OPTM-Chapter 10 One Month

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In the azure Sea, the Dog Head Battleship rides the wind and waves like a pair of scissors and cuts the Sea apart. The sails are full and the top military flag is hunting in the wind, which is daunting!

But in addition to the rustling sound of the sailing ship, if one listens carefully, they will hear a depressed thunderous explosion coming from the Battleship.


On the battleship deck, a thick thunderbolt rushed towards a thick metal dummy and scrapped it! The overflowing electric current was violently rushing to every side and the soldiers’ hair stood up, and his skin felt numb, they were surprised and frightened.

But they did not back away and fled.

During this month’s voyage, Chore Boy Rowen has been able to control his powers and his area attacks well before he is allowed to exercise in the open deck by Garp. Out of trust in Garp, they believed that Rowen won’t hurt them.

Sure enough, the thunder that was flying around in the air quickly disappeared in the next second as if it had never appeared, except for the smell of ozone and the fear in the soldier hearts, no one could tell that a lightning strike has just occurred here.

Boom ————!!!

Amongst the deafening thunder, accompanied by high-temperature electro-optics, a figure began to appear from the origin of the thunder strike with dazzling Thunderlight outlining his figure. Rowen stood naked in the scrapped iron plate heart.

Seeing this, the soldiers looked at each other roared wildly.

“There he is! Marines Strongest Chore Boy!!”

That’s right!

Chore Boy!

Due to his sudden decision to join, no official filing was carried out at any of the bases. Now Rowen is not even a Marine recruit and he can only stay on Garp’s ship as a handyman. But at the same time, he is the user of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, his constitution is different from ordinary people and he is growing extremely fast in terms of strength. The power of his Thunder is stronger than before.

So fun!

On this Battleship, in addition to Garp, who has Armament Haki, and Trane, Rowen the Chore Boy can be ranked third on this ship in terms of combat power… In front of Logia Elementalization, all soldiers and officers at all levels have no other choice but to admit defeat. The strongest Chore Boy is an apt name!

Condensing into shape, Rowen stopped and his breathing became fast as he waited for his Stamina to recover.

The continuous burst of his strongest attack consumes a lot of energy. If it had not been for him being strengthened by Lightning stimulation this month, plus sufficient supplies that rapidly enhanced his body, he wouldn’t have been able to do a second attack!


Zī Zī Zī Zī…

Rowen clenched his fists and he let electric sparks ran across them, he looked at his hands, and nodded with satisfaction: “At present, I am on the right path. Improving my physique is the most important before developing my Devil Fruit capabilities!”

Joining the Marines is a sensible decision because Marines are well-rounded and never lacks anything in terms of training and nutritious food. In addition, Garp is kind and if he has any doubts, he could just ask him.

The existence of the world’s greatest peak is so powerful that Rowen can barely breathe and Rumble-Rumble Fruit is nothing but “Just potential” in front of those Monsters.

Rowen doesn’t care what he’s doing, except that he knows he’s weak enough to believe in growing stronger.

This month, Rowen put all his energy into exercising and developed a method of using lightning to stimulate his muscles to create pain and perform self-mutilation exercises, similar to Thunder Release Chakra Activation in Naruto, but the specific process is somewhat different.

The principle is actually very simple. Although Logia Elementalization is a passive skill, it is still controlled by the ontology. So Rowen kept his body intact, and move the thunder power from the inside and outside of his body.

The behavior of forced self-mutilation will make him immune to most of the damage because of Logia’s physique priority, but he doesn’t need to do much damage, even doing small damage to a muscle is enough to stimulate it and after he did it the first time … He passed out from the pain!

After a month of trial and error, he found the limit of what his body could bear. It would never happen again. But every time after the exercise, that body bloody brutal appearance caused even Garp to pause and stare at him with surprise.

It’s just training!

Do you need to be so ruthless to yourself?!

Now with the enhancement of physical fitness, Rowen’s thunder power has been dramatically improved even if he has not developed the Devil fruit ability in-depth! From the beginning, it would take him some time and strength to kill any ordinary people, and now …

He can now easily do a 10 Million Volt attack!!!

“Chee, I thought the deck was getting drilled! What’s the result?”

At this moment, Garp came over with a doughnut in his hand and the disdain in his tone couldn’t be hidden.

Actually, he appreciated Rowen’s efforts and tenaciousness and was very satisfied with his progress. Although Rowen hates trouble, his talent is indeed good. With him joining the Marines, their future will be safe and bright. But as a member of the Monkey family, this is the only way he knows to show his concern.

“… I have been very satisfied with this result in a month.”

In response, Rowen just rolled his eyes and spread his hands outward.

