OPTM-Chapter 78 Treasure Part 2

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“According to the legend, chickens have chicken treasures, and cows have cow treasures. They are treasures worth even a City. 

Although this thing looks a bit like gallstones, but the pattern on it is natural, even if it is a gallstone, it must be the king of the gallstones!”

Rowen’s eyes instantly brightened up as he felt that he had found something amazing!

Seemingly startled by his naked and hot sight, the Black Walnut-like thing suddenly became agitated. 

While carrying the lightning, Rowen slowly approached the muscle texture next to it. The sturdy flesh wall turned into sludge at this moment, and the Black Walnut thing immediately began to blend in as soon as he approached.

“It’s still moving?! That thing is still alive?! Can…”

Rowen swallowed his sentence by the time it reached his lips. 

He looked at the Black Walnut-like thing slowly infiltrating into the muscle wall, and spoke to himself while paying great attention to it: “Don’t be so superficial, I can’t dry-fry something so hard, but I may be able to cook it with wine!”

This may be a racial talent. 

When a living creature that just wrote “I am a Treasure” on his face appeared in front of Rowen, his first reaction was not to understand why it could not melt under the high temperature of thunder and lightning which is an amazing scientific discovery. 

But the first thing Rowen had thought was…

“Can I eat it?”

If it was six months ago then Rowen would definitely be able to control himself, but life on the Hell Island left him only with two objectives “Looking for Strong opponents” and “Foraging”… 

At the same time, these two things can also be cleverly fused and become “Find a Strong Opponent which can be eaten afterward”.

So… a scene that Rowen loves had appeared in front of him.

It just so happens that at this time, the thunder in the sky finally finished venting its anger and slowly dispersed. 

When Rowen felt the control of his body coming back to himself the first time, he did not say anything and just jumped up and hugged the “Black Walnut Like Thing” that was about to disappear in the muscle wall.

“Now, where the hell are you going? I need to … get you out of here!!”

Rowen’s confidence in his strength far exceeded that of his control of the lightning. His steel-like fingers poured out and forcefully buckle into the texture of the Black Walnut-like Thing. 

He stepped on the wall of muscle with one foot, imitating someone who had just found a disappearing source of water after being thirsty for many days. Rowen forcibly stopped the Black Walnut from blending into the muscles. 

Then he increased his strength little by little, his muscles knotted, his teeth clenched, and he exuded the ultimate tyrannical aura!

As the Black Walnut was gradually pulled out, the muscles connected to the Black Walnut were pulled into a long line, and then they snapped.

“Almost there!”

Seeing that most of the Black Walnut have been pulled out, Rowen’s eyes lit up and he continued to increase his efforts.

However, at this time, it seemed that something has sensed a crisis upon itself as the sticks of muscle and meat quickly appeared on the surrounding walls, flexibly pasted on the Black Walnut. 

In just a moment, the muscle tendons and the Black Walnut merged into one, forming a flexible pillar of meat, and that Pillar of Meat wanted to pull the Black Walnut back. 

Suddenly, an unspeakable and powerful force abruptly burst out of the surrounding area, causing Rowen to stumble.

“Just a tiny piece of meat possesses such terrifying power, then how powerful should its owner be?!”

Rowen thrust his feet into the ground, finally stabilizing his figure. Feeling the pressure that made his arm bone rattle, he was shocked beyond belief!!

It was just a piece of flesh, but the force that burst out of it was not much weaker than him!

What level of lifeform is this?


“If it really was the owner of this body standing before me then I would have been afraid of you but you are just a piece of flesh and you dare to run wild in front of me!

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zi!!

Feeling the anger in his body, Rowen’s body emerged with a hefty spot of light. The next moment, a white skeleton with a height of 100 meters appeared in the passage. 

The White Skeleton did not have a single muscle on his body and looked fragile, but the tyrannical aura it was emitting was hard to conceal, and when he clenched his fist, the air resounded with an explosive Bang sound!

Transformed into a White Bone Giant, Rowen’s power has been maximized. In front of the thunder that operates at high speed and has the terrifying cutting ability, the muscle wall was unable to resist its power. 

A huge bone claw digs into the muscle wall and grabs a large muscle including the Black Walnut in the palm.

After that, Rowen clenched his hand and raised it.

“Come on to me…!!!”


The crisp sound of the muscle being torn reverberated in the passage, and the surrounding walls suddenly began to tremble, and a thrilling Tremor came from the muscles which caused the air to form ripples, and the scene was terrifying inexplicable.

Unpredictable, Rowen’s Bone mouth overflowed with a blue current, and the resonance formed by the mountain-like muscle Tremor made him feel dizzy. 

Fortunately, this Form still maintains the characteristics of passive Elementalization, and the current dissipated by the shock is taken back by him in a short while.

“This thing is very important to you, isn’t it? Then it belongs to me now!!!”

The skeleton’s face pulled out an ominous smile, Rowen bit the Black Walnut in his mouth, and without saying a word, he started to climb upwards on his hands and knees.

The only loophole in his unique “Overload Form” technique lies in this. Although he can cancel Overload in less than a second, but in the course of this state, it is impossible for him to actively use Elementalization.

His ‘Violent Ape of Hell’ is also a derivative technique of “Overload Form” and still follows this rule.

“It’s a bit salty, let’s go back and I will ask Vice-Admiral Momonga what is this…”

Rowen was thinking beautifully, but he didn’t realize that because of his series of actions, the outside world had fallen into a deadly silence.


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