OPTM-Chapter 68 The War of Survival Part 1

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The slaughter method allows the prey to relax completely and it also allows the blood to flow out so that the taste is not affected. That’s why Rowen is a big supporter of the painless slaughter proposal advocated by the Animal Protection Society. 

Ending the lives of cattle and sheep without a trace of pain is not only kind but also vital to the improvement of meat quality! 

In the old days, when a pig was killed in the countryside, the red knife went in and the white knife came out, causing the pig to struggle like crazy and causing the Meat Block to be the same as the red twine. This kind of meat is quite delicious

It took a lot of time to “Cook” the Old Tiger. Rowen, who was full of food and drink, pulled out the whole tiger skin and bake it, and then sewed a few bags with plant tendons and stone needles…

The rag pockets made out of shirts were often transformed and they were not enough, the insect exoskeleton is too hard and can only be used as a weapon, a tiger skin is just right.

As a lunatic who constantly challenges himself, Rowen is familiar with the road to survival in the wild. So he knows very well that you should never underestimate any craft in the wild. 

The simplest stitching and mending here can produce a hundred times better effect than anything that would be found here and it would be helpful in his survival!

But this place is not the Earth in the end, and most of his previous knowledge of survival in the wild is not useful here, especially the anatomy and analysis of animal and plant maps, which is completely useless! 

So Rowen had to spend some time again to familiarize himself with the wilds of this world, so he also made a joke about being hungry… And now half a month later, the Great Demon Rowen who has left a Blacklist Log in countless Ecological Reserves is back again!

After eating and drinking to his heart’s content, Rowen climbed up to the tree and started his daily training.

But at a certain moment, his gaze looked deep and long towards the rear, and then immediately retracted.

Something is following him… for half a month!

Rowen, as a field survival expert, wouldn’t fail to notice this.

But every time when he turns back to sneak attack, the other party was able to avoid him very well.

But since he didn’t directly attack, it proved that the other party was also afraid of him. Or it may be that the other party wasn’t sure that they could kill him with a single attack, and they want to see if they can take advantage of it.

This is difficult to handle!

In another half month, when he broke through to the next limit, then…

I need to play it slowly!

The biggest improvement to Rowen’s life on the Hell Island is not from his physique, but from the tempering of his soul and mind.

In this land full of crises, someone’s humanity will indefinitely shrink, and the wildness hidden in their genes will become active. Coupled with the powerful combat power of the Island Creatures, as long as that trace of wildness is ignited in the body, only death would be able to extinguish it!

Rowen had felt before that his strength progress was getting slower and slower, and the effect of each training was giving him nothing.

He knows… this is his limit.

People have limits!

This kind of thing is everywhere and it will follow human beings for their lifetime, from birth to their death and no one can avoid it.

And Rowen was at his limit now…

However, breaking the limit is not a tall thing, and it is not the only thing. Counting life, there are too many limits that can be broken!

For example…

Some people say that before death, a person would be able to look back on his or her life instantly, just like watching a movie in a really fast speed.

Just ask yourself, is this realistic?

Rowen, who almost died countless times, can pat his chest and say confidently, “It is indeed the Reality!”

Different from the judgment of subjective consciousness, when the body senses that it is about to die and cannot survive then your body would make its own judgment at that moment and any shackles deep in the brain limiting the body will be broken. At that moment, people’s thinking ability will be thousands of times higher than usual!!

Time would seem to have slowed down so that people can look back on their life in a short time. Some of the things that you think you have forgotten will also be unearthed under that active thinking at that moment.

You would be able to do things that you couldn’t have done on any normal days before death, this is proof of breaking the limit!

And this ability to accelerate thinking before death is the common limit of mankind, and it cannot be broken until the moment before death. 

This is also the root cause of many protagonists who often have a flash of inspiration when facing death, it’s just like switching a switch and those protagonists would be able to break through the limit.

Naturally, Rowen, who has come close to dying several times, knows this, but he has never been able to replicate it. 

His body does not allow that kind of situation. At most, every time he crawls back from Gates Of Hell, his reaction speed and memory skills will be strengthened and he would become normal after he escapes the jaws of death and relaxes.

In addition, in the process of learning fighting skills, even if the fist hits the bridge of the nose, the Master will still ask the apprentice to open his eyes and watch the fist punching his nose. 

Because closing your eyes in a battle is a very dangerous thing. Not only can it not play a protective role, but it will put you into a greater crisis!

But people will subconsciously close their eyes when facing danger. This is the genetic instinct inherited to protect the fragile organs!

This is also the limit of human beings.

When the apprentice was able to stay still even when faced with an incoming blade upon his body and look for a chance to live then that would be the moment that he would break his limit.

Another example is persisting in studying for two hours even when you are tired and doing fifty push-ups every time even when your body screams at you to stop.

These are all examples of breaking the limit…because you have done things you couldn’t do before.

So it’s not a tall thing, it’s ugly to overcome, and you feel like shit before you can breakthrough!

And it is the accumulation of bits and pieces of shit and ugliness that have created the so-called growth and maturity circle.

Then, humans have their limits, and different people have different limits.

Or limit!

The reason why something like talent does not make sense is because it determines the limits of a person! Determines how far you go before you meet a bottleneck and must break through the limits to move on! 

And when ordinary people are in the process of desperately trying to break open their limits and desperately chasing after that opportunity, gifted people have long been valiantly stepped into a new field.

This can happen to everyone… Except for lazy people!

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