OPTM-Chapter 82 Return and CP-0 Part 2

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After half a month, the Battleship finally returned to the Marine Headquarters through the Gate of Justice.

Looking at the magnificent White Building in front of them, everyone on the Battleship felt that they have come back after a lifetime. 

This trip to the Hell Island was an unforgettable experience for everyone on the Battleship, especially the Recruits as the expanse and depth of Sea was far from what they have read in the books. 

Looking at the word “Justice” written in black dye on the front of the fortress, most of the Recruits had a sore nose and some even cried.

“We are finally home!”

“We are home!”

“Woo, I missed you, Father and Mother!”

The Recruits here have crawled back from hell…!

“Get your spirits up, all of you, why the f*ck are you crying when you are Marine Soldiers! Stand up and line up!”

Momonga’s cursing voice came from the rear, and the Recruit winced and collected themselves before they stood still.

Originally, Momonga was like an amiable elder in their hearts. Although he was a little serious, he treated the Soldiers with real warmth. 

It was only when the powerful Rowen in their hearts that looked like a Monster was smashed down by Momonga in a spar some time ago that the Recruits suddenly remembered that this is a veteran who had experienced the Era of the Pirate King 20 years ago and his strength was unfathomable!

The Awe in their hearts was suddenly replaced by the old hippie smiley face, honestly smiling as a grandfather would smile for his grandson but that scene looked weird as Momonga smiled like that after beating up Rowen.

When it comes to this, Rowen is also feeling aggrieved.

If Momonga has changed the location of their fight to an open field then it would have been impossible for Momonga to press him down as he could have run without getting hit. 

But on the Calm Belt and on the Battleship, Rowen couldn’t fully use his speed to his advantage in that narrow range and it was like his hands and feet has been tied up. 

He couldn’t use his Devil Fruit as the destructive power of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit would have undoubtedly resulted in the destruction of the ship and everyone on it, including himself.

While he was limited in his movements, Momonga was in high spirits!

As a swordsman, he is best at close-range fighting. The Two of them began their fight as Rowen jumped up and down in that fight. He could only rely on his ability Blink to avoid the blade that was stabbing towards his face again and again.

Rowen deeply believes that Momonga has a sour attitude towards him and it wasn’t because he had eaten some sour grapes, it was because Rowen had found the Thunder Cloud Sword, so he was taking his revenge with that weird smile on his face!

On Bay Port, a large group of Marine Officials greeted them under the leadership of Sengoku.

This is happening not only because they suffered heavy losses from the Beast Tide and the officers who cared about their family sons and daughters took the initiative to gather around here. 

The main reason this is happening was that the Hell Island Crab had been completely killed off and someone had returned with Heavens-Alarming Merits in tow, and the Marines valued Military Merits above all else, so there was no excuse for Sengoku to be not so serious.

Seeing Rowen standing in the forefront of the recruit queue behind Momonga, holding the Walnut-Shaped core in his hand, Garp laughed out “Pfft Ha Ha Ha”.

“You, Rowen! You killed the Hell Island Crab when even we couldn’t do it!!!”

Rowen rolled his eyes as he forced out a laugh. “Haha!”

Zephyr had a dark expression on his face as he stood next to Garp, there were Seven Recruits missing here which felt similar to seven knives strikes in his heart. 

With such a serious loss, Zephyr wouldn’t smile in a long time. But seeing Rowen, he reluctantly twitched his cheek and nodded at him with a smile on his face.

Vice-Admiral Tsuru also came and smiled at Rowen.

To Rowen’s surprise, the little Goldenweek girl who had been captured was now timidly hiding behind Tsuru, like a scared little girl leaning on her grandmother. From the unconcerned attitude of the people around them, this situation should be happing for some days now.

“What’s the situation? What is a High-Level Member of the Baroque works doing here?”

On the lower deck, while Momonga and Sengoku were going through the procedure to encourage compliments, Rowen asked Garp quietly.

In response, Garp took a doughnut out of the greased paper bag and took a bite: “She is not Miss Goldenweek from the High-Level cadre of Baroque Works, now she is Tsuru-chan’s newly adopted daughter, Dora.”


Rowen turned his head to look at Garp while his face had a dumbfounded expression upon it.

Granted, his arrival in this world had changed a lot of things, like the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device to give Marine and the World Government explosive growth in mid-range warfare

In the original work, Mr. 3, who lived well had died in an unfavorable situation in this life, destroying Crocodile’s evil plan. But that is really small compared to this!

“That’s the Baroque Works Member! While I do understand that Vice-Admiral Tsuru is not afraid of adopting her as a daughter, didn’t the World Government say anything to oppose this?”

“What can they say?”

Garp rolled his eyes and spoke with a little disdain in his voice: “A normal little girl whose evil nature and thoughts has been washed away by Tsuru-chan, must she be killed? Whoever has a problem with that, I’ll beat him up!”

Rowen gave a thumbs up while thinking ‘You bull-brained bastard’!

It is true that Marines are not stingy with the “Iron Fist” Garp as he would have a lot of leeways when the situation considers his subordinates!

And with Goldenweek…no, Dora’s talent is indeed worthy of the Marines. They would love to train her as t. She is clearly not a Devil Fruit Ability user, but she can exert an effect comparable to a Devil Fruit Ability user. 

Her strange painting talent that controls the emotions of others through the color palette makes her very valuable! Although her frontal combat power is weak and even an ordinary person would be able to kill her with guns, but with Vice-Admiral Tsuru’s training, those things wouldn’t matter in the long run.

The thing he cannot let go of is how is this little girl is her daughter instead of her Granddaughter and how will the other three old assholes raise a daughter?!

Would Garp also tie her up to a hot air balloon or thrown her into a Canyon Abyss as he did with Luffy?

Rowen didn’t bother to inquire about the fishy matter between Garp and Tsuru. At this moment, Fleet Admiral Sengoku greeted him as a tall man in a white suit came out from behind him.

White Suits are very common in the Marines. Most Vice Admirals like this color. They are usually dressed in a Suit and a White Justice cloak. 

However, this person is different. His cloak does not have the word “Justice” on it and it instead has a unique Cross symbol with five black balls connected by black lines. At the same time, he is wearing a weird Fukuro(Owl) mask on his face and he didn’t take this mask off even in this occasion. 

This dress…

Rowen frowned silently: “The force directly under Tenryubito, CP 0!”

The full name is- Cipher Pol No.0!!!


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