You are a typical example of a man who can never have enough… Don’t get too greedy too soon.”

Garp nearly choked Rowen’s neck facing his unwillingness to respond.

Fortunately, in one month, he had a deep understanding of Rowen’s irritating ability. On second thought, he would not be in charge of training Rowen in the future, so he didn’t bother to correct it.

At the moment, he glanced at the black and smoky iron dummy and recalled Rowen’s attack, Garp swallowed the doughnut and skipped the topic.

“… But then again, Rowen, while I don’t know exactly how one should develop their Logia capabilities, there is one thing I can say for sure!”

“Huh? What’s the matter?! “

He took the towel from the adoring soldier and wiped off his sweat.

This month, Garp used his actual performance to prove his terrifying power at the pinnacle of the world! Rowen can achieve such a rapid improvement was also because of Garp’s teachings and him allowing him the freedom to do his training!

Therefore, Rowen always listened to Garp’s advice.

Seeing this, Garp grinned and said rather dumbly: “The power used by the Logia Devil Fruit Ability User does indeed come from their bodies. All the Elementalization attacks are sent from inside the body, but…”

“The way you launch yourself as a Cannon Shell is absolutely ridiculously wrong !!!”

Yes, the Thunder just did not shoot from Thunder Drum or Arm like Enel did, but Rowen himself turned into Thunder and did this attack with his Thunder Elementalized powers!

Obviously he could also use his arms to launch lightning with equal power, but Rowen chose such a method which made Garp speechless.

The Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit Ability user can turn his body into lightning, with the destructive power of lightning, even standing still is a big killer! For example, Sandia warrior Kamakiri used a spear to pierce Enel’s head, and he was electrocuted to death. Rowen can use it without problems.

But all this is based on the premise that his opponents don’t know Armament Haki!

Once the opponent has mastered Armament Haki, performing this move is equivalent to sending himself to the doors of death, it is simply wrong!

“What, it’s this…”

Rowen, who was expecting Garp to have a brilliant idea, turned his head and said condescendingly.”I’m practicing for the future moves now. Who told you that I would attack with full-body lightning?”

“You brat… What’s that look in your eyes?!”

The expression of “I’m obviously overestimating you” made Garp clench his teeth and black lines appeared on his forehead, he immediately rushed ahead covering the distance of more than ten meters in an instant, and raised his fist!


Garp punched and he felt a sense of peace in his heart as he watched Rowen raising his hand to protect his head. He bit into the donut in his hand and came back to the topic again: “What future moves? Tell me”

This Petty Old asshole!

I can’t beat him!

Rowen took a deep breath as his mouth continue to twitch: “You told me that Admiral Kizaru has a trick called Lightspeed Kick, which relies on Elementalization of moving speed to accumulate inertia and then converts kinetic energy into potential energy by kicking, and the high-density concentrated light particle itself is lethal, which can knock out a snow mountain with one Kick…”

“Uh-huh, and then what?”

Garp naturally remembered this and continued to ask.

“That … I tried it!”

Rowen shook his head and shrugged: “The results are not optimistic … I can’t attack at all while maintaining high-speed movement. The speed of simple reaction can’t keep up with the speed of changing from Elementalization form to the entity form at the moment of contact.”

“Oh, I see.”

“In fact, you didn’t want to hit the dummy with lightning just now, but you wanted to change back at the moment before contact, just like Kizaru, to hit it with fists and feet.”

“Exactly!” Rowen nodded with his arms around his chest.

As a result, Garp smiled for a second while glancing at Rowen: “Poof! Sorry, I can’t explain, I didn’t see it…”

Rowen: “…”

Hiss, This bastard!

I’m grumpy!

At this moment, Trane came to the two and took off the earplugs.

“The sound is too loud” … Probably the only side effect of Rumble-Rumble Fruit.

Like lightning, it emits a lot of heat, heating and expanding the surrounding air. The instantaneously heated and expanded air will push the surrounding air, causing a strong explosive vibration, which will produce a deafening explosion!

The heat generated by Rowen’s lightning today can be used to smelt metal, and the swords made of good steel can be kneaded and played as noodles by him. The power of thunder can be imagined. The Crew on the ship nearly went deaf by the nearby thunder sound, so Garp asked everyone to wear earplugs.

When Rowen finished his chores and started his training during the day… A boatman communicates by gestures and eyes, and even semaphores.

“Sir Garp, we can already see the Headquarters port, please give further instructions!”

“Oh? Are we already here?”

Garp looked back and saw a tall fortress in the distance at sea level.

Is it a blessing or a curse?

“Notify everyone and prepare to dock!”