OPTM-Chapter 82 Return and CP-0 Part 1

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Looking at Rowen’s thoughtful expression, Momonga was very uncomfortable and spoke angrily: “As a Forgotten Weapon, it is its destiny to fall into the hands of you who are not a Swordsman!”

Rowen: “…”

Can you speak a little tactfully here?!

However, the Thunder Cloud Sword and his Rumble-Rumble Fruit can work perfectly together. 

Because of the power of the Thunder Gem, Rowen doesn’t have to worry about burning the sword while releasing his thunder and lightning to make up for his lack of weapons. 

For a Devil Fruit Ability User, it is still very important for him to have a weapon by his side. 

After all, if a day comes when he is restrained by something strange, the power of thunder and lightning will not be completely lost to him because of the Thunder Cloud Sword in front of him.

After all, not all Logia Users can condense light particles without entities like Kizaru, and come up with “Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven)” that he can use to fight against Rayleigh. 

The Thunder Longblade made by Rumble-Rumble Fruit is more like a high-pressure water gun, with amazing cutting power, but it cannot be used as a real weapon.

“Now that you are done asking your question, get out, treat it well, even if you are not a swordsman…”

Momonga waved his hand and he began to shoo Rowen away before any other thoughts appear in his heart.

He wants this kind of good Weapon too!

He had been stationed on the Hell Island for so long and he had dealt with the White Snake countless times, but he hadn’t found Thunder Cloud Sword even once, and Momonga’s heart twisted at the thought of it!

This is fate!!

One can’t see it but it is definitely fate!

Rowen: “…”

‘If it wasn’t for the fact that you could use Armament Haki, I would have beaten you to death!’

But before pushing the door open, Rowen suddenly turned his head and asked: “By the way, Vice-Admiral Momonga, since you were responsible for developing the Hell Island, did you know that there was a White Snake on the island that could use Armament Haki?”

“Oh? Did you meet it?”

A gleam of light flashed in Momonga’s eyes as he remembered that Dante and others had told everyone that Rowen was fighting in the center of the basin. The opponent at that time seemed to be a White Snake.

Why Rowen would ask this question when the answer is so obvious.

In this regard, Momonga’s depressed mood suddenly became wonderful as he leaned back on the chair and tilting his legs up, and said with a smile, “How was it? The Armament Haki I taught was still strong enough, right?”

It really was you!!

Rowen was furious and pulled out Thunder Cloud Sword and said: “I will send you to hell even if I have to go with you!!”

Although Armament Haki is a natural force that is present in every organism but how to activate and develop it is more difficult than developing the potential beyond the limit of the body, and it also requires very strong physical support, otherwise, practicing it is tantamount to committing suicide!

Although Zephyr can’t teach him about Haki but he had spoken about some of his insights into Haki to Rowen. 

Once there was a Marine Colonel who forcibly Awakened his Armament Haki but because his physical strength couldn’t keep up with it, the consequences remained and he died within a few months, when he died, he was skin and bone as the Armament Haki had drained his spirit supporting the terrible pressure of Armament Haki.

Because of the need for physical strength support, the White Snake naturally cannot be born with Armament Haki as that is an impossible phenomenon, it is more probable for someone to be born with Observation Haki but it is impossible for someone to just born with Armament Haki. 

And for an animal to autonomously awaken Armament Haki is more like a dream. They don’t even know what Armament Hakii is, how would they awaken it? That is something that hadn’t been done by the hundreds of millions of humans on Four Seas and the Grand Line First Half.

So the answer is obvious at this point. The White Snake was deliberately taught by someone.

And that person is Momonga!

After the Hell Island was designated as a survival training site, Momonga found a White Snake that capable of spitting out thunder and lightning during the development and inspection of the island. 

The White Snake was capable of hunting after imitating the actions of Rokushiki and Soru. At that time, the war had just ended, and the creatures on the island were not completely wiped out. 

The Marines stayed in Hell Island at any time. There were a lot of people who would use Rokushiki and the White Snake took the opportunity to learn.

Such a smart beast is rare even in this One Piece World. Momonga was curious for a while, and simply took advantage of the time he was stationed here and carefully trained it. 

Every time the White Snake attacked him, he didn’t kill him, and then he kept showing his moves to see what else the White Snake could learn.

The result was beyond Momonga’s expectation. The White Snake didn’t learn anything as he was only a little talented in “Soru”. 

On the contrary, the White Snake was able to activate Armament Haki in this process, which he had never thought of!

Momonga was surprised and his mouth dropped open so wide that one would have been able to put a fist in his mouth!

Although the awakening of Armament Haki mostly comes out by being beaten, but this is a bit unreasonable!

Fearing that this White Snake will grow into a real Monster if this continues, which is not conducive to the survival of Recruits, so Momonga reported this matter to Sengoku and asked him whether to kill it or keep it alive. 

After careful consideration, Sengoku did not order the removal of the White Snake. After all, for Recruits, the Hell Island needs to be full of dangers. 

A strong White Snake would be able to bring a sense of crisis to the Recruits and the Recruits may burst out with unknown potential. 

The threat of the White Snake that is not crazy is not as good as a volcanic eruption! Moreover, Ordinary Recruits might not even be able to beat the ordinary Beast Kings that they have put in the Icefields and on the tropical jungle. 

It would be impossible for the Recruits to go this deep into the central basin and face against the White Snake.

At the same time, Sengoku was still a little cautious. Maybe someday in the future, a new Marine Soldier will reappear who would also be a Monster comparable to the current three Admiral. 

The existence of White Snake can also be used as a material for training that Monster and digging out his or her potential.

As a result, more than ten years later, relying on Armament Haki and Soru plus the power of thunder and lightning and its own powerful muscle power, the White Snake dominated the island, occupying the most fertile land in the center of the island, and becoming a well-deserved Hell Island’s King!

It was not an injustice that Rowen was slapped by the tail of the White Snake, the White Snake’s tail flick is a Super High-speed flick formed by his using “Soru” and Armament Haki at the same time!

It’s just that Rowen gritted his teeth with hatred when he thought about the miserable situation he was in and blamed the Purple Potato Head-looking Marine in front of him!

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