OPTM-Chapter 67 Interior Lands

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The survival training of the Hell Island, the first three days and the last half month is the most difficult time to pass. 

Because of the lack of experience and information, everyone was in a state of groping for the first three days. Death and disability occurred in these three days. And three days is the deadline to maintain combat effectiveness, and being able to carry it over means that they are qualified to survive in this island.

But… they are just qualified and it doesn’t mean that they would be able to survive.

How can the ignorant buds compete with the beasts that have lived here for generations?

They are still in a difficult situation, with food shortages, scarce freshwater, and wild beast attacks. If they want to survive, they must tighten their nerves all the time! But the nerves that are tense all the time will bring great stress to the body and mind!

In this state, fifteen days is a watershed and it is also a benchmark that will separate the Recruits into two groups.!

When the first wounded returned and the curtain of abstainers was lifted, the Recruits began to come back one after another. 

Some of them were seriously injured and could hardly support themselves in the island; Some had a mental breakdown and cried and fainted when they returned to their Camp. But no matter what the reason is, it cannot change the fact that they gave up and were eliminated.


“There are only five Recruits who came back… this is quite unexpected!”

Looking at the terrified and wounded Recruit whose emotions were gradually stabilized under the care of the soldiers, Momonga touched the hilt of his sword and spoke to himself: “This batch of brats, are they going to break the Record?!”

According to past experience, the elimination rate of Hell Island Special Survival Training is as high as 60%!

20% of them will die violently, and 40% will gradually give up over time. Especially on the fifteenth day, the Recruits would have reached a limit in their mental and physical stamina and 50% of the abstainers will come back today, but looking at the situation now…

Momonga opened the piece of paper and examined it carefully.

[The number of recruits participating in the Hell Island Survival Training this time was 36. As of 15 days, 1 Died, 5 Abstained, and 6 were Eliminated. 】

Calculating this situation based on past data, there will be five more abstentions in the future, and the total number of people eliminated will only be 11, just over 30%!!

If can do this then this will be the best result ever!!

“Hehe, they are all quite good!”

Momonga threw the piece into the drawer and took out a cigar after a long time, and began to smoke it.

Rowen doesn’t care how many people are eliminated and whether his group of Recruits would be breaking some kind of record.

In his eyes, this test has only two kinds of endings for him, either he will pass or he will die. He has to go forward even if there is a great danger ahead! ! He needs to go towards those dangers!!

If he doesn’t walk in a straight line, then…

He has lost……

As soon as he walked out of the Canyon, Rowen knew that he had either entered the central area of the Hell ​​Island, or he had run into another area by accident. 

Because all the Thunderstorms in the sky had disappeared in this place and they were replaced by a dense primitive jungle. This is fertile soil full of vitality, which is completely different from the previous crystalline forest that was present in the Barren Wasteland.

So Rowen got lost but he took advantage of the absence of Thunderstorms in the sky and flew into the sky to look around the area, and found that the canyon surface was green and lush, it was as if the Barren Woodland Wasteland seemed to have never existed. 

He couldn’t even go a few feet high in that Thunderstorm-filled Wasteland as his instincts told him that the thunder from the sky is forbidden!

“F*ck! Which way to go next?”

Standing on two forest trails trampled out by some Giant Scale beasts, Rowen looked at the two forks in the road that appeared in front of him and the corners of his mouth twitched.

It was the same situation that he found yesterday. He had closed his eyes at that time and chose a path. After walking for a long time, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. He seemed to have seen this setting! Then, he jumped up and realized that he had made a big circle and returned to the original point!

So today he changed the path forward, but the good times did not last long, and now, again, it is a difficult two choices ……

Rowen has a hunch that if he chooses blindly according to his luck then he might not be able to find that terrifying White Snake even after three months are over.


At this time, a noise came from the depths of the dense forest. Even a veteran hunter would hardly be able to detect that subtle movement, but it could not escape from Rowen’s Thunder-Lighting Human keen perception he had due to magnetic field.

“It’s a big guy!!”

In the next moment, a burly figure measuring five or six meters long shot out from the forest and rushed towards him.


The deafening roar sounded at the same time as the gust of wind, and the momentum behind that figure was fierce!

This is a Moko – Fierce Tiger. As the once king of the Earth’s forests, the feline reaction speed coupled with the muscular strength that comes with size leaves them without any natural enemies! But in this strange and inexplicable One Piece World, this Old Tiger apparently did not live very well.

The word “King” on his forehead was torn off by sharp claws, and the crack did not stop until the end of the Tiger’s mouth. There is a neat row of bite marks on the Tiger’s waist and abdomen. It is obvious that in the eyes of some existence, this Tiger is just a piece of food.

But in Old Tiger’s view, he was enough to deal with the hairless monkey standing in front of him. He has have eaten a lot of hairy ones, he just has to be careful not to let them climb trees…

“Ao Wū?”

The Old Tiger suddenly felt himself stop falling, its huge claw was on the hairless monkey’s shoulders, so why didn’t this hairless monkey fall down and died.

What the hell?

Why am I flying?

Wait …… something is not right!

The dumbfounded Old Tiger looked down and saw a hand thrust unceremoniously through its chest cavity. The arm was supporting its full weight of several tons, but it didn’t wobble and it was as if it was made out of steel! Before the stinging pain spread throughout its body, it heard the hairless monkey say, “I’m sure as well as certain …… this Tiger is not poisonous!”

Pū…… Scoffs!!

As the arm retracted, blood spurted out from the breach Rowen had created on the Tiger’s chest. The Tiger’s eyes widened and he tried to escape, but he found that his limbs seemed to have disappeared, and he didn’t have any strength in his body. He feebly fell to the ground and his eyes were filled with doubts.


“It’s electricity… I used electricity.”

Rowen squatted down and rummaged through the rags he was carrying and took out the shell of a beetle and a few pairs of shoddy chopsticks, and then explained the current situation to the Old Tiger to pass the time: “The brain controls the body by Bioelectrical Stimulation of Nerve Endings, and I inject a little current in your body which has interfered with the flow of Bioelectricity, so your body is now out of your control.”


Rowen took out a big guillotine provided by the canyon’s Praying Mantis, and spoke with a smile on his face: “Okay, please go on your next journey, Old Tiger!”

This smile looked like the smile of Death God to the Tiger!

Gē Zhī!!

“Ao Wū!!!”

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