OPTM-Chapter 78 Treasure Part 1

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So in their eyes, Rowen should have been fine so why hasn’t been there any action from his side when such a big thing has happened on the Hell Island?

Was he really killed?

“I see him! Over there!”


“Hiss …… he is really not dead!!!”

Suddenly, a cry of alarm woke up the crowd.

The crowd turned back in unison and looked at the thunderbolt that flew higher and higher and their eyes were full of shock!

Even that terrifying attack did not kill Rowen which is enough to show the domineering nature of a Logia user!


“Isn’t he flying way too high?”

Someone whispered, and everyone was taken aback.

Yes, the Hell Island has a Flight Ban!!

As expected, as the lightning touched the limit distance, the Thunder Cloud in the sky felt provoked. The ions in the air became active and converged into a pillar of light that was hundreds of meters thick and came down with a vengeance! 

Rowen, who dared to challenge the sky, was hit by the lightning pillar before he could turn to avoid it and flew towards the ground again.

Back and forth, it was like playing ping pong.

Following the lightning quickly to the ground, Rowen looked at the trophy in his hand and the corners of his mouth twitched.

He did not intentionally fly high into the air to attract lightning, but in the moment he floated, he, the originator, finally discovered the change on the Hell Island. 

The ingenious steel long pillars stood on the surface of the sea, and the scene was so spectacular that he was distracted for a while.

By the time he realized he was flying too high, it was too late.

The lightning pillar was so dazzling that it was equally visible even at this moment when the steel pillar exploded out with the maximum current. Compared with the lightning generated by nature, the lightning on the steel pillar is like the glow of a firefly.

Looking at the Thunder Pillar, Momonga who was standing on the Battleship deck had a sense of foreboding in his heart.

Hey…… The reason why the Venom Device failed, it can’t be you who did it?!

There is no connection, no reason, but Momonga connected the matter with Rowen based on the intuition in his heart. 

What’s so frightening is that he guessed it right!

How can one think of this as a coincidence?

The screen returns to the Hell Island view. The lightning beams are wrapped in terrifying coercion and fall from the sky. The hot and high temperature instantly melts the hard steel. 

The poisonous liquid that Rowen dare not touch is easily vaporized and evaporated in an instant, disappearing from this island. At the same time, the lightning pillar continues to go down unabated, destroying everything in the path. 

The reinforced concrete cannot bring even a trace of obstacles to it, sending Rowen to the center of the Island.

Rowen has figured out some characteristics of the Longblade in his hand at this moment. The gems inlaid on it not only emit lightning but also have a powerful lightning-attracting effect. 

Rowen can feel that the first goal of the Thunder Light Piller is not him as the Thunder-Lighting Human, but the weapon in his hand… 

In front of the Longblade, the Thunder seems to be chasing its long-lost wife who had ran away with his next-door neighbor. The Thunder Pillar is chasing after the Longblade with such a deep Killing intent that Rowen can feel it on his skin!

Hemp Numb!

Rowen thought that he was a large moving lightning rod and it was sad enough but now it turns out that the Sword he had picked up is a real lightning rod. What kind of scary curse do I have on my head?!!

Now that he thinks about it, the White Snake was also smashed down the cliff by the White Thunder Pillar on the day he landed on the island. Rowen couldn’t help but feel a sympathetic cold sweat coming from his body…  

The White Snake was lucky enough to have grown so big before being struck to death by lightning.

In addition, the simple hardness of the weapon is not enough to keep Longblade immortal in the face of such terrifying thunder and it was because of this Gem’s unique protective film that it has not melted by thunder and lightning and was able to withstand such a powerful Lightning Strike.

Naturally… These thoughts can be put aside for the time being. What Rowen cares about now is how long will he fall down?

The Lightning will not send himself all the way to the bottom of the sea, right?

It couldn’t be that powerful, right?

And how do these things around …… look so much like muscles?

In the midst of random thoughts, Rowen suddenly felt himself stop falling, there is something behind him that is blocking his fall.

The object was so strong that even the power of Thunder couldn’t melt it. At the same time, the thunder on his body continued to show off its power, instantly tearing him into thunder snakes and blending into the pillar of light.

And this is also one of the reasons why Logia is so unreasonably powerful. Even if his body is torn apart, one wouldn’t be able to find any flesh and blood. 

Rowen doesn’t feel anything. He can still see, hear and smell, but his sense of touch has become chaotic due to his body being broken up.

For example, at this moment, he can feel the Black Walnut-like thing beneath his feel slightly tremor but due to his body being broken up into lightning, he can feel the same sensation behind his back or on his face and the armpit at the same time…

And that thing isn’t melting in front of the High Temperature of the Thunder.

“What the heck is this?”

Rowen wondered, it’s a bit exaggerated to be able to hold on in front of the Thunder for so long without being destroyed, right?!

Suddenly, Rowen ‘looked’ around, looking through those parts that were burned and melted by the thunder.

“Although I don’t know what’s going on, this is indeed some kind of biological body. Is the thing in front of me…”

According to legends he had read in his previous life, powerful monsters have a Magic Core in their bodies. This Magic Core can be said to be the core of the monsters, allowing them to speak and use many skills… Like creating a Blizzard, or Wind Blade, or Fireball.

Ahem, But, In One Piece World, there should be no Magic core or anything related to that.

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