”? Telling someone about the “One Piece” treasure is something that they should do, even if Rowen did not choose to join them, as Marine, they should not say such erroneous things to childrens!

But … as One Piece World’s famous “Scoundrel”, even Sengoku can’t contain Garp. Garp ignored his lieutenant and he concentrates on waiting for Rowen to answer.

“Actually I have a little psychological cleanliness/mysophobia problem…”

It is impossible for Rowen to say that he is not interested in “One Piece”, but he doesn’t want to become a Pirate King for that, he doesn’t like the struggle that comes with that position…


The reasons are as follows…

“If someone brought back the great treasure left by the Pirate King Roger to the Sea then they would have to fight the World Government and even the Marines and they would also be targeted by many powers like the New World Yonkō (Four Emperors) and this would happen even if Roger himself comes to the sea right now … but Roger did not fight these powerful forces, he just sailed the sea and left his treasure in some secret place… “

Speaking of Roger’s behavior, Rowen called out in contempt.

“He brought back nothing from his treasure, he announced nothing, and he was executed by you! And he said that sentence before his execution…”

At this point, Rowen’s disgust grew stronger: “… He just dropped the chicken leg that he had already taken a bite out of and then he told others: Go and find it, that chicken leg is delicious!”

“Bah! What a shit dream! To put it bluntly, he used people’s ambition and kindness to pursue fame and fortune!”

Rowen pointed at himself, turned his eyes wide, and asked Garp: “How cheap do you think I am to find what he has abandoned? What I want to do must be unique!”

If he comes earlier in the time where Roger has not yet become the Pirate King, then Rowen would have definitely fought Roger to see who is the strongest between them!

But now it’s 1514 of Sea Calander and the deceased Roger has already become a legend, and Rowen was no longer interested in the great secret. He would have fought Roger and then he would have taken the treasure. These would have been his primary and secondary goals, it’s simply prioritizing.

Hearing this.

Garp: “…”


The remaining soldiers: “…”

This sentence … they can’t even rebut it!


No one knows what the big secret “One Piece” is, they only know that there is a legend and the person who became the legend because of it. But at the same time, Roger did not take out anything, it was as if he was traveling for a trip and then came back.

Apart from a “Pirate King” and a “Great Age of Piracy”, nothing else happened.

In this case, it wasn’t just that Roger took a bite of the chicken leg. While talking about delicious food, he just left it on the ground and told everyone to go and find it.

In the past, they held some respect for those few who fought for their dreams in the form of becoming a pirate and they also wreaked havoc in the Sea. But now that they had heard this … their Admiration turned into sympathy.


A group of guys who were trying to become the Pirate King were just a group of dogs who were being teased by Roger to pick up bones and rob others of unwanted things.

Charlotte Linlin, Kaido, Golden Lion, and other big names were nothing but Roger’s “Bitch” even after his death … Garp’s brain filled out some unspeakable pictures, and he suddenly shivered with uncontrollable laughter and decided to jump off the topic.

“Cough … then … uh, since you don’t want to become a Pirate King, what is your dream?”

It is people who have dreams, ordinary people work hard to make money to support their families and change their status quo of life. Businessmen risk doing business to become someone big and earn money. The Nobles desire a more elegant life and higher rights. It’s human instinct!

“My dream?”

Rowen slightly froze, wondering what Garp meant.

“Yes, your dream!”

To which Garp sneered and pointed out teasingly, “I can see that you are finding it troublesome to become Marine, but there must be a reason for you to be alive, isn’t there? … What do you want to become? Or do you want something? Or do you want to change something? These are dreams.”

“This …” Rowen pondered, thinking about this serious topic.

It’s not strange that Rowen is feeling strange and lost when he was asked these questions by Garp. It’s the so-called old man, old and Undying at that … Garp has decades of experience and he can’t hide his thoughts from him.

But then again, what dreams can he have?

A guy with a natural physique that is different from ordinary people. The biggest thing he has done in the past is to constantly challenge himself and continue to exceed the limit, enjoying the rapid secretion of adrenaline and the thrill of life and death!

Was that his purpose …


He simply enjoys that process, adding fun to his ordinary and odorless daily life, getting free from numbness.

After coming to the One Piece World, where there are countless strange and powerful monsters, Rowen knows his weakness and someone strong like Garp can kill him countless times by moving his fingers!

So in Birka, in order to survive in this world, he wanted to get Rumble-Rumble Fruit like a wild beast!

That was the best opportunity for him to continue to enjoy a wonderful life!!

Traveling to One Piece World not only relieved him of his shackles but it also opened a door for him. It let him dream of a dangerous world that he can explore.

“My dream … is it unwilling to be someone ordinary?”

There is actually a word that Rowen did not say just now. From the perspective of the original series and from the perspective of the Emperor, they have almost determined that “One Piece” is not a powerful force like an Ancient Weapon which can cause destruction on an unimaginable scale, but this One Piece can shake the foundation of the World Government’s rule: Public opinion. “Truth” and “Symbol”!

Regardless of the value and significance of this “Truth” to the world, Rowen will never be blind to things that can’t allow him to grow stronger.

And so……

Rowen’s fierce breath escaped uncontrollably, the “cracked” current began to agitate, and the air became dry.

Garp’s eyes began to shine!

He approached the brooding Rowen and whispered in his ear like a Devil, and said, “You … You want to grow stronger, right?”

Grow stronger?

The soft whisper was like spring thunder and a bright light crossed in his brain. Rowen’s pupils twitched suddenly and he remembered the time when he got the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, he remembered the rush of emotions that were hard to calm down.

Looking down at his hands, Rowen muttered to himself.

“Yes, I want to grow stronger !!!”

This is the answer!


Suddenly raising his head, Rowen pushed Garp’s fist against his head and asked seriously, “What can I get from joining Marine?”

“What Can you get … what? Pooh hahaha!!!” Garp froze, then stood up and laughed loudly.

He knew that Rowen’s heart was moving.

This is a guy like Mihawk, who only wants to grow stronger and stronger without any distractions!! As a behemoth that suppresses the World’s Sea, when it comes to making people grow stronger, who would give up on joining Marines?!


For a moment, a huge aura burst out and the air became agitated. The Cloak of Justice was stirred by the wind that came from nowhere! The ordinary soldiers were not able to stabilize themselves in front of the overwhelming power of Garp, they looked at the tall and muscular figure with fear and worship in their faces.

But Rowen remains unmoved, his eyes still glared at Garp as he waited for an answer.


The laughter stopped abruptly, Garp hugged his chest with both hands, and grinned like a kid at the next moment: “This question … don’t you already have an answer in your heart? Thunder Brat!”

Marine’s Rokushiki technique, Haki, Swordsmanship, Actual Combat Experience, and the strongest teacher Zephyr who taught Admirals and several others at the Marine Headquarters, Rowen wanted everything in Marine!

All kinds of factors can be combined into one sentence …


What do you get by joining Marine? The answer is ready.

Rowen’s mouth was slightly raised and a slight smile was drawn on his face.

“Then … for increasing my power, I chose to join the Marines!”