OPTM-Chapter 66 Limit Part 1

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He didn’t just use Elementalization just to heal the tears on his clothes. He came to the bottom of the canyon. For the first time, Rowen had lost the feeling of dense electric ions all around him. 

So he tested it and found that using lightning at the bottom of the canyon does not invite a thunderstorm to attack him, so he moved his hands and attacked without fear.


After the sound of thunder, a centipede-like insect struggled a few times on the ground and curled up in pain.

“So, is it because of the different environment? But …… can’t eat it.”

The big centipede is more than three meters long. It is muscular like the Beetle, and it has a completely different exoskeleton. But the liquid flowing out of it is corroding the rocks, giving off a pungent smell… Regardless of the quality of the meat, this poison is enough to make Rowen dispel the idea of ​​eating it.

The creatures on the ground are not poisonous, but their Thunder Resistance is extremely strong. The creature at the bottom of the canyon has weak Thunder Resistance but they are highly poisonous.

“This is really a Hell!”

The death of the centipede made the eager creatures in the dark back down. Rowen slowly ate, he then took off his clothes and tied them into a bag, and threw in the unfinished Meat in it.

If the creatures here are as poisonous as the dead centipedes then the Meat he has with him would be his only source of food before he climbs up.

“Let’s walk around first, in case there are other exits.”

Putting the bag on his shoulders, Rowen self-generated electricity to illuminate the front path that he has chosen. Half an hour after he left the place, the creatures in the dark seemed to be sure that it was safe here, and they swarmed in and swallowed the bones and centipede corpses left by Rowen.

But soon, a huge figure rushed over here, his mouth wide open enough to swallow a small house. Before the surrounding bugs could escape, they were sucked into the big mouth. After a few “Crunches”, two green lights flashed in the darkness, staring in the direction in which Rowen had left.


An inexplicable rustling sounded, and there was silence all around. Even those highly poisonous insects dare not make a sound at this moment.

If there was light here at this moment then a White Scale Large Snake that is more than two hundred meters in length would have appeared in front. It stared at Rowen silently, with indifference in its vertical pupils, and then, with a buzzing sound of rubbing stones, the White Scale Large Snake coiled together, preparing to sleep.

Must eat him!

But not now……

White Scale Large Snake’s low IQ tells it that Rowen would be difficult to deal with.

I’m afraid Rowen also did not expect that the opponent he was looking for deep into the wild forest was behind him at this time …… Hell Island’s three major killing factors are, food, poison, climate, these three points are noting for Rowen, his main problem is how to find a strong opponent to sharpen himself.

The huge Snake that he saw on the day of landing, among other things, was several times larger than the two Monsters in the ice field!

The Island’s strongest creature on the Hell Island is probably that White Snake!

That’s why he chose to advance in the Thunderstorm Area!

Half a month later, in the lava field in the eastern part of the Hell Island. 

A fiery red lizard crawled up from under the charred tree trunk and shook its head to get out of here. But at that moment, a big hand reached out from behind it and squeezed it tightly with lightning speed. Then the owner of the fist stretched out his thumb and put it on its neck and killed it!


After that, the owner didn’t deal with it in any normal way like grilling it but he directly threw it into his mouth, crunching and swallowing its blood and flesh…In this lava zone, any trace of moisture is precious!

“This is the lava field, everyone, be careful…Although there are no strong monsters here but the Disaster of the volcano eruption is more terrifying than any Monster!”

This person is Quinn Dante. Compared with half a month ago, his features are filled with a touch of wildness.

The clothes on his body have long been taken to the centralized processing, used as bandages as well as knitting. 

Fabric is a very important material here, although the comfort level of fabric was much higher than that of Fur which is still emitting a fishy smell, but as the leader of the team, he can not just enjoy himself, he needs to lead everyone to live as the ultimate goal.

Dante had never imagined that he would one day accept a life of not bathing for half a month, eating lizards raw, and drinking their blood to survive. As the eldest son of the Quinn Family, he grew up with a lot of clothes and food and had never suffered. But this short half a month, he got used to it.

Hell Island had taught him the law of survival here.

If you don’t want to die, do as you are taught……

With Dante giving the order, the companions nodded in silence and started looking for clean caves and preparing dinner according to their respective Mission.

It is not that they are not interested in talking, but in this area, there is a species of blind monster birds with very powerful hearing!

Their body heat is enough to ignite the trees, and they come and go like the wind, they fly like a living fiery storm. One of their companions was taken away by it because he spoke too loudly. 

That was the first time that this group was attacked and although there was no second time, the image of their companion being pierced through the shoulder by sharp claws and wailing away had a great impact on them.

“Dante, although the area where the magma flows is safe, the air is poisonous and the water source is insufficient…”

One person came over and reported in a low voice.

“Have we ran out of water we collected in the last rain?”

“There is only one bucket left, and it can hold us for three days at most…”

“Oh, let me think about it…”

Dante sighed melancholy and spit out the chewed straw in his mouth. Although grass juice is bitter, it is also a good water supply.

Before really stepping in, who would have thought that this seemingly fertile virgin forest would have so few edible foods! The mushrooms on the trunk are poisonous; the rhizomes in the soil are poisonous; the small animals caught in the trap are still poisonous! The whole jungle is piled up with poison and fire!

The freshwater resources are occupied by several powerful beasts, it would be difficult for them to drink from them!

Dante now has to consider all aspects of the problem. The survival pressure of a group of people is accumulating on him, making him feel a little breathless.

How about……

We give up?

If we go back then we will have good food and drink, we will have a warm bed, we wouldn’t have to fight with wild beasts, we wouldn’t have to walk on the road every day, we wouldn’t have to worry about…


Absolutely not!!


Suddenly, Dante slammed his fist into the semi-solidified magma in front of him, and as the pain assaulted his body, his confused eyes instantly became clear.

Under the horrified gazes of his companion, he raised his severely burned fist with a hideous expression on his face, and said: “We must grab the next water source! Or everyone will die!!!”

As soon as those words came out, the air became quiet for a while, and then a strong Killing Intent steamed up!

Everyone lowered their voices and roared.


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